5 Habits That Will Guarantee You Fail In Life

5 Habits That Will Guarantee You Fail In Life

Success and failure are inevitable perks of life. We fail at some things, which we learn our greatest lessons from, and we also variably succeed at others. A wide range of factors trigger either of these two possibilities, but what ultimately determines which falls on each individual, is our approach towards the unprecedented events that come our way.

To determine what it means for a person to fail in life, it’s important to know what that person terms as success. It could be to own the most luxurious cars, build large mansions, attain a certain degree, or to simply raise a humble family. The perception of success varies per individual, and it’s in its understanding that anyone can determine what it means for them to fail in life or subsequently succeed.

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While failure in life can be one of the worst things to happen to anyone, charting your life-course to work against it is crucial to overcoming challenges and turning out successful. If you plan to run a successful business, travel the world, raise a happy family, have excellent grades, or simply spend your life caring for the helpless, here are 5 things you must totally avoid, which could guarantee you fail in life:

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1). You Have An Excuse For Everything:

As popularly said, “there’s no excuse for failure”. People don’t care why you didn’t achieve your goals. As long as what you claim or aspire towards remains unseen, they don’t care about anything you have to say to defend its absence.

Excuses for almost everything is a strong trigger for a life of failure. When unsuccessful people fail to get important things started or done, they begin to fret, and say all kinds of unpleasant things to cover up for their neglect of right and wrong. They could blame the lack of money as the problem, the so-called plot by a colleague to ruin their careers, their terrible in-laws as the reason for their marriage failures, and many more. The most important thing is they always have an excuse for any misfortune they experience.

A positive mindset never leaves excuses for the consumption of many. It focuses only on results. If what the person is doing doesn’t work, he or she identifies where they failed, learn from it, and move on from there. They never wallow in its disappointment for too long, and before anyone has even had the chance to notice or ask questions about its unfortunate state, they’re already on to something more productive.

By owning up to your misfortunes and avoiding excuses for many things, your life’s direction would be set on more prospective paths.


2). You Never Believe In Yourself:

When the belief in an entity dwindles or completely dissipates, the entity in itself ceases to exist because, there’s no cause for it to have any meaning in its previous accepted environment. The same applies to every single individual. When a man or woman ceases to believe in their ability to achieve anything they set their minds to, they never will. All they’ll have are stories of “would-haves” and disappointments, to pass on to the next generation.

People who never believe in themselves will surely fail in life. No matter what they have marked out as a benchmark for success, it would never come to fruition.

Every great achievement starts from the mind before it is gradually been put into the physical by action, and finally manifested because of sheer perseverance. If a person lacks self-belief, failure in life is the only thing that person would achieve.

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3). You Live In Fear Of The Unknown:

The fear of the unknown has drawn and kept so many people backwards in everything they do. The unseen has impressed so much of its power on the lives of many, to the point people don’t know if they really want to move beyond their current status or not.

Fear could be holding you back from starting your own business, going on that trip, signing up for that course, getting married to that person, and so many other factors, but it’s in overcoming our fear that we are able to surmount challenges and achieve the impossible.

Until you try new things, your current status would never change, your dreams will never come to fruition, and at the end of your life, you’d realise you ended up a remarkable failure.

Rather than worrying; “if I jump, what if I fall?”, think rather, “but what if I fly?”. If you never try, you will never surely know. But remaining in fear will ensure you fail in life.


4). You Never Have A Plan:

Failure in life and in so many other things mostly stems from the fact that the individual never had a plan. Most people fall into this category but never know it. They utter statements like; “let’s see what the future holds”, without trying to do anything to shape it in their own desired path. They go wherever the wind blows, and wherever they find themselves, they believe it was just meant to be.

This thought process comes from the over-reliance on hope, and it affects over 80% of the population. Hope is not strategy! And you strategize so you may be able to control what comes next. By planning, you explore several possibilities, anticipate possible reactions, and when something else hits you, you learn from it and ensure it never happens again. With that, your plan keeps moving forward.

This is the way the greatest achievements in life are attained. On very rare occasions, chance helps a man. But on the bulk of it, only those who understand the laws of power & success, know that having a plan is key to ultimate fulfilment in almost everything they set out to achieve.

Remember: If you fail to plan, you’ve already planned to fail.

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5). You Give Up Before You Go Far Enough:

How many individuals are ready to quit their jobs to follow their dreams, and accept the fact that they may not make a single profit from their investments within the first three years? How many people start out in a professional course like the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) or the ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria), and sit it out till they’re done? How many people look towards getting a certain job with a multi-national company, and would continue trying for many years, even if it takes them as much as ten years to get in? How many people can strive to achieve their dreams?

Too many people fall into these categories. They neither have the will nor the resilience to sit out their major challenges till they can reap its fruits. The major problem that drives this occurrence is largely impatience and insecurity. Because they’ve probably tried going for their dreams for a while and don’t know how it would turn out, they get paranoid and quickly find something else to do.

The grandeur of this problem is more dominant in Africa. People here want to start seeing good returns from an investment within its first month. They want to see people giving them deals within their first year. They want their albums to become hits at their first trial. And they also want anything they set out to accomplishment to be a massive success within a very short period. When what they hoped for doesn’t show signs of manifestation, they begin to panic and quickly move on.

What people fail to realise is that the greatest and most beautiful things take a longer time to craft. Just as it takes 24 to 48 hours to build a Toyota car, it takes 6 months to build one Rolls Royce. The same has also shown in the lives of many American celebrities. A lot of them had many years of unpopularity and no success. Yet, they end up making their mark even if it takes them 15 to 20 years to. In Africa, everyone wants instant results, and when it doesn’t surface, they trash the dream, and move on.

If a man or woman is definitely going to achieve their biggest dreams and avoid failure in life, they’d need to master the art of patience, and learn to chase their goals till it becomes a reality.



Just as Bill Gates once said; “it’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure”, abhor these 5 habits like a plague, if you’re going to avoid failure in life!


What are your thoughts on these 5 habits that guarantees a person would fail in life? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Image Source: www.webmd.com