5 Mindset Changes That Will Take You From Employee To Employer

5 Mindset Changes That Will Take You From Employee To Employer
5 Mindset Changes That Will Take You From Employee To Employer

Going from employee to employer is never as easy as it seems, because asides having the money or a wide network to build a business on, your mindset will ultimately determine to a great extent how successful or not you will become.

When the going gets rough, you’d need resilience, discipline, emotional intelligence, and much more to keep you going, because while many will set out with the aim of building a successful business, few will ultimately achieve their goals.

To someday be able to quit your job to build a successful business, here are 5 mindset changes that will take you from employee to employer:

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1). Learn How To Prioritize And Take Responsibility For Your Actions:

Entrepreneurs are employers. Employers are leaders. And leaders take responsibility for their actions. To ensure they make the best decisions, they learn to prioritize and carefully analyse every line of action before they take them.

When you operate this way even in your current place of work, taking responsibility for your actions would be a lot easier, since every decision you make would be based on a carefully prioritized series of events.


2). Train yourself To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone:

Starting a business involves making a bold move to step out of your comfort zone to try new things. This act alone is extremely difficult for a lot of people because of the fear of the unknown that lies on the other end of their comfort zones.

To ease this, you should first start your intended business as a side-business while you’re still in paid employment, and as you grow the venture, you can easily make the switch since you’d be operating with a greater degree of assurance.

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3). Create short-term and long-term visions:

Successful people always have short-term and long-term visions. They prioritize their short-term goals as a way of achieving their long-term visions and put in a lot of efforts to always meet their targets.

When you can make plans and meet them over and over again, making the switch to entrepreneurship would be less of a task for you than you anyone else who has little to no experience on goal setting.


4). Become Competitive:

The business world is a very unfair environment as the rules that apply to everyone are very unforgiving. You’d have to fight for every customer you get and also have to fight to even retain those customers. To be able to do this, you must be highly competitive and always be on your guard to ensure you’re not losing your clients to a competitor.

You could start honing this skill in your workplace by striving to always be the best in anything you’re doing, chasing the highest bonuses, and doing what others don’t have the stomach to pursue.

You can also get your MBA online while working full time.

When you can successfully compete and turn out successful in your workplace, channelling the same skill towards entrepreneurship would be a lot easier.

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5). Get ready to be a jack of all trades.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll wear many hats and play many roles in your organisation at its early stage. You’d most likely be the CEO, CFO, general manager, HR manager, procurement officer, and much more at the same time in the organisation, and would be required to be at peak performance in those roles pending when you can afford to hire more staffs.

If you already carry on many roles in your current employment, experiencing the same as an entrepreneur for the first few months may be less of a problem for you. But to ensure your transition from employee to employer is a lot smoother, you must learn to carry on multiple job roles at the same time.


What are your thoughts on these 5 mindsets that will take you from employee to employer? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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