6 Ways Social Media Will Help Your Business

6 Ways Social Media Will Save Your Business
6 Ways Social Media Will Save Your Business

With the advent of free and fast dissemination of information on the internet, social media has become a very powerful tool to reckon with. Billions of videos are shared daily on Facebook and billions of tweets are sent daily on twitter. The heavy engagement happening in the social space has created a precedent showing any brand that stays away from the trend, as slowly setting itself up for failure on the long run.

While the recession in Nigeria and other parts of the world is taking a heavy toll on the majority of small business owners, the few who’re managing to scale have understood how social media can grow their businesses without spending so much on traditional marketing.

Many business owners don’t see the advantages social media poses, many others do, and this would determine how much faster each business grows.

That said, here are six ways social media will help your business:


1). Showcase Your Business To A Wider Audience With Little To No Marketing Budget:

Social media gives you the power to show the world what your business is made of, through curating and sharing creative videos and highly valuable posts. These drive user engagements levels up and help people better understand what you do, with little to no marketing budget.

With a focus on a specific audience, your word of mouth campaign on social media would have a stronger impact, because of its narrowed target, which could lead to viral trends and business growth.


2). Build A Loyal Audience:

Social media gives your followers or audience a kind of club feel. Because they feel they are a part of something that engages and cares about them, they’d connect more personally to your business and unconsciously ensure its growth.

When you engage with your audience through fun quizzes, games, story-telling, and other social activities, they’d come to trust you better, and this would ensure you remain on their minds and everyone they tell about your business or brand.

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3). Improves Your Customer Service:

A closer connection between a brand and its customers helps trigger a faster response to their problems or suggestions.

Social media brings customer service to a more personal level. It makes people feel you’re paying more attention to them, and so, motivates them to tell everyone about how great the service they experienced was.

If the service was terrible, everyone would know too. If managed properly, you’d get great recommendations from every customer you successfully satisfy on social media.


4). Increase Your Traffic And SEO:

Great engagement would drive customers to write positive reviews about your business on review sites like resellerratings, trustpilot, VConnect, and the likes.

The more people talk about your business or brand all over the internet, the more your search rankings would rise, and the more your traffic would grow.

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5). Get New Customers And Expand Your Audience:

Any business that engages with people interested in their service on social media would gain more customers faster than anyone else who doesn’t.

While you run your brick and mortar marketing campaign, a strong social media strategy followed with great engagement would grow your customer base quicker and ensure you outsell your closest rivals.


6). Cuts Your Marketing Cost:

Businesses with successful social media campaigns gain more with a far lesser marketing budget. The cost of acquiring a lot of new loyal customers on social media isn’t based on market incentives but on social incentives.

As your tweets, posts, videos, and a lot more get shared faster by the day, your customer base and profit margin would experience growth, while your business expenditure on marketing would drop, largely because you’re selling more for less.

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What are your thoughts on these 6 ways social media will help your business? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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