25+ Lucrative Motorcycle Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa 

25+ Lucrative Motorcycle Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa 
25+ Lucrative Motorcycle Business Ideas To Start In Nigeria Or Africa | Image Source: Pexels

Faced with safety challenges and concerns across different regions of Africa, the motorcycle transport sector is an essential component of the day-to-day activities in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world. 

Outside commercial transportation, motorcycles are equally great sports items and more individuals love to keep them as private means of fun trips, tours and basic transportation within the town. Whatever the specific use is, motorcycles have come to stay, especially as they are now sources of livelihood for most people in small towns and rural areas where they have not been banned. 

In essence, motorcycles are great for business, and there are a lot of ventures that revolve around the motorbike. If you’re looking at taking advantage of the business opportunities that motorcycles present, here are 25+ lucrative motorcycle business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world

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1). Local Motorcycle Shuttle Business:

Motorcycles are important means of commuting in areas with high rates of traffic congestion. They are swift and easy to use in navigating tight spaces. Besides saving time, motorbikes are also preferred because they ply streets where other vehicles will not reach.

Starting a local motorcycle shuttle business in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world requires some capital and experienced riders. In some areas, riders are required to register with local bodies. As an investor, you could get many motorcycles and employ riders who will make daily returns to you.

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2). Courier Service:

The emergence of online stores, digital brands and small businesses has increased the need for couriers worldwide. Decades ago, the courier service was limited to mail and related packages but they are now used for daily essentials such as meals and other e-commerce purchases. 

As a motorcycle courier service, you could focus on intra-town deliveries or extend your services to other cities, depending on the strength of your delivery network.

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3). Motorcycle Training Business:

Here is one of the simplest motorcycle business ideas for expert bike riders who can train others. From time to time, individuals buy motorcycles for their personal or commercial purposes. And so, they need the service of trainers to help them learn the skill of safe riding. 


4). Motorcycle Spare Parts Sales:

Like every auto device, motorcycles need spare parts from time to time in order to perform optimally. For commercial bike riders, the need for replacement is higher because of the rate of use. As an entrepreneur or investor, you could focus on selling spare parts in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world.

Bike owners, as well as motorcycle mechanics, are your prime targets. You could also set up your business beside repair shops or in popular auto markets.

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5). Motorcycle Repair Services:

Repair service is one of the most lucrative motorcycle business ideas that enjoy regular patronage, especially in populated towns where commercial bike transportation is in vogue. Due to frequent and regular use, motorcycles require repair and maintenance services.

Like other automobiles and vehicles, motorcycle repairs cannot be done except by trained repairers. If that is you, you have a constant on-demand business on your hands. Interested individuals can learn the skill and establish a repair shop. You can also train apprentices and get paid for your services. 


6). Motorcycle Dealership Business:

Another highly lucrative motorcycle business idea for investors with high capital in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world is to retail and distribute top-quality motorcycles. This business requires a deep knowledge of the sector, so it is important to network with veterans in the industry before investing in it. 

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7). Motorcycle Tour Agency:

Motorcycle tours are not common in most parts of Africa but the introduction of this business in your locale could generate a lot of revenue as more people are open to new and enticing ways of fun and adventure than before, especially in non-motorable areas.

Travel lovers, tourists and vacationers, among others are some of the people likely to constitute your clientele. As long as safety measures are put in place, you can build a successful business.


8). Motorcycle Show Hosting Business:

Bike lovers and other related categories of people who fancy entertainment enjoy motorcycle shows and bike displays. A savvy entrepreneur in the motorcycle sector could organize shows and events involving a display of bike brands, bike games, motorcycle acrobatics events, and so on. With proper planning and a viable business model, you could grow your motorcycle show hosting business into a nationwide program. 


9). Motorcycle Journal or Magazine Business:

Another perspective to enjoying the motorcycle industry even without having to ride is to combine the media with motorcycle activities. Bike lovers fancy magazines showing new bike features, shows and events. Although the niche appears limited, you could make your e-magazines reach across borders.  

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10). Auto Electrical Repair Business:

Motorcycles are not just mechanical works. They require electrical services as well. This implies that keeping motorbikes in shape requires more than the mechanic. Owners and riders also need the services of the electrician or electrical repairer, popularly known as a rewire in Nigeria.


11). Motorcycle Rentals Business:

The motorcycle rental business is a thriving business in most cities in Africa and it has a high prospect for success in smaller towns. Tourists, first-time visitors and other categories of people need motorcycles for short-term uses. Since it is needless to buy one, renting becomes the most viable option available. With all the necessary factors in place, the motorbike rental business is sure to bring in massive returns. 


12). Motorcycle Tyre Repair Business:

Of all the motorcycle parts, the tyres require special attention because they are constantly exposed to wear and tear, thanks to consistent use. As a result, bike owners and other riders regularly need to repair their tyres, and this creates a business opprotunity for interested entrepreneurs. 

