8 Great Small Business Resources That Really Help

8 Great Small Business Resources That Really Help
8 Great Small Business Resources That Really Help | Image Source: Pixabay

Planning to start a business in 2019? Great going! It is rightly said that creating a company is like baking a cake. You must have all the ingredients in the right proportion. In this post, we are going to make you familiar with some great small business resources that will help you grow your small business.

So, without any further delay let’s help you know about them:


1). Hosting.Review:

Needless to say, a website is a necessary marketing tool nowadays for every business. Not only is it a cost-effective way to showcase your talent to the world, but also, it gives you easy access to new customers. Therefore, no matter what business you are going to start in 2019 you must have a great website.

It is worth mentioning that your hosting partner will play a crucial role in the success of your website. After all, performance to security, everything depends on it. If you have no idea how to find the right hosting partner for you. The platform can prove a good small business resource for you. This website is known to provide real information about web hosting companies.


2). The Small Business Association’s (SBA):

A good business plan helps business owners take the necessary steps to make their business ideas succeed.

If you are having difficulty in drafting your business plan, “Create Your Business Plan” section from the Small Business Association is an excellent place to start. This useful and free small business resource walks you through different sections and guides you on how to write a business plan, what to include in it and how to make it stand out.


3). Google My Business:

As we said above, having a website is crucial for entrepreneurs; they should also focus on enhancing their online presence. Google My Business is one of the greatest resources for small businesses from Google itself that lets businesses improve their visibility in the World Wide Web.

Google My Business lets you create a business profile for absolutely free so that you can connect with your target customers. You can use this service to post hours, locations and pricing information. Moreover, you can share your business pictures and even the virtual tour.

Everything you add to this service shows up to your audience in Google’s Search Results.


4). Business Startup Planner:

If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs having great business ideas but having trouble in articulating those ideas you can try out business startup planner questionnaire from Navarro College Small Business Development Center.

This free business resource is available in the PDF format designed to help you put your ideas into the world.


5). Business USA:

When you create a good action plan, it offers you a detailed outline of the tasks you need to do to accomplish your goals. Moreover, it ensures that desired outcomes are met at the right time and in the most effective manner possible.

If you have not drafted your action plan yet, “Start a Business Wizard” from Business USA is a good small business resource that asks a variety of questions related to your business. On the basis of your answers, this resource prepares an action plan for you along with some necessary steps to take.


6). YellowPages:

If you are imagining a giant book with yellow pages then we are sorry to stay, YellowPages.com is an application that helps your audience find you easily. This application is loaded with various features that makes it easy for people to find you online.

Moreover, the app lets people add reviews about your services and products.


7). SCORE:

The Score is a non-profit organization that offers business mentoring services to small business owners across the United States for absolutely free. For over 50 years, this association is helping small businesses in achieving their goals.

The organization offers free online learning opportunities through the educational workshop. In order to take advantage of this great small business resource, you will need to sign up on their site. The website offers you options such as Find a Mentor, Take a Workshop, Browse the Library, etc.


8). Fundera:

When it comes to starting a business, a fund is a primary concern for small businesses. Until you are an established business it will be challenging for you to raise funds for your business. Sometimes, finding investors and borrowing from a bank becomes very difficult that some people drop the idea of doing business.

If you are struggling with raising funds, Fundera is a good small business resource for you. It is a one-stop online marketplace that helps you connect with the right business loan. The company itself doesn’t fund loans but work with lenders to get you a loan at the best rates.

So if you want to skip investors and borrow a loan for your business, this resource is useful.


What are your thoughts on these 8 resources for small businesses? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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Stan Edom
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