Why you should never patronise a business with poor or no online ratings

Why you should never patronise a business with poor or no online ratings

Trust is an important factor in building any successful relationship. Both parties to an extent, must believe in each other enough to want to either transact business activities or build an acquaintance.

While the trust factor is critical, it is important to know how to determine a business you can trust, without been referred to or ever even carrying out a transaction with them. Without this knowledge, you’d get stuck up a lot and make multiple painful purchases you’d always regret.

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If you’ve found yourself or your business in a worrisome position on trusting a merchant enough to buy their goods or services, here are 3 reasons you should never patronise a business with low or no online ratings:

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1). You Can’t Trust Customer Testimonials On Non-Review Websites:

Reading testimonials on a corporate website can be one of the most ineffective ways to vet a business’ credibility. Most businesses build up their testimonials by using fake names on fake reviews just to get the attention of customers.

Instead of basing your decisions on the reviews you read on their websites, check rather, if they have reviews written on VConnect and other consumer review websites. The type of response businesses get from these platforms are usually far more credible than whatever you may read on the company’s website.


2). They Mostly Don’t Care Enough To Allow Customers Vet Their Service:

Since most businesses know that customers could leave terrible reviews about them online, they do everything possible to ensure they never have a business profile on VConnect and other similar consumer review sites.

When an online business cares less enough to have itself listed, they’re probably not worth the trouble. It’s always safer to go with a business that has positive reviews online. This gives you the customer, a degree of assurance that some individuals have also made successful purchases from the same business.

But it’s important to look out for fake reviews because, many businesses regularly put up engineered reviews on consumer review sites using different dummy accounts, or they offer their customers freebies just to write a great review about them, which ultimately defeats the purpose of credible consumer reviews.

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3). Your Money Stays Safer:

Instead of risking your hard earned money on a business with no online reputation or ratings on consumer review websites like VConnect, find rather, a business that has already been tested and trusted, then patronise them. This ensures your money stays safer and longer in your hands than at risk through an unpredictable transaction carried out with an entirely unknown business.



Many businesses always try to get away with caring less about their customers. They don’t care about their opinions, demands, and entirely forget the notion that the customer is always right. Identifying these businesses before carrying out a transaction with them can be difficult, and as such, extra caution must be taken to ensure you don’t fall into the misfortune of transacting with some of these businesses.

Before you patronise any business you stumble upon online, first search them out on VConnect to see if they have an online profile, so you can vet their online ratings. If you realise they have non, it would be safer to patronise a similar business with positive reviews on the platform.

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What are your thoughts on these 3 reasons you should rarely patronise a business with little to no online reputation? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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