25+ Lucrative Woodworking And Furniture Small Business Ideas In Nigeria And Africa

25+ Lucrative Woodworking And Furniture Small Business Ideas In Nigeria And Africa
25+ Lucrative Woodworking And Furniture Small Business Ideas In Nigeria And Africa | Image: Pixabay

The woodworking industry is a large one with a lot of business opportunities for both large-scale business ventures and small and medium-sized enterprises in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

There have been a lot of interesting trends and improvements in the global woodworking industry, thanks to the introduction of machines and technological advancements that now make the processes relatively easier. As a result, there are lots of business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors interested in the woodworking industry.

If you want to build successful wood-based business, here are 25+ lucrative woodworking and furniture business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). Wood Retail Business:

Starting a wood retail business is one of the most common woodworking and furniture business ideas. This business involves selling wood materials and planks in various sizes and types. Your target market comprises carpenters and other experts in the woodworking industry, construction companies, and more.

With a good network and trusted delivery channel, you can build a great wood retail business in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


2). Woodworking Shop:

If you have proper training and expertise in making quality furniture, starting up a wood workshop of your own is a great way to venture into the industry. You could come up with creative innovative designs of your own, design great products and stand out in the market.

To open a woodworking business, you could start with common woodworking needs such as chairs, office desks, cabinets, shelves, and much more.

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3). Wood Apprenticeship Business:

Opening a woodworking shop of your own creates the opportunity of starting an apprenticeship system. There are a lot of young people interested in learning vocational skills. Woodworking is often one of the most preferred choices in many parts of Nigeria and Africa.

Training in the woodworking industry takes about 3 years of rigorous practical activities. Starting an apprenticeship system or a training centre is not just an avenue for generating funds but it also provides you with extra hands for woodworking contract jobs in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


4). Wooden Interior Decoration Business:

The interior decoration industry draws on the expertise and creativity of woodwork professionals. Creating unique designs in sofas, couches, beddings, shelves, ceilings and wooden floors, and much more are some of the ways to add interior desperation to your woodworking business.

In addition, you could network with professional interior decorators and provide them with furniture to augment their interior design setup. They are also in the best position to advise homeowners on what furniture styles will match their interior decor. Working with them is a good way to widen your clientele.

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5). Sell Your Furniture Online:

While most of the lucrative woodworking and furniture business ideas discussed earlier require a physical store to operate, you don’t necessarily need one to start selling your wares online. As a startup entrepreneur in the woodworking industry, you could produce your goods right from home and put them up for sale online.

Platforms such as Jiji and Jumia are great for selling furniture of all kinds. In the same vein, you could utilize your personal social media pages on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook to promote and sell your goods.


6). Photo And Art Frames Production:

Frames are essential materials commonly used by photographers and artists. They are specially designed to hold printed images and hand-drawn visual artworks in place. They are equally useful for hanging pictures on the wall and for placing them on desks at home and in offices.

This woodworking and furniture small business idea requires little capital. It enjoys a large market because people would always want to frame images of their most memorable life moments or their loved ones.

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7). Wood Repair Services:

Most households and offices require repair services for wood items. Such repairs could range from small furniture items like damaged desks to more to services such as couches, tables and chairs replacements, amongst others.

There is always furniture in need of repair at various organisations. Woodwork and furniture experts with a large clientele benefit from this. Even better, you could sign long-term contracts to oversee all repair services needed in various organisations in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world


8). Wooden Pencil Production:

Pencils are commonly used by pupils and artists, creating an unlimited market for pencil production. All you need to do is map out a steady market for yourself and deliver only quality pencils to schools, bookshops, supermarkets, etc.

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9). Work With Construction Companies:

Another highly lucrative woodworking and furniture business idea in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world is to work with construction companies. Large road construction companies cannot afford to create permanent housing facilities for their workers because they are always on the move. Hence, they prefer temporary wooden structures that can be pulled down and reused at some other places.

Such structures require the services of woodwork experts, carpenters, and more. Plus, it is a long-term contract work that could generate in a lot of revenue.


10). Production Of Woodworking Tools:

If you are just starting out in the woodwork industry, the production of woodworking tools could be a good way to capitalize on the market.

Most towns in Nigeria are saturated with woodworking businesses and furniture shops. Rather than join the competition, you could capitalize on it by selling woodworking tools and basic supplies.

Common tools such as nails, saws, wood gum, hammers, sandpapers, and more. are some of the most basic supplies that everyone in the woodworking industry cannot do without.

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11). Start A YouTube Channel:

Most people believe in fixing minor repair services by themselves rather than inviting woodwork experts. But that’s not a problem. The presence of social media provides the public with self-learning platforms where they learn how to carry out their most basic furniture works.

You can capitalize on this by creating DIY tutorial videos on YouTube for people to watch and learn. The more traffic you generate, the greater income you make. With a popular digital platform, you also set yourself up for sponsorships and endorsements.


