Will You Be One Of Those Who Gets Up To $250,000 Dollars Each From The USADF?

U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) Grant 2017/2018
Will You Be One Of Those Who Gets Up To $250,000 Dollars Each From the USADF?

The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF), an independent federal agency that was established to provide support in the form of seed capital and technical support to African enterprises whose operations facilitate growth on the continent, is currently accepting proposals from African businesses in specific sectors seeking grants to grow their businesses. This financial support will range from $50,000 to a maximum of $250,000, and is provided to underserved community enterprises that have high prospects for growth.

In the year 2016, USADF awarded grants to local businesses, and in the process invested millions to support activities at the local levels, which have gone on to generate over $100 million in new local economic activities that produce stable jobs and better incomes.

The new application process started on the 15th of November 2017 and will end on the 29th of January 2018.

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How To Know If You’re Eligible

The USADF only accepts proposals from African businesses, associations, and cooperatives that are 100% owned by Africans in specific sectors. The grant applicants must be legally registered in their country and must have a proven ability to track, manage, and use internal and external resources to achieve growth.

Applying for the grant is 100% free, as there are no fees charged in the application process.


Countries That Can Participate

Some African countries that are allowed to participate in the USADF grant application process are Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, DRC, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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To Sum It Up

Each of these countries has a specific business category the applicants can apply for, as the grants are strategically awarded in ways that facilitate economic development through key areas.

To find out more about the selection guidelines, African countries that are eligible, the allowed business categories, and much more about the U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) grants, click here.

We wish you the best of luck in your grant application process!


What are your thoughts on the USADF grant that will be given to African entrepreneurs in 2018? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Stan Edom
Stan Edom
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  1. Hell am a Nigeria and am interested in this grant who and who to talk to so I can be part of these

    Am just a graduate with no job but now I realize I should go into farming and poultry at least I can use that to support people too

    Here is my email address [email protected]
    And my phone number 08112903743, 08171151460
    Please I really need this and your reply or call will be appreciated thanks.

      • I read through their write up but they want some that is esterblish or register company or NGO that are recognise in nigeria but I don’t known any more over you known how out people behave when to come to hug amount of money like this if you don’t know someone who can connect you I can’t get anything from it so please if you no the right channel I can go too or talk to just give me the direct contact so I can talk to them if they can help me out thank you.

        • Hi Daniel,

          Please email or call their customer service line to find out comprehensive information first.

          Thank you.

  2. Hi Mr ,
    It’s unfortunately for us who are not in that sector hope oneday it direct to our sector.
    Good day and thanks for this update.

  3. Am interested in the Grant but can’t find the website were I can fill the required fields, can you help me to send their contact, email or website?

  4. Hello Stan,

    Thanks for the reminder on this.

    I’ve been working on the proposal just before the close of last year and nearing conclusion now.

    Keep up the good work.

    Calabar, Cross River State.

  5. Sir will like to know if it’s legit and not scam because I am trying to help some of my people and friends but the doubt it much thinking is not true it’s just a scam pls do reply how it’s true and I can convince them is not fake thank you.

    • Hi Halima,

      Let them visit the website and contact the customer care for more information that will help them.

      Thank you.

  6. Hi I am a young entrepreneur who focused on baby organic food,packaged African vegetables, legumes seed and nuts.I have been looking for a business grant to help me actualized my dream.I have interest in farming and extraction. I would be forever grateful if I am considered to show case my business Ideas. You can contact me through 08165949659 or 08066238402

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