25+ Lucrative Home Business Ideas In Nigeria, Africa, Or Anywhere Around The World

25+ Home Business Ideas You Can Start In Nigeria Or Africa
25+ Home Business Ideas In Nigeria And Africa | Image: Pexels

Commerce in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world is strengthened by the endless introduction of new business ideas. First, as people rationalize and develop innovative ideas to combat one challenge or another, new business ideas are born. Hence, the Nigerian & in extension, the African trade sector is constantly evolving, with new small and large businesses springing up every day.

It is even more interesting that people now resign from the regimented 9 – 5 jobs for personal businesses they can operate from the comfort of their homes. The bias for home businesses is understandable! It allows you to maximize your time, become your own boss, and it gives you the privilege to build a six-figure business right from the comfort of your home!

To this end, if you’re looking to start a business from the comfort of your home, here are 25+ lucrative home business ideas in Nigeria or Africa that you can start today:

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1). Blogging Or Vlogging:

Digital jobs are some of the most lucrative businesses anyone can start from home. Blogging involves creating engaging written posts for public consumption. Blogging could cover any topics of the writer’s interest but it is mainly centred on topics such as entertainment, celebrity gist, movies, music, sports, politics, etc.

After generating steady traffic and a loyal readership, you could generate a lot of income through ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, guest blogging, and much more.

The same applies to vlogging! With large followership on YouTube or Instagram, you could make a lot of money.

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2). Content Creation Business:

Content creation operates in cyberspace like blogging and vlogging. Notwithstanding, there is a great difference between these two home business ideas.

On one hand, content creation is more niche-focused. It involves identifying a particular audience and creating content that appeals to them. Such content may take written, visual, audiovisual or any other form that works best.

Today, the global cyberspace is rich with content creators who create business ideas, comic posts and entertainment content, especially using visual forms.

All you need to start a content creation business are your gadgets and social media, and you could start building a successful business!


3). Copywriting Business:

As of 2021, the copywriting industry is worth about $48 billion!

Copywriting is another great home business idea anyone can make a lot of money from. It involves close to zero capital and little to no risks involved.

The copywriting industry is diversified, including web writing, copy development, ad copywriting, newsletter writing, review writing, e-book writing, etc; These are individual sectors of the industry you can focus on and make a lot of money from.

You could work as a freelance copywriter on writing platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, or you create a writing brand for yourself where you could employ other writers. All from your home!


4). Network Marketing:

Network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) involves distributing and selling products on behalf of manufacturing companies in exchange for commissions. MLM operates on a pyramid structure that makes marketers entitled to commissions from sales made by their downlinks. In other words, you make more money by bringing others into the distribution system.

As a matter of fact, you do not need any capital to start a network marketing system. You just need to be able to sell products and convince people to join the system!

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5). Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is a broad sector of digital marketing on its own. It describes the act of leveraging one’s social media influence to advertise and sell products. For every product you sell, there are commissions and tokens in reward for you depending on your agreement with the vendor.

To start a social media marketing business, you need engaging social media accounts and access to the internet. Focus on the social media platforms that have the right target for your products and create engaging ad contents to drive attention to the product.


6). Software Development Business:

Software development involves designing software tools, applications and interfaces for mobile applications, websites, and computers. Although software development appears technical, it is a home business for everyone in as much as you can learn the requisite skills. Of course, this could take time and a lot of effort, but is worth every bit of the time.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary skills, starting a software development business takes just your computer, software tools, and access to the internet.

You could choose to work with established web design companies on a remote basis or start your own web design company right from home!

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7). Coaching Or Tutoring Services:

Are you a great teacher, subject tutor or expert in a particular field? You could work from home!

Working as a coach or tutor is a widespread opportunity still left unharnessed because the system in Nigeria and Africa believes so much in the brick-and-mortar classroom setting. On the contrary, remote education is possible and easy to coordinate with the presence of online learning-teaching facilities.

The interesting part is that coaching doesn’t have to be just subject learning. You could teach dancing, bodybuilding, cooking, crocheting or any other thing you’re good at. And get people to pay to access your content; all from a corner of your bedroom!


8). Graphics Design:

Of course, graphics design requires some training. But it is a great home business idea for anyone to practice right from their home.

Graphics design involves creating professional logos, brand images, ad designs, and a whole lot more.

To start a graphics design, all you need is your computer, software tools, a creative mine, and a growing online presence to push your brand to the right audience.

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9). Laundry Services:

A laundry business is a traditional home business idea anyone can delve into and make a lot of money from, especially in their immediate community. While the business could use some startup capital, you could start with almost zero capital and grow it over time from home.

Starting with a small clientele of the people who live in your neighbourhood, you could make a lot of money from the laundry business if you offer quality services that will keep them coming back and causing them to recommend others to you.


10). Poultry Farming:

You can start a large poultry farming business without having to invest in extra space, especially if you have a fairly medium to large compound.

Poultry farming is open to a lot of distribution opportunities across the country. It enjoys a steady demand from restaurants, hotels and major eateries.

