25+ Lucrative Security Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa

25+ Lucrative Security Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa
25+ Lucrative Security Business Ideas In Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

There is a growing need for security in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world. As government agencies make collective efforts to keep society safe, individuals, businesses and corporations also do their best to protect their lives and property. 

The need to stay safe always, therefore, creates a lot of business ideas and job opportunities in the security sector for entrepreneurs and investors. Notably, contrary to popular opinion, individuals don’t have to be in a force to practice security, and many types of security businesses do not require licensing and registrations. 

If you want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the need for security globally, here are 25+ lucrative security business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world.

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1). Bouncers Agency Business:

Bouncers are special security personnel charged with basic protection duties. They are often hefty people who protect people at parties, clubs or other occasions. Bouncers can also be attached to specific individuals such as celebrities and public officials. 

Starting a bouncers firm or agency involves recruiting the right set of muscular people, training them accordingly and dispatching them for contract security jobs. To make the most of this business, it is advisable to use social media to build an online presence and to network with event planners and socialites. 


2). CCTV Retail and Installation Services:

Thanks to advanced technology, watching over an apartment or monitoring the activities within and around a building is possible and relatively easy to do. CCTV cameras are in use at homes, workplaces, hospitals, prisons, streets and other places where there is a need for constant daily monitoring.

There are different types of CCTV cameras with various specifications and uses. Starting a CCTV installation and retail business puts an entrepreneur in the right place to recommend suitable cameras for organizations. Plus, given the growing use of CCTV security in most cities in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world, the business is highly lucrative.


3). Security Dog Breeding and Sales Business:

Dogs have been people’s original and loyal security detail from time immemorial. To date, people keep them not just as pets but to also watch over their apartments. Similarly, as security-conscious animals, dogs have great use in the police force. 

A security dog breeding business is bound to have regular patronage from people across different areas in the country, especially in estates and large apartments. Although the business requires financial and material resources, it is a lucrative one.


4). Private Investigation Business:

For starters, a private investigation business is a top-tier security business that requires maximum intelligence and strict professionalism. Individuals looking to start a private investigation must first be trained in crimes and investigations. More so, they must have the necessary licenses and permits. 

At the moment, there is yet more to hope for in the private investigation sector in Africa. Notwithstanding, there is room for improvement and greater patronage over time. 


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5). Car Tracking Installation Business:

To combat car thefts, car owners use the car tracking system. This security system has proven useful and effective over the years. Thanks to car tracking, stolen cars have been recovered. Similarly, car thieves have been arrested even in obscure cases where they would have otherwise disappeared without a trace.

With so many benefits, car trackers continue to gain prominence in the security sector. Plus, since there is an upsurge in the usage of cars in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world, the car tracking installation business will continue to grow.


6). Security Gadgets Retail Business:

Ranging from cars to homes and workplaces, different security equipment is needed to ensure the safety and protection of people. Gadgets such as CCTV cameras, alarms, locks, smart deadbolts, as well as security lights, among others, are in rapid demand all over Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Hence, retailing security gadgets is an insightful idea to get oneself established in the security sector. 

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7). Private Escort Business:

A private escort firm provides special agents who specialize in protecting public officials and celebrities on a full-time basis and during special occasions. Most private escorts are assigned to the people they protect for a long period, depending on the contract. 

Therefore, they are made to undergo rigorous protection and safety training and could be licensed to carry weapons. Starting a private escort company requires proper registration with law enforcement and related agencies. 


8). Private Property Security:

Similar to the private escort business, private property security involves workers trained to protect private property whether the owners live there or not. Companies, estates, large residential buildings, and much more all require the services of professional security workers to avoid burglars.


9). Community Vigilante Group:

Vigilante groups are armed security workers who protect small communities, estates and towns. They work in small groups and have a reliable track record of success in most Nigerian localities. As an entrepreneur, you can assemble a team of vigilante security personnel and train them for more security duties.

Such personnel can then be discharged to security jobs across different villages and communities. 


10). Self-Defense School:

Self-protection is arguably the most important component of a person’s safety. This, therefore, creates a business opportunity in training individuals in self-defence and protection practices.

You can establish a self-defence school and hire the services of coaches to teach interested individuals on how to protect themselves in difficult situations.


11). School Security Services:

Schools regularly need security services to keep their students safe and assure the parents and guardians of the safety of their children. Given the rising security challenges and kidnapping of schoolchildren in certain parts of Nigeria, both day and boarding schools have to double their security efforts. This creates more job opportunities for security personnel, as there has to be 100% protection all 24 hours of the day.


12). Estate Security Business:

Like many local communities, estates and large residences also need regular protection from burglars, petty thieves and armed robbers, among others. Hence, creating a security outfit dedicated to safeguarding residential areas is a security business with lots of prospects. Similarly, you could extend your existing security firm to servicing estates. 

