21+ Ways To Make Extra $300 Weekly Without Leaving Your Day Job

21+ Ways To Make Extra $300 Weekly
21+ Ways To Make Extra $300 Weekly | Image: Pixabay

All over the world, the state of global and national economies constantly emphasizes the danger of relying on just one source of income. Whether you are a 9 – 5 office worker, an independent entrepreneur or a creative who works from home, there is a need for every individual to have one or two extra sources of income.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of side jobs that do not affect your regular job. More so, they are lucrative side hustles that can bring you an extra $300 or more weekly. If you’re looking for how to make more money weekly, here are 21+ business ideas that can make you $300 weekly without having to leave your day job in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

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1). Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make an extra $300 or more weekly. It involves driving sales to a particular brand or company by advertising their products or services on your platforms. Once the customer you refer converts or makes a purchase, booking, and much more., you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing is entirely performance-based, which means that the more customers you convince to make a purchase, the greater your commissions.

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2). Start A YouTube Channel:

Want to make money from your hobby? Starting a YouTube channel where you post videos of you enjoying your hobbies or discussing issues that interest you could make you well over $300 a week. The strategy lies in building a large viewership for your channel. You can post videos of yourself cooking, working out, dancing, juggling a ball or any other interesting activity that will catch the fancy of the public.

Good thing is, you don’t need any capital to start up, other than your mobile phone or camera for recording, and a YouTube channel.

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3). Partake In Online Surveys:

If you have an interest in scientific research and surveys, you could as well make money from it. Digital survey platforms like SurveyMonkey, Triba, Typeform, and SurveyPlanet among many others are common platforms that pay people to participate in online surveys.

Participating in surveys doesn’t require too much time; you could do it while looking up your mail in the morning or during a break at work. It is an extremely easy way to make extra legit cash.


4). Blogging:

Lifestyle blogging is especially one of the types of blogging activities that can make the writer a lot of money. Others include celebrity talks, music, career and business, and sports. Blogging involves creating engaging topics and posting them for discussion. The more traffic you can generate for your blog, the greater your income can potentially be.

After building a large audience, you could also get paid for affiliate marketing, ad placement and sponsorship. The opportunities are endless!

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5). Play Games Online:

Yes, you can make $300 or more just by playing games! Trivia games such as HQ Trivia, Solitaire, Slingo, Lucktastic, Mistpay and many others create avenues for people to win points that are convertible to cash simply by answering trivia questions or beating real-life opponents online.

Such games are loaded with ads that generate money for gamers. You can play them right on your Android or Ios phones while taking a rest from work. You can also make a lot of money from playing metaverse games.


6). Drive for Uber or Bolt:

This business may require some capital if you don’t already own a car, but is one of the most trusted ways to make at least $300 weekly from the get-go. Once you have a car and can drive, you’re good to go. With platforms such as Uber and Bolt, you can easily get matched with riders or other passengers and take them to their destinations for varying fees.

Uber or Bolt drivers know that the business can be lucrative, thanks to public trust in the platform, added tips and a ready market.

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7). Online Coaching:

The presence of the internet and interactive visual platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Google Meet has made digital education sessions a possibility and a source of income for people across the world. You can now organize learning sessions in any field of expertise and get learners from any part of the world to pay to be a part of the sessions.

Online coaching is a side hustle anyone in any field can engage in, in as much as you have proven expertise and you’re able to facilitate learning in that field.


8). Work In The Logistics Industry:

If you are interested in a contract-based job, you could fill up your free time or holidays with a job in an interstate logistics company as a truck driver and get paid a fixed amount per trip you cover. Depending on where you are around the world, you could make anywhere fro, $100 to $500.a week from it.

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9). Become A Virtual Assistant:

The complexity of the workplace creates the need for virtual assistants. Businesspeople, celebrities and other categories of persons who need help with managing their daily activities and tasks but do not need or cannot afford the physical presence of a personal assistant prefer to do with assistants who work from home.

To make the most of this business, you can register with virtual assistance companies. They’ll match you with clients and you can start earning from them.


10). Photography:

Although photography could be a full-time job of its own, it’s also one of the easiest ways to make an extra $300 weekly. With a good camera, proper training and the right editing tools, you could take beautiful images of places, events, nature, people, etc. at your leisure and sell them as stock images.

