The Dabira Women Conference

The Dabira Women Conference 2016 | Source: Instagram

A few weeks ago, on September 10th, 2016, I attended the Dabira Women Conference, a yearly event organised by Lara Odebiyi in Lagos, to help women live fulfilled lives, have successful marriages, grow thriving businesses, and a lot more. While I had read about the event and studied the previous yearly events organised, I never expected what I experienced.

Lara Odebiyi - Founder of the Dabira Women Conference and The Lyduia Heart Initiative

Lara Odebiyi | Source: Instagram

I arrived late (majorly because I missed the venue’s route and ended up in Victoria Island instead of Yaba) and hurried to get in since I knew time at the event was already far spent. Upon entry, I noticed there were very few men (less than 2% of the population), but didn’t pay much attention to it, after all, this was supposed to be a female-only event.

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After finding a great spot to sit and having followed the event for about 30 minutes, I was completely blown away! The topics the ladies were being enlightened on, ranging from personal development to entrepreneurial success, wasn’t just supposed to be to their hearing alone, but to everyone’s; including grown men and teenagers. Many issues spoken about came as a surprise to me because, I never knew a lot of women went through some of them. And for the answers to how they can overcome their challenges? Simply epic and overtly intelligent!

While the personal development or self-discovery sessions were inspiring, the aura surrounding the talk about being your best at whatever you set out to do was impeccable. The event had highly successful and intelligent speakers like Adenike Ogunlesi (founder of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble), Yinka Enahoro (founder of BeJewelled Butterflies), Donna Ogunnaike (Donna the Poet), Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN Couture), Vivian Ihaza (A Marketing Manager), and Audery Abayomi (Psychologist & Counselor). But the speaker who got my complete attention with her charisma, intelligence, track record, and grace, was Mfon Ekpo, and boy did she captivate the crowd! She was a demi-goddess on stage, and after her session, it dawned on me that so many people around the world needed to learn a lot from her.

Heading home after the event, I spent some time to reflect, handed over a copy of the magazine to a female friend of mine who would have given anything to be present and also runs a media company, then preached the Dabira gospel to a lot of people (especially men instead).

Out of everything discussed, I concluded there were four ways the Dabira Women Conference was creating the next generation of women entrepreneurs. These four I believe, are important reasons you must change your attitude towards everything in your life, and also ensure you attend the next event scheduled for 2017. Here they are:

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1). They’re Teaching Ladies How To Find Their Inner Genius:

Self discovery can be frustrating for many people; especially wannabe women entrepreneurs. Identifying your hidden talents and grooming them to perfection can sound like a scary feat to many. Just like a lady at the Dabira Women Conference who mentioned that so many people found her foolish for spending over a million Naira in foreign education to perfect her cooking skills. Today, she is a full-on pro-chef and works with one of the top Chefs in the country.

Mfon Ekpo on the other hand, spoke about how she spent thousands of dollars learning from John Maxwell.

Mfon Ekpo - founder and CEO of the Discovery Centre

Mfon Ekpo | Source:

While it logically would have seemed like a stupid decision made by a student at the time, today, it has more than paid off, since she has moved on to become a renowned international speaker, personal coach to top CEOs, industry and thought leaders, has worked and trained for the British high commission, the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the National Judicial Institute, the National Assembly of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a founding partner and a member of the presidential advisory Council of the John Maxwell’s team, co-authored two best selling books with Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Leigh Steinberg and more, is a Mandela Washington Fellow in the pioneer set of the President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, is the founder and CEO of The Discovery Centre UK, and a whole lot applaudable more.

She honed her craft to perfection after a successful self-discovery, and has become an exemplary figure for any individual, whether female or male, to learn from.


2).They Are Showing Ladies How To Stand Up For Themselves:

Ladies face far more persecution than men could ever fathom. Most men deny this, largely because they’ve never seen the ladies talk about their problems. One of which, is the inability to stand up for themselves.

A woman who stands her ground, knows her values, and would never settle for lesser than them. She knows where she ought to be, what she ought to say, how to master her emotions, and how to charge her worth.

She knows that she must never compromise her standards, for her worth would be measured by them, and she knows above all else, that every step she takes must be geared towards fulfilling the purpose she has set out to achieve.

While most ladies don’t and can’t stand up for themselves, Lara Odebiyi, through the Dabira Women Conference, is changing all of that. Every woman who attends never leaves the same and they go on to become greater versions of themselves.


3). They’re Teaching Ladies How To Go The Extra Mile:

The Dabira Women Conference is teaching ladies how to persist until they succeed. They’re showing them how to go the extra mile, and how to stay on track with their goals no matter what tries to dissuade them.

Imagine a world with women who achieve so much of what they set out for. That would be one highly positively transformed world, since ladies are the pillars of the society.

A successful woman would raise children that have a higher chance of attaining greatness than one who only constantly has disappointments to tell of.

With this, the Dabira Women Conference, isn’t just transforming women lives, but is also securing the future of the next generation who are born through these women.


4). They’re Showing Them How To Lead Admirable Lives:

A life of grace is a life of success, and anyone who carries these traits, would live a life admired by multitudes. The Dabira Women Conference is lifting the spirits of these women and helping them grow in all areas of their lives. This transcends to admiration, as people are naturally drawn to success.


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The Dabira Women Conference 2016

The Dabira Women Conference | Image Source: Instagram

While this event was meant for women, I got invited as a man, and have not regretted my attendance. All women entrepreneurs will learn a lot from this yearly conference, and as for Lara Odebiyi, her impact on the lives of these women would not go unnoticed, but would reap amazing fruits in the future that even she wouldn’t be able to contain.


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Over To You

What are your thoughts on these 4 ways the Dabira Women Conference is changing the lives of women entrepreneurs? Let me know by leaving a comment below.