Want Your Business to Succeed? You Need to Find These Two Employees

Want Your Business to Succeed? You Need to Find These Two Employees
Want Your Business to Succeed? You Need to Find These Two Employees | Image Source: Pexels

Building a successful business is tough. 9 out of 10 businesses fail within their first 5 years, and when an autopsy is done on the bulk of these failed businesses, amongst all the results gotten, one key factor that shows up every single time are the quality of people either running or working for the business.

It is not enough to have employees to help carry the operational load of the owners, but having the right employees that can also bring clarity to why the company exists, knows how to bring the vision to life, and knows & can passionately explain what the company does is key.

If you want to hopefully build a successful company someday, you need to find these 2 types of employees:

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1). Employees Who Are Passionate Visionaries:

Building a great company that can stand the test of time starts and ends with the type of people running and working in the organisation.

First, the company must clearly explain why it exists and show that in its activities, products, and services.

Secondly, it must bring onboard visionaries who do not just believe the same things the company believes in, but can also bring up more ideas that can grow the company without hesitation or fear of reprimand by their superiors.

If instead, the company revolves only around one visionary, it would start to crumble once the person leaves. But if it has a host of visionaries whose opinions are appreciated and rewarded, the founders could even step away from the company for a few months and nothing would go wrong.


2). Employees Who Know How To Bring A Vision To Life:

While there are visionaries who know how to create a grand scheme, dream up a great future and come up with ideas that can solve people’s problems and potentially change the world, they’re rarely ever successful because they choose to do it either alone or only strictly with other visionaries.

Every visionary needs one extra thing to succeed. And these are people who know how to bring a vision to life.

First, these people need to buy into the vision of the company and believe completely in the founder and his or her goals. They’re people who pay more attention to the details than to their intuition. They focus on what can be done now, than in the future. And because of their close attention to details and awareness in the present, they help visionaries to stay on track on their goals by worrying about the present and how to execute plans, while the visionaries worry about the future and creating plans to get them there.

Once you have a vision for your business and have other visionaries by your side to map the journey, you need to hire people who can do the required routine based groundwork to help the company chart its course. And this must be people who believe in the company and what it stands for and not just people who want to earn a living.

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What are your thoughts on these two employees that can make your business succeed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Stan Edom
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