22 affiliate marketing sites that will help you make money online almost everyday

22 affiliate marketing sites that will help you make money online almost everyday

Passive income is one amazing way to make money online without your full attention required. It largely involves providing value to people through various channels like writing a highly compelling blog post, sharing a link on social media, selling information products, and much more.

In the past, I’ve covered the importance of looking online to compare Adwords automation tools, and then building an automated business that sells online, using automated tools and scripts within AdWords. We all know that’s possible – but can we build a business from $0 to $100,000 without AdWords?

Irrespective of the amazing opportunities the internet provides, a lot of people who not only want to work from home, but are also looking for ways to earn money online remain clueless on how to go about it.

So then, what’s the most lucrative way to CERTAINLY make money online whether you own a blog or not?

One highly efficient route is AFFILIATE MARKETING!

Affiliate marketing is a performance based network where a person who shares an affiliate link gets rewarded with some cash for each person that either makes a purchase, signs up, or carries out some action the affiliate program requires through your link.

While affiliate marketing isn’t entirely new to a lot of people, they usually get stuck on deciding which affiliate network to try out in a bid to earn a substantial income which could span over $1,000 a month, and so give up when they can’t figure it out.

Google Adsense on the other hand is one way to make money online, but it largely involves you having a very high traffic before any reasonable returns can be made. But if you have a highly engaging social media account or a moderately low traffic to your blog, you can take advantage of affiliate marketing and make 10 times more money than a person with weigh more traffic than you, could have generated using just Google Adsense on their website.

Building up the affiliate network that will make this happen usually takes time, and so, I’ve curated a top list of affiliate marketing programs that can get you earning a substantial monthly income sooner than you think. Also, I’ve added some other ways to make money online through online freelance work you could take advantage of.

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Here’s how to get started:


1). Payoneer:

Earning money from affiliate programs is one thing, but how do you literally get the cash sent to you? Most affiliate programs pay via Paypal and Cheque, but these have obvious draw backs. Receiving money via Paypal is currently not possible in many countries around the world, Including Nigeria. With regards to cheques, local banks charge exorbitant amounts of money just to process a foreign cheque.

This then brings up the issue of how to effectively get your affiliate earnings paid straight to you. One way to achieve this is via Payoneer because, they accept payments from hundreds of affiliate programs worldwide. The advantage of this is that when you sign up, they’ll immediately setup an American bank account on your behalf and send you a Payoneer debit card within two months, which you can then use to withdraw money from any ATM around the world.

While you can get your affiliate income sent straight to your Payoneer debit card account, you can also refer people to use the Payoneer service through their online refer a friend program and the both of you would get a $25 commission each, upon signup.

Click here to get a Payoneer debit card


2). Adfly:

Adfly provides one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. It works with you shortening a url by using their url shortening service instead of other url shortening services. Let’s say you want to share the url google.com on social media, what you’d do is to sign in to your adf.ly account, paste the url in the large text box, and shorten it to http://adf.ly/1esxdS. Every time someone clicks the link, Adfly pays you.

So if you ever want to share a link to any news, website, or whatever on any social network, rather than wasting the opportunity by sharing the original link, copy the link and shrink it on Adfly to earn money every single time someone clicks it. You can even increase your sharing ratio on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn, BBM, and several other social media platforms.

Click here to join Adfly


3). Cashpiggy:

Cashpiggy, a subsidiary of Adfly, is another great way to make money online. They offer a number of surveys for people to carry out, ads for people to view, and games for people to play. For every activity completed, you’d earn a certain amount of money. Also, when you refer a friend to use the service, you’d always earn a percentage of whatever that friend earns for life!

Click here to join CashPiggy


4). Freelancer:

For those searching for a side job to earn more money online, Freelancer is where you should be. If you have good skills in writing, design, programming, translation, data entry, and several others, take a trip to Freelancer.com now and get started.

By signing up and completing your profile, you can start working on your first project as soon as one is made available to you. You can also refer a friend and earn a commission.

Click here to join Freelancer


5). SEOClerk:

SEOClerk is a great place for people with expertise on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get more side gigs that can make them more money online. You can also refer a friend and earn a 10% commission off every of their purchase for life!

