These 9 Habits Will Make You A Millionaire

These 9 Habits Will Make You A Millionaire
These 9 Habits Will Make You A Millionaire

Success is achieved not just by taking advantage of the available opportunities that present themselves, but by the strength of our will to pursue our goals no matter what setbacks we face.

Disappointments and challenges are a core part of the process that builds up to ultimate success, especially when part of your life’s goal is not just to be happy on the inside, but to also be worth at least a million dollars.

How then do millionaires attain this feat? What drives a successful run to a million dollars? And how can it all be replicated?

Character they say, makes a man or a woman, and so defines the principles and drive that ultimately determines his or her future.

Self-made millionaires live by golden rules, whether they’re aware of it or not. From the time they wake up, to how they mange their expenses, grow their savings, plan their budgets, build their networks, and ultimately act on opportunities, they follow core principles that keep them always moving in the right direction.

If you’re still in doubt, don’t know what direction to take, or desperately seek to know the tenets self-made millionaires live by, here are 9 habits that will make you a millionaire on the long run:

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1). Define What Success Means To You:

Every individual’s perception of success varies. To some, getting married, having a happy home, raising great kids, and more of the simple things of life is all they classify as success. To others, it goes beyond just raising a happy home, but to growing a successful business that wouldn’t just eventually make them millionaires, but would help them grow valuable entities they can pass on to their kids.

Before you set out on your wealth creation journey, first define what success means to you, then follow a remarkable plan that’d lead you to a glorious end. If your success is tied to you becoming a millionaire, then you should follow the steps of those who have gone before you, if making a million dollars doesn’t define success for you, then focus more of your efforts on other areas of life responsible for your happiness.


2). Make Risks A Part Of Your Routine:

Self-made millionaires are natural risk takers, but not stupid ones. They take calculated risks, weigh the chances of success, then go in with one feet when they have a fairly safe margin. The rest of the population on the other hand, are always too scared to take risks; even very basic ones. They’re happy in the comfort of their present realities. They long for what lies at the other end of success, but do very little to get there; largely because of the fear of the unknown.

One of the most important tenets of entrepreneurship and financial success is imbibing the spirit of calculative risk-taking inside of you, and honing it to perfection. Then, you can someday be truly successful.

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3). Read Valuable Books Often:

Books are a wealth of knowledge that saves you a lot of wasted efforts. They’re written largely by people who had challenging experiences and successfully overcame them. They show you how to solve problems faster and better than a novice would, and well seasoned books take you from square one to several steps ahead of your peers.

If you’d someday become truly successful, you must learn to empower your mind at every opportunity you get.


4). Surround Yourself With Other Millionaires:

“Show me your friends” they say, “and I’ll tell you who you are”. This statement holds true most of the time. People are largely infectious because, they’re in their own ways ambitious and emotional creatures.

The people you associate daily with, determines to a great extent who you are and thus, your future. Bitter people would only infect you with their bitterness, corrupt people would also do the same, and ultimately, successful people would infect you with their drive for success.

Associating with disciplined rich people keeps you motivated and hardworking. It ensures you’re always at the top of your hustle, so you can always gain respect in their gathering through your small or large wins.

If you want to fast-track your progress in anything life has to offer, find people who’re where you want to be or are already en route and constantly spend most of your quality time around them.

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5). Stop Making Excuses:

There’s no excuse for failure. Period!

Unsuccessful people always have an excuse for many things that go wrong. They always find a way to put the blame on something or someone, and can never accept that they’re or have ever been wrong.

Successful people on the other hand embrace failure, because they know they never really fail, but only learn one new way that doesn’t work. When something goes wrong on their watch, they take the responsibility for the mishap, and focus more on the solutions.

Self-made millionaires know how to take a bad situation and use it for their good. They know not to spend time wallowing in their misfortunes, but to always rise to the occasion when a solution is inherent. They avoid excuses, and focus only on results. This way, they constantly let their actions speak louder than their words.


6). Have Clear Goals:

Goals narrow our focus. They keep us in line, aware, and disciplined every step of the way.

When we set goals for ourselves and follow through, we end up more effective in hitting our targets unlike when someone else sets goals for us.

Successful people know this, and so, set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. They plan their next steps in succession and check-in once in a while to ensure they’re en route their destinations.

A million dollars is a goal. Hitting $25,000 in the first year is a plan. Successively with valuable investments, the goal can be met in a couple of years.

Have clear goals and plan your life like you’re already a millionaire.

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7). Pay Yourself First:

Self-made millionaires set aside at least a tenth of their monthly income for savings and future investments. It ensures they always have enough to run their lives and also take advantage of opportunities the moment they present themselves.

A savings culture with a purpose is a critical element to the success of any individual.


8). Work With A Budget:

Having a budget and sticking to it no matter what is one of the rare traits of self-made millionaires. They plan their general expenditures and always ensure they never encroach on funds set aside for certain purposes.

If you’re having problems centrally organising your funds, you can open several bank accounts with each serving a purpose for a particular income stream or expenditure type.

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9). Enjoy The Process:

After all is said and done, it’s important that you not only learn through the process, but also enjoy every step of it. Hustling with an open mind even in the midst of challenges is important for you appreciating every single phase you experience.

Instead of ending up an annoying, arrogant, sad, and probably successful entrepreneur, you’d end up a millionaire filled with intoxicating grace, joy, a will to help, and a remarkable story to tell.


What are your thoughts on these 9 habits that will make you a millionaire? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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