50 Lucrative Entertainment-Related Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa

50 Lucrative Entertainment-Related Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa
50 Lucrative Entertainment-Related Business Ideas in Nigeria Or Africa  Image Source: Pixabay

The entertainment industry is thriving in Africa, with Nigeria being a driving force behind this growth. As of 2019, the Nigeria entertainment and media sector generated over $5.5 billion, and it is estimated that this value could double by 2023.

Music, movie, and skit production are among the key components that contribute to the growth of the entertainment industry in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. The country’s entertainment sector has seen such tremendous growth that it has earned recognition on a global scale.

This expansion presents numerous economic benefits, including the creation of jobs, new business opportunities, and wealth for both individuals and the state. For those who are looking to invest in entertainment, whether they are private investors, new entrepreneurs, or established companies, here are 50 profitable entertainment-related business ideas to start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world:


1). Music Label:

Starting a music label is a great option for investors who are willing to fully commit. The label is responsible for signing artists, producing and promoting their music, organizing concerts, and all other related tasks. The music label industry generates income from record sales, concert ticket sales, streaming platforms, and other sources in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


2). Nightclub Business:

Nightclubs are popular in Nigeria and other African countries, especially in cities and towns. These are lively venues where people can go to relax and party. Clubs are a big business in Africa due to their high patronage and income from drink sales.


3). DJ Career:

The DJ industry has advanced greatly in recent years and is now a popular source of income in Africa. DJs can work independently or in partnership with record labels, and they can get contracts to play at events such as parties, concerts, and clubs in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


4). Music Studio:

Starting a music or recording studio is a great business opportunity in the entertainment industry. This is ideal for music producers, DJs, and other music industry professionals. Owning a studio means earning income from recording sessions and producing music for artists.


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5). Comedy Club:

Starting a comedy club is a lucrative business in the entertainment industry in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The club provides a platform for comedians to perform, and it also hosts well-known comedians from both the country and abroad. Revenue from ticket sales alone is a significant opportunity for wealth creation.


6). Skit Creation:

For comedians who prefer skits to stand-up comedy, skit creation is a viable alternative. The skit making industry in Nigeria and Africa has seen significant growth in recent years, with both new and established comedians creating short, funny content to meet the demands of viewers.

Skit making operates mainly online and requires little business effort. With some initial promotional activities, one can build a loyal audience that will share the content if they enjoy it.


7). Master of Ceremonies:

Masters of ceremonies, or MCs, are essential for the success of any event. They add excitement and interest to the event with their jokes and other activities. One can become a professional MC in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.

For better opportunities, it is advisable to network with event planners, socialites, and other stakeholders in the entertainment industry.


8). Video Game Development:

Video game development is a lucrative business idea in the entertainment industry for individuals and investors who are tech-savvy. This is because the video game industry enjoys a large and rapidly growing audience.

To get into the industry, developing video games for computers and mobile devices is a good option, but it requires significant capital.


9). Movie Production:

The Nigerian movie production industry is the second largest in the world after Bollywood and generates high annual revenues in English-speaking countries. This highlights the potential of the movie production business.

Movie production is demanding in terms of capital, management, and manpower, but it is worth it.


10). Modelling Agency:

Fashion and modelling are important aspects of the entertainment industry. People from all over the world pay millions of dollars to watch models display new and trendy fashion on and off the runway.

An entrepreneur can invest in a modelling agency or start a fashion show, as there is still a lot of untapped potential in the modelling industry in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


11). Songwriting:

Songwriting is a common practice in the entertainment industry, with talented songwriters writing songs for established artists and being paid for their work. Someone with this talent can


12). Makeup Services:

Enhancing one’s appearance is a profitable business, and the makeup industry is no exception. This industry is consistently in demand as there are many professionals, such as models, artists, and video vixens, who require their services in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. Additionally, special events like weddings also require the skills of makeup artists.


13). Videography:

Videography is crucial to the entertainment industry as it serves as a source of content creation and advertising. Almost every business in the sector needs the services of a videographer, making it an important aspect of the industry. To excel in this field, videographers should invest in high-quality equipment and invest time in developing their skills.


14). Photography:

Photography is equally important to the entertainment industry as images are needed for marketing, advertising, and documentation purposes. While the level of need may vary, every business in the entertainment industry requires the services of a photographer in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


15). Entertainment Blogging:

Blogging is a versatile business that can be applied to virtually any industry, including entertainment. There are many topics to write about in the entertainment world, from celebrity lifestyles to new movies, songs, and more. With just a little investment of time and effort, one can start a successful entertainment blog.

