Market Entry Strategy And Execution Consultants In Nigeria And Africa

Market Entry Strategy And Execution Consultants In Nigeria And Africa

Startup Tips Daily Media will guide you through the complex process of expanding your business to new markets.

Startup Tips Daily Media understands that entering a new market can be a complicated move and requires an in-depth understanding of behavior, culture of the locals, their language, and full business regulations. At Startup Tips Daily Media, we can help your business throughout all the stages of the market entry process it will face!

With offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and a network of consultants and strategic partners, Startup Tips Daily Media is the ideal partner for companies looking to expand their businesses.

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Our market entry and business development services will enable you to gain and maintain a competitive position in your target market. Our market entry services include:

1). Market Intelligence:

We will perform a highly detailed market research and analysis to guide our market entry strategy and decision-making process.

2). Location Selection:

We will make valuable inputs in selecting the most viable location for your business expansion or commencement.

3). Market Entry Strategy:

We will plan, structure, and fully develop and execute a market entry strategy that will work extraordinarily for your business and the target market you want to either expand your business to or enter.

4). Company Formation:

We will help you establish a legal entity, set up an office, and provide assistance in hiring staffs.

5). Business Development:

We will identify potential customers, create new contacts for your business, search for effective distribution channels and partners, and introduce you to service providers including but no limited to freight forwarders, law firms, accountants, and banks.

6). Marketing & Promotion:

We will provide marketing communications and public relations help to solidify your company’s brand and its positioning.

Some other areas we’ll cover are:

  • Market sizing, segmentation, and forecasting by industry
  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer behavior patterns
  • Marketing channels and influencers
  • Technology research for sustaining and disruptive innovative opportunities in emerging/alternative technologies
  • Market roadmap development
We welcome every opportunity to partner with your business and help it grow. You can contact us today for more information or request a proposal.
Some of our other business consulting services include:

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