12). Start A Woodwork Blog:

Blogging is similar to starting a YouTube channel. It involves providing information on woodworking, sharing your personal woodworking experiences and creating engaging content in the niche for interested readers to learn from and contribute to.

With a blog, you can advertise your services and get major gigs because it helps to build trust in your competence. You could also conduct paid ads for brands and other individuals in the industry.

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13). Sell At Craft Fairs:

You can’t find the right market for your woodwork? That’s not a problem! You can take your wares to popular craft fairs worldwide. Craft fairs are events where buyers meet sellers of various handmade crafts. Taking your furniture items to craft fairs assures you of meeting your target market.

Common wooden items you can easily sell at craft fairs include candle holders, toys, spatulas, wooden spoons, etc. Craft fairs could also serve as an opportunity for you to network with people who might be interested in your woodwork.


14). Wooden Toys Production:

Wooden toys are preferred because they last longer than their plastic counterparts and they have a stronger visual appeal. They are great gift items for kids, and the best part is there are few wooden toys in the market, which implies that you will enjoy a monopoly almost anywhere you choose to sell yours.

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15). Production Of Domestic Wooden Tools:

Every household in every part of the world has one or more domestic wooden tools. This implies that starting a domestic wooden tool production business in Nigeria or Africa can be a lucrative business idea for anyone in the woodwork industry in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

Most people prefer to use wooden tools because they are comfortable to handle, cheap, easy to find and they insulate heat. You could start with the most common tools such as candle holders, spatula, wooden spoons, spoon racks, chopsticks, mortars, and so on.


16). Plant Box Production:

Wooden plant boxes are good for both interior and exterior decorations. In addition to growing plants and flowers, they add to the aesthetic value of the premises. You can produce them in various designs and sizes.

You’ll always have a market in lovers of nature who are willing to furnish their homes or offices with plants and flowers.

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17). Pet Bed Production:

Another lucrative woodworking and furniture business idea is to produce wooden pet beds. Lovers of dogs, cats, and more prefer to create special beds for their pets. You can make a cot-like wooden space specially designed to house pets.


18). Cabinet And Shelf Production:

Cabinets and shelves are useful for storing important files and materials used daily at home and in the office. They also make up an important component of the interior decoration of an apartment.

Although it is not enough to focus solely on cabinet and shelf production, they are great sources of income for experts in the woodwork industry.

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19). Chair And Table Making:

Producing chairs and tables is a lucrative woodworking and furniture business idea. This is because they are used everywhere, including schools, homes, offices, hospitals, and so on.

The great part is, you don’t have to spend so much on finding your market. You could place your chairs — upholstery, sofas, cushion, office chairs, and much more. — and tables of all kinds on social media platforms at zero cost and you’ll find buyers for them.


20). Birdhouse And Cages:

Producing birdhouses and cages is another interesting business idea to make money from pet keepers. Pet lovers and people who rear birds love comfy and attractive housing units for their pets.

All you need to do is create beautiful birdhouses and cages of different sizes and direct your marketing efforts to the right market.

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21). Wooden Eyeglass Frames:

Most users prefer wooden eyeglass frames to the common materials used. Wooden frames are stronger and more reliable. Plus, they have a great physical appeal.

Producing wooden eyeglass frames is one of the most sophisticated and lucrative woodworking furniture business ideas in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world..


22). Wooden Wall Art:

Starting a wooden wall art production business is a perfect way to combine creativity with woodwork. Carvings and crafts are essential items used in interior decoration. They are also used on special occasions like festivals, traditional events decorations, and much more.

The only extra effort required is reaching the right market with your wall art. You could create a digital platform for adverts or visit craft fairs.

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23). Jewelry Box Making:

Producing jewellery boxes is one of the woodworking and furniture business ideas that is sure to generate a lot of revenue on a regular basis.

Lovers of jewellery prefer wooden boxes to the usual metal boxes to avoid rust stains. Plus, wooden boxes contribute to the interior decor of any room.


24). Beer Crates:

Like many other woodworking and furniture business ideas, a beer crate production business is bound to enjoy continuous patronage. And this is largely because wooden crates last longer than regular plastic crates.

With the right market strategy, you could reach across to major drinks production companies and produce crates for them.

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25). Plywood Production:

Plywood is one of the most widely-used wooden materials. Its use spans diverse industries, including ship and vehicle production, interior decoration, construction, and more.

You could also supply to other experts in the woodworking industry. Although starting a plywood production business requires some capital, the returns are worth the initial investment.


26). Wooden Pallet Production:

Wooden pallets are used in the storage and transportation of goods all over the world. All kinds of commodities are placed on them for easy mobility. You can start a wooden pallet production business for organisations and sign long term contracts with them.

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To Sum It Up

The woodworking industry has expanded significantly over the last decade, and there is no end to the opportunities in it. With little or no capital, you could start into any of the 25+ woodworking and furniture business ideas discussed above in Nigeria, Africa or any part of the world.

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What are your thoughts on these 25+ lucrative woodworking and furniture business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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