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16). Cinema Business:

Cinemas can be a lucrative business in Nigeria and other African countries, especially in towns and cities with a high population of educated individuals, students, and elite people. It is crucial to consider the local demographics before setting up a cinema.


17). Stand-Up Comedy:

For those who cannot afford to own a comedy club, they can still work as independent stand-up comedians. Although skit-making is becoming more popular in Africa, stand-up comedians still have a large audience and are invited to perform at shows and concerts in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world. They can also go on tours around towns or countries.


18). Movie Directing:

Becoming a movie director requires talent and skills, but it is achievable for those willing to put in the effort. One can start their own film production company with sufficient capital or partner with producers and build their craft gradually in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


19). Scriptwriting:

Scriptwriting is a crucial aspect of the entertainment industry that requires talent. Not all movie producers are skilled scriptwriters, providing an opportunity for expert scriptwriters to network with directors and producers who are willing to pay for quality scripts.


20). Radio Presenting:

Entertainment businesses can also involve presenting shows on air. Radio presenters can work in-house with radio stations or as independent show hosts. They can choose to be a radio show host or presenter based on available opportunities and make a living from it in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


21). Radio Talk Show Hosting:

Another option is to host a regular talk show on radio, either weekly or bi-weekly. Hosting a radio talk show has more potential for business growth compared to being a presenter, as talk shows are open to sponsorships, advertisements, and other benefits.


22). Hosting Shows and Concerts:

Organizing shows and musical concerts is a lucrative business in the entertainment industry. The key to success in this business lies in proper planning and execution. It is important to invite influential artists who can attract a large crowd. Furthermore, it is essential to schedule the shows at an appropriate time of the year that is convenient for the public in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


23). Starting a Dance School:

For individuals with a passion for dance, opening a dance school is a unique business opportunity in the entertainment industry. Dance is an entertaining form of art that is best marketed through shows and concerts. By opening a dance school, one can train individuals in basic or advanced dancing techniques.


24). Launching a Music Academy:

An alternative to starting a dance school is to launch a music academy. Music academies are limited in Africa, making it a ripe market for potential investors. To start this business, it is necessary to have a well-equipped facility and a team of experienced music trainers who can educate students on all aspects of music production and singing.


25). Pursuing a Career in Acting:

For individuals with acting skills and interests, becoming an actor is a viable option. Although breaking into the A-list acting industry can be challenging and competitive, one can start by joining a small movie production group and building a strong network over time in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


26). Providing Video Editing Services:

Video editing is a crucial skill in the entertainment industry, especially for businesses involved in video creation. The need for high-quality and short videos drives the demand for professional video editing services.


27). Becoming an Instrumentalist:

Another business in the entertainment industry is to become an instrumentalist. Sound engineers, music producers, and video directors often require the services of expert instrumentalists. While contemporary Afrobeats music does not require many instrumentalists, other local music genres in Africa do.


28). Becoming a Music Producer:

A music producer is responsible for creating an appealing sound mix for a song. Unlike live shows and concerts where sounds are produced in real-time, pre-recorded songs require the services of music producers who often mix and master the songs in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


29). Working as an Artist Manager:

Becoming an artist manager is another career opportunity in the entertainment industry. Due to their fame and complex job responsibilities, artists need more than just an assistant. They require a qualified manager to help them make important decisions and manage administrative tasks. It is recommended to take some management courses to increase chances of success in this role.


30). Directing Music Videos:

The role of a music video director goes beyond just videography. Directing videos requires creativity and organizational skills to come up with captivating concepts that match the song. One can learn the art of video direction and gain experience and skills on the job in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


31). Launching a Reality TV Show:

While this business requires a significant amount of capital, it is not impossible with the right support from sponsorships and advertisements. Despite the costs, reality TV shows are a lucrative business in Africa and beyond.


32). Event Planning:

The entertainment industry requires careful planning for events such as shows and concerts, providing a chance for event planners to thrive. The success of the event rests on their shoulders as they handle tasks like setting up venues, coordinating with protocol and security personnel, and more in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


33). Become a Video Vixen:

Models who are attractive and have good looks can find a business opportunity in the entertainment industry by becoming a video vixen. They are used as dancers in music videos, and those with dancing skills have a better chance of success.