All you have to do is get the right breed of poultry birds, erect a structure to breed them and feed them appropriately.

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11). Fish Farming:

If you have about half a plot of land lying bare in your home compound, that could be a good inspiration to start a fish farming business right from your home!

Determine the most preferred type of fish in your vicinity, create ponds, procure the basic equipment and materials needed and get healthy fingerlings! In a matter of months, you’ll be delivering fish and making a lot of profits from your home.


12). Cake Making Business:

The cake making industry enjoys a massive demand from events managers, hotels, birthdays, restaurants, etc. More so, the introduction of new recipes and tastes has boosted the value of the industry in recent times.

If you can bake cakes, you don’t have to wait till you can afford a standard cake shop. With little capital for the basic baking equipment, you’re good to go right from your kitchen!

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13). Catering Business:

Given that the catering business is a wide one, you could start this home business idea with a key focus on just one sector. If you’re best at making small chops, it helps to focus on it, especially as a startup.

Get the required equipment and start right from your kitchen. With the right network, you’ll break into and succeed in the market faster than you expect.


14). Phone Repair Business:

A good location is pivotal to the success of a phone repair business. Notwithstanding, it is a low capital home business idea you can start anywhere.

Once you’ve acquired the needed skills and procured the tools, you’re set to go. You could set up a sign-post around the street to do the local advert while you take to the social media to attract more customers.

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15). Ice Block Production Business:

The ice block production business is a lucrative business you could start just by building a small structure in your compound.

It takes some startup capital to get the needed equipment such as the ice block machine, refrigerators, etc. but is a lucrative business that rakes in revenue daily.


16). Fashion Design Business:

If you want to make your mark in the fashion industry, you could as well start from your home! This home business idea can thrive from anywhere if you have the right advertisement strategy.

It is advisable to give your fashion design brand all the online presence you can. Besides, showcase your designs to the world and you would be gradually carving your own market.

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17). Egg Supply Business:

An egg supply business depends largely on the distribution channel to thrive. So, it is a home business idea with great profitability.

You can start an egg distribution business from home and focus on getting prime target areas.

Student communities, hotels, restaurants, etc., are some of the hot demand areas.

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18). Dropshipping Business:

Dropshipping does not require a particular location for stocking products. All you have to do is to create a digital platform where people can order products. And then pass the sales to a third-party supplier who delivers to the said product to the buyers.

Dropshipping is highly profitable and involves no need for inventory management. The risks are minimal in as much as you work with trusted third-party companies.

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19). Gym Business:

Are you a fitness enthusiast? The gym business could be the perfect home business idea for you.

To start, all you need is a small hall and basic gym equipment. This might set you back a bit but could be a worthy investment.

To create sufficient awareness of your gym and to increase membership, you could create YouTube or IG videos, guiding people through basic fitness practices and exercises.


20). Social Media Management:

As a professional social media manager, your task is to manage the accounts of companies, celebrities, brands, etc. and to create engaging content to achieve set goals.

This is a job you can do from the comfort of your bedroom if you have internet access, the right software tools, and creative know-how to build brands via social media.

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21). Liquid Soap Production:

Liquid soap production is a small-scale home business idea with high growth potential. The liquid soap market is universal and steady.

The only challenge you may have is to create a loyal market for your brand. First, ensure your liquid soap is safe to use and highly effective for multipurpose cleaning. Then focus on developing a suitable market strategy.


22). Daycare/Baby-Sitting Business:

If you live in an industrial town where the larger percentage of dwellers belong to the busy working-class segment of society, starting a daycare business is a great idea to consider.

Start with your immediate vicinity and build trust. Over time, more parents will find it convenient to leave their infants and wards with you and also recommend you to others.

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23). Snacks Production Business:

Snacks have a high marketability potential all-year-round because of the huge available market.

You can decide on which snacks to produce; whether chin chin, cakes, wafers, buns, popcorn, meat pie, and more, and deliver to specific spots like roadside shops and schools.

It also helps to focus on a particular type of snacks at the beginning, so you should understand your market preferences before choosing which ones to produce en mass.


24). Frozen Foods Production Business:

The frozen foods business could require heavy capital but is a business you can start from home if you have a large hall for a cold room.

Determine what type of frozen foods sells faster in your vicinity and start from there. With a steady supply to individual shops and restaurants, you could grow a large stable market within months.


25). Hibiscus Drink Production Business:

Also known as ‘zobo’, the hibiscus drink is a popular drink on the streets of Nigeria and many other African countries.

Hibiscus drink production requires little capital to start and it enjoys a large market, especially during the dry season. You could deliver to small shops within your locality every day.

A wide distribution channel will boost and accelerate the business’ growth.

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To Sum It Up

Starting a remote or home business in Nigeria or any other African country is a great way to go in the face of the economic downturns or growth. It is also a viable business solution for people who would like to stay safe from vices, pandemics, or risks that going out incurs.

If you’re considering starting one, any of the 25+ home business ideas in Nigeria or Africa discussed above should get you started.


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What are your thoughts on these home business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere else around the world? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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