7 Major Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid

7 Major Sales Mistakes You Must Avoid

Sales are important to the growth and success of any business. In this regard, only the most zealous businesses come out on top.

While it’s important to know various marketing strategies to grow your business’s revenue, not knowing what sales methods to avoid can tank your investments and make your marketing efforts a waste.

Like in boxing or war, you have to setup a good defence before you launch an attack.

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Here are 7 major sales mistakes you must avoid in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world:


1). Not Listening To The Customer:

The customer is the most important piece in your business. Without he/she, your business wouldn’t exist. This means extra care, delicacy, and affection, must be shown to the customer on a daily basis.

Treat them like the most important people in the world, and most importantly, listen to them. Listening will help you know the problems and concerns they have about your business. And solving their worries will keep them with you for as long as possible.

It’s important you make listening and top customer satisfaction a priority.

Remember; “there’s no business without the customer.”

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2). Not Following Up:

Not everyone commits to your business after a sales pitch. It’s important then, to give them some time to think it over. Maybe three days to a week. Then give them a follow up call or email; thanking them for giving you their time earlier, asking if they have more questions, and if they’re ready to have your company’s product solve their problems for them.

Follow-ups close more sales than immediate closures. A business that doesn’t follow up on it’s prospects is losing tons of potential sales.


3). Not Finding New Customers:

Every business poised for growth must constantly seek new customers. Without these new lot, your business revenues would remain the same or possibly drop as you lose some existing customers.

Your marketing strategy must be tied around getting new customers for your business whether your revenues are high or low.

If as a business owner, you spend too much time focusing on your business activities such as; acquiring merchandise, managing employees, and many others, hiring someone to head marketing & sales would be a good way to ensure you keep having new customers walking in through the door on a regular basis.

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4). Showing Under-Confidence or Over-Confidence:

If you don’t believe in your business enough, why should anyone?

Under-confidence can undermine your marketing efforts and have everyone you pitch to thinking you’re trying to sell an inferior product to them. At the same time, over-confidence can also dent your marketing efforts.

People are naturally repulsive to anything that’s too pushy. Get your confidence-level right, to ensure customers won’t try to get away from you.


5). Selling A Product Without Building Good Relationships:

There’s no true joy in one-off sales. If as a business, you’re selling goods and services, but are not retaining your customers, then it means there’s no personal relationship built through the process of the sale.

To ensure your customers feel better connected to your brand, don’t just sell them a product, sell them an experience. Make sure the customer service delivered is mind-blowing, and would keep the customer’s mouth running for days with everyone they meet.

Experiences build relationships, not direct sales.

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6). Giving Too Much Information:

When making your sales pitch, keep the information concise, and based only on what your customers need to know. Too much information will do you less good by confusing your prospects.

When people get confused, they finally excuse themselves and tell you they’ll get back to you, but never do. Keep that unnecessary information to your self.

When you’re certain the customer understands what your business is all about, and an emotional connection is been built, you can have the customer ask you questions about what they don’t understand.

Giving them answers to their questions would be the best way to then give additional information. This way, the customer controls the excess information that he/she is made aware of.


7). Judging People By Their Appearances:

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Many successful people cloak their wealth in simple appearances.

Judging a prospect’s finances from the way they’re dressed or the way they arrive, could make you lose some potential large sales.

Value and respect everyone you meet. This way, you won’t miss out on some big surprises.


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What are your thoughts on these 7 dangerous sales mistakes? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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