15 Ways To Make Quick Money

15 Unusual Ways To Make Quick Money

With the year slowly running out, many people are still stuck on deciding what to do to earn extra income to make their various ends meet. This gradual rising tension is driving many to seek out ways to make quick money; whether legal or not.

While making more money will help your personal situation improve, make more ends meet, help your business grow, and cover several other financial needs, jumping too quick on a decision on how to make fast money could either land you in trouble with the law, or make you lose a bulk of your small investment.

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If you’re looking for legit ways to make more money, here are 15 unusual ways to make quick money before the year runs out:


1). Sell Scrap Metal & Plastic Wastes:

Metal and plastic wastes are always lying around a street corner. In Lagos, Nigeria, it gets really worse because almost anywhere a person stands, there’s always at least one plastic waste in sight.

With the widespread abundance of scrap metal and plastic wastes, gathering a few you can find, and selling to a recycling collection business will fetch you quick money. The volume you sell determines how much you’d make.

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2). Start A Computer Repair Business:

Are you good with computers? When was the last time you took a broken computer to an engineer to fix for you? Do people always come running your way when they need their personal computers fixed?

If your answers to these questions affirms you as a person who can fix whatever problem they encounter while using a computer, then starting a computer repair business is a great way to turn your talent into money.

By setting up a small store in a university or a computer district like the “computer village” in Lagos, Nigeria, you can make quick money from the volume of people with computer related issues trooping into your store.


3). Start A Car Park Business:

Do you have a car park space to spare at work? In front of your home? Or any large or wide space at all?

If you do, you could let your gateman or a security man know he could offer people looking for car park spaces a spot to park their vehicles in front of your building or whatever space you can claim as yours.

If your spot is in a popular area, you could have an average of 10 to 20 cars park there in a day for a little fee of 200 Naira per car, giving you an extra 2,000 to 4,000 Naira daily. With this sum, you could take care of your basic needs.

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4). Drive For Uber:

Ubers are getting more popular in Lagos, Nigeria with every passing day. With their fancy cars and supreme service, the experience the company delivers creates a ripple word of mouth effect among people who patronize their service and people they know.

With this increased popularity, turning your car into a Uber vehicle is a great way to earn extra cash. If your vehicle is neat, looks modern, and exhibits everything Uber stands for, you can sign up to become one of their drivers.

If you’re an executive, you can have your driver use your vehicle for Uber services during the day while you work.


5). Check Under Your Couch:

This is one good old trick. When you’re broke and are looking for a way to get quick money, one of the places you should look is the couch or in already worn clothing.

Most of the time, a little change is always left hanging around one of these low-attention sources. When you need emergency cash to make ends meet, looking through the couch or checking old clothing can be a great way to get a head start.

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6). Sell Baked Snacks:

In almost all secondary schools in Nigeria, students flock the canteens during break/lunch time to buy a snack or two. The edibles these kids mostly purchase range from doughnuts to egg rolls, sausage rolls, cup cakes, biscuits, and more. Registering as a seller in one of these schools and placing someone there to sell your home baked meals will get you selling out a lot of items daily.


7). Sell Old or Used Items Online:

Need to make quick money? Sell your old or used items online.

Some great places to sell used items are OLX, Jiji, Jumia Market, and several other classified sites and online marketplaces.

Putting up your items for sale on these platforms will get you making some extra fast cash in a short time.


8). Do Class Assignments Or Projects For Your Peers:

If you’re a student, identify your peers that are always late to submit their assignments or projects, or that never do them at all, then offer to always deliver on them for a certain fee.

A great way to earn even more is to handle research projects for college students in their final year. A bulk of these students never have a clue on how to execute their projects, so they outsource it to external individuals most of the time. By offering a professional research project writing service for students, you can start earning a lot extra in addition to your monthly income.

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9). Donate Blood:

Several institutions welcome blood donors. They’re always willing to pay people for a periodic blood donation. If you need to make quick money for an immediate need, blood donation can get you a small emergency fund.


10). Rent Out A Part Of Your Apartment:

If you live in a large apartment or house, renting out a part of it to someone else can be a way to make some extra money.

This model is especially useful for students who stay in large apartments during the academic year. By renting out a part of it to fellow students, they can earn extra income to see them through the semester.

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11). Take A Pay-Day Loan:

One way to make quick money to cover basic needs is to obtain a Pay-Day loan. Getting a payday loan is a lot easier because the creditor is obliged to deduct the sum from your salary upon collection.

If you have a job and need quick cash to make ends meet, apply for a payday loan.


12). Share A Ride:

With ride sharing apps like GoMyWay and Jekalo, you can now share the empty space in your car with people headed your direction.

The best times are usually in the morning when people are standing on the express ways to get a free ride or a bus. But checking in on one of these apps and indicating you’re in motion, someone en route your direction could opt-in to join for a fee you already proposed. If the vehicle gets filled up on your trip, you’d make money from every single person you picked up en route.

Sharing a ride is one way to make quick money every morning.

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13). Roadside Sales:

Setting up road side stores that sell edibles like beef rolls (Gala is the most popular brand in Nigeria), tasty biscuits, chips, bottles of water, and more, can be a way to make quick money.

Hire a person to stay in a store beside a major road that usually experiences a lot of traffic. The population of thirsty and hungry people in the cars that drive by will help your products sell out faster.


This point does not in any way endorse street hawking. Avoid hawking at all cost. Having a decent store close to a majorly trafficked environment is a more modest way to earn an extra income.


14). Do People’s Household Chores:

A very large population of the working class have little to no time to take care of their household chores and petty errands. The gender of this population that faces this the most are the males. They’d rather prefer to have someone do everything for them than do anything.

Starting a small business that focuses on helping the busy population do their household chores and errands is a good way to make quick money.

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15). Sports Betting:

While it’s highly advisable that you stay away from any form of gambling, placing a bet on a football match on any betting platform like NairaBet, MerryBet, 1960Bet, Bet360, and the likes, can make you a lot of money in a short time. These same platforms can also ensure you lose all your money within that same short period.

If you’re considering sports betting as a way to make quick money, you’d have to be darn good at predicting match results. A great knowledge and close follow-up of football is highly important. Just placing random bets in a disorganised way will make you lose all of your money.


What are your thoughts on these 15 ways to make quick money? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Image Source: todaywealth.net