Should You Follow Your Dreams Or Simply Follow The Money?

Should You Follow Your Dreams Or Simply Follow The Money?

This is one of the most argued subjects by billions of people around the world. A great faction would greatly speak against following your dreams, and another will support the notion and argue about it passionately.

But while every individual has his or her own convictions, there’s truly no wrong or right answer. The end ultimately justifies the means.

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Some people may choose to follow the money instead, so they can have a steady cash flow and try to determine what they intend to do with their lives, while others simply follow the money not only because they’re trying to survive, but because every other person is doing so.

In this instance, following the money can be reasonable, since you’re still on the path to self-discovery.

An individual, for instance, could choose to venture into a business that has high prospects for growth and a very high profit potential, not because it is what they’ve always planned to do with their lives, but because they need a steady cash flow, pending when they can risk a lot of money to experiment with their real volatile ideas.

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Personally, this is a great route to follow, because it ensures that even if you pursue your dreams passionately, a failure wouldn’t tank your finances.

But chasing your dreams head-on without any other reasonable source of income can be extremely risky, and has created one of the highest disappointment rates.

While there are thousands of people who have succeeded extraordinarily from simply following their dreams without making provisions for a soft landing in the event of an unsuccessful run, there are millions of others who have suffered a far worse state.

So What Should You Pursue?

If you’re a person with a lot of immediate needs to solve or are one with a low risk appetite, following the money could be your best bet for the short and medium term.

If you’re an individual with large and highly volatile aspirations, first starting a business in an industry that’s proven to have produced a lot of successful entrepreneurs, would wisely be your initial best bet, so you can generate a large and constant cash flow before you choose to spend a lot of time and money on your real personal goals. In this instance, you’d also be seen as following the money but only as a means to an end.

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But then again, a lot of people have achieved the impossible by simply jumping right in, risking everything, and chasing their dreams regardless. They’ve shown over and over again that the impossible, no matter how feared, is still largely within reach.

If you must chase your dreams head-on without creating any form of security, first ensure you carry out a detailed market research. If possible, engage the service of a market research firm, so they can carry out an intensive and highly detailed research on what the true size of the market you intend to address is, their purchasing behaviors, age brackets, social class, and a whole lot more.

Getting this information will give you a great insight into what to expect before you spend a dime of your money.

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Over To You

What are your thoughts on this article? Should you only following your dreams, follow the money, or simply follow the money as a means to an end? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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