Siting your tyre repair business close to motorcycle spare part shops gives you an advantage. 


13). Motorcycle Insurance Business:

Like other automobiles, motorcycles are insurable. Using a motorcycle requires the user to subscribe to a favourable insurance plan in case of thefts, accidents or other incidents. As an insurance company, you could extend your plans to cover motorcycle owners. Similarly, an investor or entrepreneur could establish an insurance service to cover bike users.

Notably, the insurance company requires a deep understanding of the sector, so it is important to work with professionals and veterans. 


14). Professional Bike Riding:

Professional bike riding as a sporting activity is a highly lucrative form of entertainment. Although the sport is relatively underexplored in Africa, there is huge prospect in the business. With sufficient capital, a private investor could capitalize on the low competition in the sector.

On the other hand, an individual bike rider could register with an existing sports group and build a career out of this activity. 


15). Motorcycle Travel Guide Business:

As a travel enthusiast, you could build a business out of providing travel guides for tourists, travellers and other categories of bike riders. Interested entrepreneurs can partner with travel agencies or establish a personal service brand. They also need to understand the travel system of the locale they choose.


16). Motorcycle Import Business:

Importers are the link between manufacturing companies and local distributors of motorcycles in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world. They import motorcycles and distribute them to local retailers for further resale. 


17). Auto Parts Collection Business:

Individuals in the waste collection business can benefit from the motorcycle sector. As motorbikes are common in most towns and cities in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, it is common to find bike wastes, ranging from metals to tyres lying around the streets or in repair shops. 

These are prime places for collecting reusable materials that could be sold for cash after recycling. 

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18). Auto Blogging Business:

Writers who have a knack for bikes could also benefit from the motorcycle business without having to invest anything substantial. With an interesting blog and good traffic, any blogger can make money by creating great content around motorcycles, bike events, shows, bike sports, and so on. 

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19). Used Motorcycle Sales Business:

Reselling used motorcycles is a lucrative business in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world. Individuals looking to start a motorcycle business but cannot afford brand-new ones resort to fairly used bikes. To start this business, good capital is needed and it is important to build a good network with bike dealers and other stakeholders in the business. 

You could also advertise for bike owners to sell their bikes to you at favourable prices.


20). Motorcycle YouTube Channel:

Similar to starting a motorcycle blog, a motorcycle YouTube channel is an inexpensive way to make money from the motorcycle business. With an active YouTube channel, you can garner a lot of traffic, subscribe to ads and get sponsorships from motorcycle manufacturers and other related businesses.


21). Bike Accessories Sales Business:

Bike lovers often prefer to use accessories with their bikes, either for decorative purposes or for convenience while driving. Accessories such as road helmets, jackets, shoes, pumps, eyeglasses, locks and alarms, among others, are common materials used by motorbike owners.

Starting your business with the most common bike accessories in hot demand is a great way to ease into the business in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world.


22). Motorcycle Biker Jewelry Shop:

Similarly, motorbike riders have preferred bike attires for road trips. These are often motorcycle-related jewellery items used by bike lovers. They include neck chains, pendants, wristbands, rings, and much more with motorcycle customizations. Setting up this business in an area with keen motorcycle lovers is a great business strategy for interested entrepreneurs. 


23). Motorcycle Airbrushing Business:

Professional riders, bike lovers and owners are examples of people who value motorcycle airbrushing services. From time to time, they want different creative designs on their motorbikes. Creative individuals looking to commercialize their talents can delve into the motorcycle airbrushing business and build a brand around it. 


24). Motorcycle Riding Safety Classes:

There is no end to learning. Hence, bike riders appreciate new and innovative methods of riding safely. As a bike lover looking to get started in the motorcycle industry, you could organize both digital and offline classes to teach safety and precautionary lessons to both new and experienced riders in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world.


25). Motorcycle Consultancy Business:

Entrepreneurs, investors and generally newbies in the motorcycle business seek professional guidance from veterans and experienced professionals in the industry to help them get started. 

As an experienced bike rider or practitioner in any bike-related business, you stand a chance to help people with your wealth of experience. Establish a digital consultancy business and make your services known through networks and ads. 

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26). Start A Motorcycle Parts Digital Store:

Selling motorcycle parts could be one of the most lucrative motorcycle business ideas, but for some entrepreneurs, a physical site could be a challenge. Luckily, the internet solves this problem. You could start a digital store where you display motorcycle wares and distribute them to buyers. 

The use of social media and the internet gives entrepreneurs an edge in reaching customers within their locality and beyond. 


To Sum It Up

The motorcycle industry is a high-value sector in transportation but yet underexplored in many parts of the world. If you’re looking at taking advantage of the business opportunities that motorcycles present, the 25+ lucrative motorcycle business ideas discussed in this article are a great place to start in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world.


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What are your thoughts on these 25+ lucrative motorcycle business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa, and many other places around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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