6 Ways To Organize A Conference No One Will Easily Forget

6 Ways To Organize A Conference No One Will Easily Forget | Image Source: gc4women.org

Organizing a conference that delivers more value than just networking can sometimes be difficult to achieve without consulting the services of experienced industry-specific event planners.

For some conferences, their execution is highly impeccable, causing many entrepreneurs, marketers, and professionals to constantly look forward to the next one the brand would host.

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Standing out from the bulk of events that are hosted daily is highly crucial to getting valuable sponsorships, media attention, and a lot of people to attend. With the surge of events that come up every day, executing a conference that people keep talking about long after it has been hosted will not just build a cult-like following for your event brand, and so, cause an anticipation for your next big event, but would also draw in a lot of valuable sponsorships, partnerships, and talented individuals to your events.

That said, whether you plan to organize a business conference, marketing conference, national conference, or just a random free conference, here are 6 ways to organize a conference that no one will easily forget:

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1). It Should Be Industry Specific:

It could sound exciting to host a conference that covers so many different topics that are spread across different industries. But as time flies, the audience begins to get bored, and some begin to walk away.

One way to get the most out of a conference is to ensure it is industry specific. This way, you’ll have an audience whose presence circulates around a common goal, fully understands the context of the event, and won’t get bored easily.

Another great advantage of narrowing down the industry specific ties of the conference is the fact that it enables easy networking, since everyone present already has something in common. This way, pitching to investors present at the conference would come a whole lot easier, since their interests already circulate around your industry.

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2). Choose A Great Location:

Choosing a great time and location to host your conference is critical to its success in terms of audience turn-out. If you’re hosting a conference on the same day another large brand targeting your own audience is hosting theirs, your turnout will be a bit poor.

The location of the conference is very important. You must consider the accessibility of the venue, its security, what other events could be happening within the same axis, and the options for accommodation.

A new location could also excite speakers, as most like traveling to and exploring interesting new places.


3). Pay Attention To The Fine Details:

Most people who attend your conference are there for two major reasons: networking and information. While the first usually goes according to plan, the second may not turn out so well.

If it’s a business conference you’re organizing, most attendees are there because they want to gain some valuable business advice, meet new people, and possibly have the opportunity to pitch to some investors.

So you must ensure the content of the event is well delivered, so the audience will know their primary reason for attending was achieved. Also, pay attention to the branding and decoration of the conference halls. Make it portray exactly what the event is about, and ensure its look and dexterity is a marvel to behold.

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4). Get Industry-Specific Influential Speakers

Getting the right speakers to grace your conference can draw in a whole lot of people and also give the conference great value. People usually have specific role models, and would want to attend a conference they’d be speaking at. Getting someone like Tony Robbins, for instance, will pull in thousands of people in Europe and America, and getting someone like Fela Durotoye can pull in a good number of people in Nigeria.

You can also invite successful entrepreneurs who are popular role-models, so they can inspire the bulk of startup entrepreneurs that are present.

By choosing the right speakers that are specific to each segment of the conference, you can deliver a message so powerful that people would head back home glad that they showed up, while looking forward to the next one.


5). Treat It Like A Business:

The goal of running any business is to ensure it succeeds and adds value to people’s lives in the process. Whatever your reasons may be for running a business, treating the organization of a conference the same way can determine how successful it will get.

Your sponsors will have expectations, your attendees will have expectations, and you too will also have expectations. As such, your mindset must only be focused on ensuring the successful turnout of the conference, and your efforts should be fixed on doing everything possible to ensure its outcome is exactly like or exceeds your expectations.

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6). If Possible, Get Professional Help:

If this is your first set of events, it would be wise to work with a third party. This third party must be an experienced event planner that organizes those types of conferences, and must have a great track record to show for it.

By seeking professional help, you ensure everything will mostly go according to plan, and the complexity that comes with hosting a conference would be easier to ease off.


What are your thoughts on these 6 ways to organize a conference that no one will easily forget? Let me know by leaving a comment below.