Parents Of Successful Kids Have These 5 Things In Common

5 Things Parents Of Successful Kids Do In Common
5 Things Parents Of Successful Kids Do In Common

Every century breeds its own generation of successful individuals. These group of people aren’t just an inspiration to their communities, but are also a symbol of hope for many other people around the world.

While there are widely written articles on various traits of successful entrepreneurs, many fail to take a step back to reflect on the foundation those individuals had before they even had a chance to start their businesses.

What roles did their parents play in their upbringing? What did they do right or wrong? And how can it all be replicated?

Some of the world’s richest people today, including Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and several others, experienced a form of upbringing that sets them apart from most kids raised in the wrong conditions. While over 90% of them were raised in middle and lower middle class homes, they had some values imbibed, that built them up for long term success.

That said, here 10 things parents of successful kids have in common:

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1). They Have High Expectations:

These parents always expect the best from their children. Whether in their academics, sports, competitions, and a lot more, they always have very high expectations and demand that the child produces the best results at what they do, no matter what it is.

When the bar is set too high for a child, there’s a chance they could land in a good position that’d help them move further if they fall from it. Not setting standards leads to a blind entry, and so, the child grows in whatever direction the wind blows, only to later blame the parents for not putting in more efforts while they were growing up.


2). They Spend Quality Time With Their Kids:

The length of time a parent spends with their kids when they’re growing up has little to nothing to do with their success. What matters instead, is the quality (not the total amount) of time spent with the kids.

When a child feels loved by his or her parents, they tend to respect them a lot more, and would do anything to make them smile, including striving for successful results in their endeavours.

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3). Most Of Them Are Educated:

In many parts of the world, parents of successful kids have a form of education. It may be a University degree, Phd, or even a very basic education, but to a great extent they are educated.

Educated parents tend to want the best for their children. They put them through good schools, ensure they have the right materials for their success, and do many other things to see them succeed.

The chances of a child successfully going through a university dramatically increases when their parents are equally university graduates.


4). The Mothers Aren’t Housewives:

Most girls look up to their moms, especially when they’re remarkable role models. But for a lady who’s a housewife? The kids tend to have lesser expectations.

A working mom is an inspiring mom, and so, sets high standards for her children to live up to. Her daughters would tend to be high achievers, because they aim to either be like or to surpass their mothers.

If you’re a mother that hopes to set her kids up for success, strive to be a great example for them to look up to. Even if you don’t hit your targets, your children will appreciate your efforts.

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5). Their Kids Do House Chores:

A published research showed that when kids are introduced to house chores very early in life, it cultivates a sense of responsibility and independence in them. These kids go on to be conscious of their life activities and try to get things done on time, every time.

By engaging your kids with house chores very early in life, you imbibe discipline and a sense of responsibility inside them, which can go on to lay the foundation of their resilience many years down the line.


To Sum It Up

These 5 things parents of successful kids have in the common, were studied in various scientific researches carried out in North America. To a very great extent they’re true, although there will always be some exceptions.


What are your thoughts on these 5 things parents of successful kids have in common? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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