10+ Lucrative Easter Business Ideas And Opportunities In Nigeria

10+ Easter Business Ideas And Opportunities In Nigeria
10+ Easter Business Ideas And Opportunities In Nigeria | Image Source: Pexels

Just like the Christmas and Sallah periods, Easter is another time of celebration, and it’s a time entrepreneurs can take advantage of to start new businesses or exploit one-time opportunities.

A lot of festivities occur during the Easter season, and these cost money to do. So families and organisations spend money on a plethora of things during Easter in a bid to make the most of the moment.

If you’re looking for Easter business ideas and opportunities to do in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world, here are 10+ Easter business ideas and opportunities to explore:

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1). Sell Easter Cards:

Easter cards are one of the easiest things to sell during the Easter period because a lot of people would want to share cards with their loved ones to celebrate the season.

You could make or purchase Easter cards and sell to supermarkets and smaller retail stores whom would in-turn sell to customers who want to buy cards for the season.


2). Sell Gift Baskets:

Just as a period of celebration, Easter is also a period of gifting, and so, people will buy gift baskets to give to their loved ones, business associates, and more.

You could prepare gift baskets for sale to both individuals and stores. You could visit offices to market your gift baskets, and also create pop-up stores in specific locations to sell the gift baskets just for the Easter season.


3). Sell Poultry Products:

Every season of celebration is always graced with merriment and food. And one of the most common meals that are prepared during Easter are poultry products like Chickens, Turkeys, and much more.

You could rear poultry products and sell them during the Easter period as they’d be highly demanded.

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4). Sell Interior Decors:

Some families decorate the interiors of their homes during every festive season, and the Easter period is not excluded. You could target this market segment by selling interior decors they could use for their homes and offices.


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5). Organise Events:

Event planners and organisers make money whenever an occasion they’re to organise happens. While there are events every weekend, festive periods like the Easter season have a lot more events because companies are running multiple promotions and campaigns, families are throwing parties, and even non-governmental organisations are organising events.

With these in place, running an event management business and approaching companies, individuals, and NGOs who have a high chance of throwing an event during the Easter period is a great move to make.


6). Sell Easter Eggs:

While not common in Nigeria, Easter eggs are sold in many parts of Europe and America. If you happen to find yourself in these regions during Easter, this could be a small-scale venture to run just for the season.


7). Rent Out Canopies, Chairs And Other Party Items:

Since there’d be a lot of events going on during the Easter festive season, running a rental business that rents out canopies, chairs and other party items are a smart investment to make.

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8). Rent Or Broker Boat Rentals:

People tend to throw parties on boats during festive seasons. In other instances, they like to take boat rides mostly to private beaches that are in remote locations.

You could start a boat rental business as the owner or a broker during the Easter season and market the venture to people looking for affordable boat cruises to take advantage of.


9). Become A Fitness Trainer:

People tend to fatten up during the festive season because of the way they consume meals in the period, and the Easter season is not an exception. Once the festivities are over, a number of them seek ways to burn the fat and end up hiring a fitness trainer or signing up at a gym.

If you’re a gym junky and are physically fit enough that people regularly commend your body, you could as well start a personal fitness training service during the Easter period and promote your services via social media.


10). Corporate And Residential Cleaning:

Party grounds, homes, and offices would require a more intense level of cleaning after the Easter period, making it a perfect time for you to start up a professional corporate and residential cleaning service.

You could start up a professional cleaning service and market your business to organisations, their employees, and various residential neighbourhoods. You could also promote your service on social media and approach event planners and centres concerning your service.

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11). Sell Snacks:

Snacks sell-out in great numbers in highly-frequented relaxation and party environments during the festive season. Places like beaches, amusement parks, and much more environments have high numbers of people trooping in during periods like Easter, and so, snacks and/or various types of junk funds sell in high volumes around these places.

You could target specific key locations and set up a pop-up shop that sells various forms of tasty snacks to families, couples, and kids who frequent the environment in a bid to enjoy their Easter season.


What are your thoughts on these 10+ Easter business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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