There are a lot of opportunities in the photography business even if you’re doing it as a side gig. In addition to selling your images, you could cover events on weekends or take up photo sessions for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and much more.

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11). Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a third-party system of selling goods. In essence, all you have to do is create a platform where people can order goods and you then ship the products right from the vendor to the buyer and get your commission!

You don’t necessarily need a website to make money from dropshipping business; you could use your social media pages and still make over $300 weekly.

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12). Copywriting:

Copywriting is a multifaceted business, but you could focus on any aspect that catches your fancy, ranging from web content writing to product reviews to advance writing such as ad copy, technical writing, business proposals, etc.

All you need is a serious clientele and you can make as much as $300 per week. You could equally register on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr to get a steady inflow of gigs.


13). Graphic Design:

With great graphic design skills, you could make extra cash anywhere in the world. Graphics designers with advanced skills like 3D design, brand creration, UX design, and much more, are hotcakes in the creative industry.

If you have any of the above skills, you could set yourself up for a great income by putting up some of your designs online or working with a brand.

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14). Translation Services:

If you’re a polyglot, you could convert your knowledge of many languages to cash through translation services. There are digital platforms whose aim is to conduct translation services to different languages. You could work with such brands and get paid handsomely right from your home.


15). Proofreading And Editing:

Got the eyes and skills needed to spot errors in a text? This is a lucrative side hustle for you. Proofreaders and editors are needed because institutions, brands, public figures, businesspersons, writers, etc. cannot afford to leave their content riddled with errors.

Thus, they are constantly in need of professional proofreading and editing services. The good thing is, you don’t have to bother about setting up a brand of your own before making money from proofreading and editing.

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16). Web Design:

Web design is another lucrative opportunity for people interested in ways to make an extra $300 or more weekly. Web design involves building websites and all related aspects such as web layouts, landing pages, blogs, portfolio sites, etc.

Creating a website requires high-tech expertise to be able to give users a great web experience and a visual appeal that will make them come back. Based on this, web designers can earn a lot of money for each website created.


17). Social Media Influencer Marketing:

If you’ve got a large following on any social media platform, this could be your chance to make extra cash weekly. Influencer marketing is a form of affiliate marketing in which businesses and brands leverage the influence of social media influencers to drive sales.

For each sale made through your influence links, you get a certain commission. Influencer marketing contributes significantly to the digital marketing industry because the public believes so much in their favourite social influencers.

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18). Tow Vehicle Services:

This is a great side business for people in the automobile industry, but it could equally be for anyone with a strong tow truck or pull van. Tow vehicles or rescue service is a necessary service, especially in towns. With large vehicles, you can haul faulty vehicles to the point where they can be repaired or moved off the major roads to avoid traffic congestion.


19). Buying And Selling Gift Cards:

Gift cards are pre-funded cards that can be used for basic financial transactions such as making purchases, completing orders, etc. They are valuable only till the funds on them are exhausted and can be used at specific stores, depending on the issuer.

In addition, gift cards can be gifted to people and redeemed for cash. This is where the side business comes in. You can redeem gift cards for people and get commissions on them.

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20). Web Management:

This is a job specifically for people with in-depth knowledge of the website they intend to manage. Managing a website includes services like posting web content, studying the web user attitude and keeping a tab on the website’s performance.

Tools such as Google Analytics, Yoast and G suite make the job easier for web managers but it is still a lucrative side hustle that can make you up to $300 or more weekly.


21). Invest In the Stock Market:

Investing in the stock market is an idea for all individuals irrespective of their daily jobs or field of focus. Although trading stocks can be risky, it is an open business that can make you a lot money.

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22). Consultancy Services:

If you have experience in a certain field or adequate professional expertise, you could make money just by offering advice and solutions to businesses and individuals in the field. This does not affect your regular business, as you can keep your consultation services strictly virtual and fix schedules for weekends or your free periods. With your professional guidance and consultancy services, you could make an extra $300 or more weekly.

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To Sum It Up

While having a regular job is a great idea, it is in every individual’s interest to have one or more side hustles. More so, depending on just one stream of income is a rather risky thing to do. Increasing your sources of income will help give you financial security and prepare you better for the future. If you’re looking for how to make more money weekly, these 21+ business ideas that can make you $300 weekly without having to leave your day job in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world is a great place to start.


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What are your thoughts on these 21+ ways to make an extra $300 weekly without quitting your day job in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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