34). Ad Film Making:

Ad films, also known as short jingles, seen on TV during or after a program, provide a business opportunity for videographers, jingle writers, and advertising experts. An ad film making company can bring together the required skills by hiring specialists in each field.


35). Voice-Over Artist:

Voice-over is a crucial part of the entertainment industry, including animated movies and cartoon ads. Producers of such content require real human voices to deliver the dialogue in the project, providing a lucrative opportunity for trained voice-over artists.


36). Talent Promotion:

Nigeria is home to a vast number of talented individuals across several genres like music, acting, and comedy, making it a hub for the entertainment industry. This opens up a business opportunity for talent scouts and promoters who aim to identify talented entertainers and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills and become the next big star.


37). Costume Design:

Costumes play a vital role in the entertainment industry, not just in the movie sector but also in music concerts, videos, and modelling. Starting a costume design business is a smart business idea that puts you at the forefront of multiple lucrative sectors in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


38). Hair Styling:

Hairstyles are a crucial aspect of an outfit, and while hairstyling is more prevalent in the female sector, it is equally a valuable business in the male sector of the entertainment world. Anyone interested in the business can learn to style hair for any gender and turn it into a profitable venture.


39). Fashion Design:

Starting a fashion design business, besides creating costumes for specific purposes in the entertainment industry, is equally profitable. The entertainment industry in Nigeria is vast, providing opportunities for both new and established designers, as artists and entertainers often have events, functions, and shows to attend.


40). Personal Assistance:

Another opportunity available in the entertainment industry is becoming a personal assistant to artists and celebrities. The role of a personal assistant differs from that of a manager and includes tasks like receiving calls, scheduling daily activities, and more in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


41). Private Security:

Running a private security business, whether in Nigeria or other parts of Africa, requires proper licensing and registration to avoid legal issues. Additionally, security agents must be properly trained and educated in security techniques to keep celebrities and others in need of security safe.


42). Launch an Acting Academy:

Investing in an acting academy is a smart choice for those with an interest in the film and acting industry. There is a high demand for young talents who want to train and perfect their skills, and the key to success is to provide top-notch facilities and experienced instructors.


43). Start a Magic Performance Business:

Entertainment is limitless, and magic shows are a testament to this. With a blend of skill and deception, magic performances attract a large audience, making it a profitable venture.


44). Establish a Casino Business:

Casino clubs bring together high society, offering not only a significant source of income but also valuable networking opportunities. Security is of the utmost importance in this delicate business, and additional features such as music and drinks can enhance the overall experience.


45). Open a Karaoke Lounge:

Although karaoke lounges are not as widespread in Africa as in Western and Asian countries, there is a significant opportunity for those looking to start this type of business in Nigeria or other African nations. To maximize success, it is advisable to locate the business in a prime location, particularly in cities and towns in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


46). Develop Mobile Games:

Mobile games are a growing sector of the entertainment industry. In addition to video games, they play a significant role in the gaming world, being easy to access and play at any time. One can work as an independent game designer and sell the applications on popular game platforms or collaborate with established gaming companies.


47). Host a Sports Talk Show:

Sports remain a lucrative business, and there is always a steady stream of fans for different sports. In Africa, the most popular sports include football, boxing, and table tennis, among others. Starting a radio or TV sports talk show is a great way to turn a passion into a business.


48). Organize Music Concerts:

One can also arrange music concerts and provide a platform for new musicians. To increase business value, it is important to involve well-known and popular artists in the performance. Income can be generated through ticket sales, advertisements, and more in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


49). Conduct Talent Competitions:

Organizing talent competitions is a great way to enter the entertainment industry in Nigeria or any other African country. These events are designed to identify and promote new talents, giving them a chance to shine on a national stage.


50). Arrange Local Rap Battles:

Local rap battles are a common occurrence in the hip hop sector of the entertainment world and are often held at local pubs, TV shows, streets, and other public places. These shows have the potential to be commercially successful and generate significant income due to their continued popularity in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world.


To Sum It Up

If you are looking to enter the exciting world of entertainment, there are many opportunities to turn your passion into a thriving business. From acting schools to music shows, from magic shows to sports talk shows, there is something for everyone in this dynamic sector. Whether you want to invest in world-class facilities or simply give new musicians a platform to perform, the opportunities are endless. With the right combination of skill and strategy, you can successfully launch and grow your own entertainment business. So don’t wait, take the leap and start pursuing your dream today in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the world!


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What are your thoughts on these 50+ lucrative entertainment-related business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere around the worl? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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