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13). Hospital Security Business:

Although the business of hospitals is largely to tend to the sick and injured people, there is a need to protect hospitals, patients and staff from people with malicious intentions. Like other sectors, hospitals need security personnel to work round the clock because security is required all day and night long. This makes hospitals prime targets for security outfits. 


14). Security Training Business:

Here is another lucrative security business. Security agencies always recruit new members and have to send them for specific security training. Most outfits do not have the facility to conduct professional security training. This is where a dedicated security training business comes in handy.

Although this business requires some capital for personnel and material resources, it is a lucrative one in the long run if the right strategies are put in place. It can also be started in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world.  


15). Security Vehicle Sales Business:

Retailing security vehicles are a top-tier source of income for entrepreneurs looking to stick to the trade sector in the security business. While this business requires substantial capital and networking with the right people, it is easy to understand why there are not many people in the industry. 

Notwithstanding, retailing security vehicles is a security business with a lot profits. A company involved in this business could also lobby government contracts to supply security vehicles to law enforcement agencies in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world.


16). Airport Security Services:

Like other major institutions, airports require trained security personnel to ensure the safety of both staff and travellers. Most airports assimilate security workers into their full-time staff personnel while some others employ the services of independent security firms. Either way, providing security services for airports is one of the most lucrative security business ideas in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world


17). Bulletproof Vests Distribution Business:

Bulletproof vests are essential security items used by most security workers, especially those exposed to high risks as well as trained Forces. Importing and distributing bulletproof vests is a highly covert business like other delicate security items. It requires proper registrations and permits from the necessary authorities. 


18). Home Alarm Installation Business:

Here is one of the security business ideas for entrepreneurs and investors who are tech-inclined. Installing home alarms requires special training but it is a business for almost anyone who can commit time to learn it. 

It is also possible to deal in importing and selling alarm systems while also rendering basic installation services. 


19). Licensed Firearms Training Business:

In security-threatened areas, homeowners resort to buying licensed weapons to keep themselves and their families safe from burglars. However, they need to be properly trained on how to safely use firearms and store them properly to avoid accidents. This need creates a business opportunity for individuals who are experts at handling different types of guns. Such individuals can establish a company to train people on how to handle and use firearms effectively.


20). Security Blogging:

For individuals who are versed in security issues, security blogging can be a great extra source of income. Without the need for any capital, security blogging can bring in revenue, sponsorship deals, adverts, and of course, popularity. To start, you need to create engaging and informative content on security. You can teach basic security ideas, self-defence tips and make recommendations. 

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21). Security Uniform Business:

Here is more of a contract business than a regular kind of business. It involves making security uniforms for security outfits. Since security uniforms require special care and attention to detail, it is not a business for just any fashion designer. Hence, individuals looking to delve into this business must be properly trained. Thereafter, it is important to network with the right people to get contracts in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world. 


22). Cyber Security and Protection Business:

Cybersecurity is a unique type of security business that requires high-tech expertise. Yet, it is an important sector in security since the world has gone digital and valuable information about individuals, companies, and government institutions are stored in cyberspace. 

Failure to protect such information could lead to cyber-attacks and information thefts, among other cybercrimes. Therefore, cyber security is highly essential.

Starting a cyber-protection company puts you in the heart of a fast-growing industry in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world.


23). Auto Alarm Retail and Installation Business:

While most modern vehicles come with factory-fitted alarms, there are a lot of business opportunities for auto alarm installation companies. After some time, cars and other vehicles need their alarms replaced or fixed for proper functioning. Therefore, fixing alarms on vehicles is a good security business idea for interested entrepreneurs and technicians. 


24). Background Checking Business:

Looking into the backgrounds of people is an essential business service that has grown in popularity in the modern period as digital businesses and transactions continue to soar. Banks, employers, loan companies, embassies, scholarship bodies, and much more need experts to look into the background of their potential employees, loan applicants, scholarship, or visa applicants as the case may be. 

It takes specially trained individuals to conduct an extensive search on people using the limited information available and companies are willing to pay well to get viable information to help them make decisions.


25). Licensed Weapons Retail Business:

Ultimately, every individual is responsible for their own security. Where basic self-defence practice will not work, weapons become necessary. Therefore, starting a self-defence weapons business is a lucrative security business idea in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world with security challenges. 

Weapons such as guns, tasers, penknives, pepper sprays, and so on, make up good security items and they enjoy regular patronage. 


26). Security Consultancy Business:

Starting a consultancy business in the security sector is a lucrative business that experts in the industry can combine with their regular security jobs. Consulting involves offering professional advice to individuals or organizations looking to start a security business or make security-related decisions. 

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To Sum It Up

Every part of the globe is confronted with security challenges of varying levels of concern. As a result, individuals and organizations have to supplement the efforts of the government to put security measures to protect themselves and their property. This, therefore, puts security workers and businesses in high demand. If you’re looking for business opportunities in the security sector, you can start with any of the 25+ lucrative security business ideas discussed above.


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What are your thoughts on these 25+ lucrative security business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa and everywhere around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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