5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Facebook is a great channel for small businesses to not only sell their products and services, but for them to also connect with their customers and prospects in a more personal way. While Facebook marketing may seem to be a great way for small businesses to grow their revenues and profits, many businesses who patronise this social network are using it entirely wrong.

As with every other sales medium, Facebook marketing also has it’s perks. Understanding the dos and don’ts of the social network can you help you maximise your returns and customer experience, or it could leave your business at the same state it was before you signed up, or even worse.

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Here Are The Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make:


1). They Don’t Update Their Facebook Pages:

Nobody cares about a blog, news site, newspaper brand, or even a Facebook page that is not updated regularly. When people choose to like your Facebook page, it’s because there’s something about the page that either excites them, adds value to their lives, inspires them, or motivates them to make a purchase.

These fans want to return to your Facebook page at anytime, hoping to be updated by something new that’s sitting on the page.

Not constantly updating your Facebook page would gradually get your prospects tired of visiting, and eventually, they’d either unsubscribe from your page, or totally forget about your brand.

The event of any of these two negative outcomes can make your Facebook marketing efforts useless.


2). Their Facebook Pages Are Too Boring:

One key to a successful social media strategy on Facebook is to regularly post interesting content. Small businesses mostly just regularly post official statements from their companies, their product images with the prices, and anything too serious that’s not close enough to even be considered as fun.

From time to time, people love to try to solve riddles, learn facts, watch your team’s outing, see how operations are run from your office, join in on your giveaways, and experience a lot more engaging activities.

As long as you can get your customers and prospects brightened up every time they visit your Facebook page, you can be certain that you’ve convinced each visiting fan one more time to not just believe in your brand, but to make them know your brand can also be as cool as they are.

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3). They Use Their Personal Profiles As Their Facebook Page:

This could probably be called the holy grain of all Facebook fails. If you run a small business, and hope to promote it via Facebook, setup a Facebook page!

Personal profiles are simply not meant for businesses. Also, Facebook has constantly given a warning that any business it discovers using a personal profile for their business, could risk having that profile deleted! Yes, you heard that right!!

While personal profiles could be good for individuals to connect with their family and friends, they pose limitations that only a Facebook page can exceed.

For example, you can only run Facebook ads, contests, surveys, and admin role designation from a Facebook page. You also won’t have access to Facebook Insights, which would help you learn a lot more about your customers, if you operate from a personal profile.

When executing your Facebook Marketing strategies, ensure that you’re running it from a Facebook page, or you could lose all the time and effort you put into it.


4). They Don’t Collect Emails:

Before you process any order for your small business on Facebook, ensure you first collect the customer’s email.

Collecting hundreds, and possibly thousands of customers emails, is important for you to run a robust and highly successful email marketing campaign. And your Facebook Page is a great tool to help you collect even more.

With your customers and prospects emails, you can connect with them off Facebook through their email accounts by sending them exclusive deals, helpful articles, and several other Value Added Services (VAS) that’d make your relationship with your customers grow even stronger.

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5). Not Responding To Comments And Enquiries:

When a prospect comments on a particular item to make a full enquiry for the product, they expect to get a reply soon. A reply to the enquiry within 3 hours of the comment may still convert the prospect to a customer, if the terms of the deal are right. But once the time lapse is weigh over 6 hours, the chances of closing that sale becomes really slim.

Since customer service is the most important service your business must deliver right, responding to customer enquiries fast on your Facebook Page is too important. Show your customers and prospects you care about them and their time, with the interval and manner you reply their questions and comments.

Remember, if you treat your customers right, they’ll make you a lot of money!


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What are your thoughts on these Facebook marketing mistakes that small businesses make? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Image Source: www.lifehacker.com.au