10 Business Ideas You Can Start With Almost No Money

10 Business Ideas You Can Start With Almost No Money
10 Business Ideas You Can Start With Almost No Money | Image source: Pexels.com

It can be rough, challenging, pricy, and sometimes depressing to run a business, but knowing what venture to start up based on your skills, passion, available time, and cash-value will determine what you can or cannot venture into.

There are thousands of business ideas that cost a lot of money to start up. But out of the lot, there are others that cost next to nothing.

Knowing which costs what and how much time and effort can go into building any to a substantial value is key to choosing your next business direction.

If you’ve wondered what business ideas you can start with almost no money, here are 10 of them:

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1). Bookkeeping Services:

Bookkeeping and accounting are one of the most demanded services by small, medium, and largescale businesses around the world. They need to keep records, on time, every time. And they need to ensure that when it’s time to pay their taxes, their computations and submissions would be a breeze.

As an accountant or an individual with a knowledge of how various accounting tools like Quickbooks works, you can market your freelance bookkeeping service to startups and medium-sized companies at a very affordable cost.


2). Errand Service:

People are increasingly busier every day and have little to no time to carry out a bulk of their crucial activities. These lots are mostly the working class, and when they’re busy during the week, they may employ the services of a home cleaner, dry cleaner, personal shopper, and more, to help them handle a bulk of their life activities.

You could take advantage of this growing market by advertising your errand service to busy white-collar workers and gradually build a successful business each step of the way.

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3). Travel Agent Service:

Travel agents help frequent or first-time travellers to find the best deals on flight tickets, hotels, and much more. If you have travelled to many countries, have a wide understanding of how things work in the travel business, and know just how to help people make a trip memorable, you could start up a travel agency and work directly with people within a target market range.

You could register with a platform like Wakanow and get people to book flights and hotels through you, or you could find a cheaper and equally effective alternative to help your clients make their travel efforts a breeze.


4). Business & Life Coaching Service:

If you have an immense experience in a particular industry or an inspiring successful life story that anyone can build upon and learn from, you can start a business and life coaching service.

The industry for professional coaches is growing exponentially worldwide. While still in its infancy in Nigeria, it is experiencing a fast growth momentum in South Africa, and growing quickly in several other African countries.

With a wide and extremely broad experience people could leverage on to build successful businesses, you could start a professional business and/or life coaching service.

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5). Professional Writer & Editor:

Professional writers are increasingly wanted in every sphere of the society. They’re needed for writing business plans, business proposals, school projects, thesis, dissertations, letters, eBooks, proofreading and editing services, ghostwriting, blog writing, and a whole lot more.

The professional writing skill is increasingly demanded, and with tutor centres to help you perfect your writing skills and tools like Grammarly to help ensure you make lesser errors when typing, you could well be on your way to building a successful professional writing and editing business.


6). Commodities Brokerage:

The commodities brokerage business could perhaps be the most profitable one on this list for businesses you can start up with almost no money. With large commissions on successfully closing oil and some non-oil commodity deals, you could earn anywhere from $100,000 to over $1,000,000 in commissions.

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7). Fitness Trainer:

Fitness trainers are athletic individuals who spend a lot of their time working out to stay fit. Most of these people initially don’t do this because they want to become fitness trainers, but when they get bodies that constantly get complimented, the possibility arises.

With thousands of people trying to stay fit either because they’re trying to lose weight, have got an ailment, or want to look like the popular hot models, you could take advantage of the growing fitness industry by becoming a fitness trainer in fast-growing locations.


8). Event Planner:

Most event planners don’t work for their clients with their own personal funds. When the client pays some upfront service fee, they leverage their network to get every party that can help make the event successful ranging from the decorators to the cooks, DJs, cleaners, and much more.

With services fees ranging anywhere from 50,000 Naira ($136) to over 700,000 Naira ($1917) to organise an event, building a strong network in the society and starting an event planning outfit is one venture you can pursue with little to no cash.

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9). Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers make use of digital design tools like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and much more to bring the brand ideas of their respective clients to life in digital forms.

With thousands of businesses rebranding their looks, designing logos, flyers, brochures, and much more, you could advertise your service via social media, partner with web developers, and also list them on platforms like Fiverr to increase your chances of getting a lot of clients.


10). Virtual Assistant:

The virtual assistant service is a fast-growing niche in many places around the world, Nigeria inclusive. Busy corporate and business executives are in constant need of someone or a service that can help them prepare their professional documents in real time, answer their phone calls, reply their emails, and much more.

With so much overwhelming work to be done and an increasing shortage of time for most corporates and entrepreneurs to handle many of their critical tasks, starting a virtual assistant startup and marketing your services to the right target market can be a great move to make.

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What are your thoughts on these 10 business ideas you can start with almost no money? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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