Click here to join SEOClerk


6). PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour is another freelance job site like SEOClerk and Freelancer. Here, you can find job gigs and earn more income monthly, especially when you’re an active member of not just PeoplePerHour, but also of SEOClerk, Freelancer, and several others. You can also refer a friend and earn a $45 commission whenever they start a project on the platform, and your friend would also get a 5% discount voucher too.

If you can successfully refer 1,000 people to start a project on PeoplePerHour, you’d make $45,000 dollars.

Click here to join PeoplePerHour


7). Ipages:

Ipages is a web hosting company offering lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities to people that get accepted into their affiliate marketing program. For each sign up you refer to them, they could pay you up to $108 dollars.

So if you can get 100 people to sign up on Ipages in a month, you’d make $10,800. If you get 1,000 people, you’d make $108,000.

Click here to learn more about Ipages


8). ConvertKit:

The life blood of every blog is valuable traffic. But then, retaining that traffic is crucial to the blog’s survival. That’s why growing and maintaining an email list is a top priority for every blogger that plans to be successful.

Convertkit provides one of the most intelligent email marketing platforms on the internet, and they also have valuable affiliate programs. By referring people to Convertkit, you’ll get 30% off whatever they pay the website for life!

For example; if they’re spending $100 a month, you’d get $30 from each person every month. So if 10 people equals $300, 100 people equals $3,000, and 1,000 people equals $30,000 every single month for life!

Click here to join ConvertKit


9). GetResponse:

Just like Convertkit, GetResponse is another highly effective email marketing platform. They run an affiliate program and pay the partners 33% of whatever the people they refer pay on the platform.

For example, if your referrals are spending $100 a month, you’d get $33 from each person every month. So, 10 people equals $330, 100 people equals $3,300, and 1,000 people equals $33,000 every single month!

Click here to join GetResponse


10). Adnow:

If you’ve ever tried applying to AdMob for advert placements in your app to no avail, Adnow is a great alternative. Apart from just serving ads through your native application, they also provide you the opportunity to refer a friend and earn from them.

Click here to join Adnow


11). RevenueHits:

Just like Adnow, RevenueHits is yet another ad publisher, and would also allow you monetize your website through their Ad model. They also offer an affiliate program where you can refer a friend and earn from them.

So, if your friend places RevenueHits ads on their site and earns $1,500 or less in a month, you’d get paid 5% of the amount earned every month for one year. If the amount earned is over $1,500, you’d get paid 10% of the value every month for one year.

Click here to join RevenueHits


12). ShareCash:

ShareCash helps you monetize your free content (e.g eBooks, videos, audiobooks, etc) by prompting your readers to unlock it before the download can start. Every time a reader downloads one of your free contents, ShareCash pays you about $0.3 to $1. So If you get 1,000 unique downloads in a day at $1, you could make $1,000 everyday.

ShareCash also offers an affiliate marketing program where you can earn 5% of what your referral makes for life! And for every 10 active referrals you get, you’ll earn an extra 1%, up to a maximum of 12%.

So if 10 your referrals are each making about $1,000 a month, you’d make $50 each from them, amounting to $500. The more referrals you get, the more money you make.

Click here to join ShareCash


13). Fiverr:

For people looking for online work to earn them extra money, Fiverr is another great freelance site to sign up on. They also offer a great affiliate program to keep you earning substantial revenues anywhere from $15 to $50 per successful acquisition.

Click here to join fiverr


14). ExoClick:

Just like Google Adsense, you can monetize your website and blog with ExoClick. You can also join their referral program and earn 5% off every friend or colleague you refer for life!

Click here to join ExoClick


15). Adbooth:

Adbooth helps you monetize both your web and mobile sites. They also have a referral program that helps you earn 5% of whatever your friend or colleague earns.

Click here to join Adbooth


16). Themeforest:

This is an online marketplace for the purchase and sale of web themes, plugins, and many other related services. Themeforest is one of the largest web template sellers in the world.

As a web designer, you can sell your themes here and earn a substantial sum per sale. Also, you can take advantage of their affiliate program to get 30% off the sale of any theme your referral link brings in.

Click here to join Themeforest


17). CPALead:

CPALead gives you the opportunity to promote any of their ad product categories via social media, blogs, and many other channels.

You could simply copy a link and paste it on popular social networks. Whenever visitors that go in through your link completes a survey or installs a mobile app to access the Niche content, you’ll earn money.

Click here to join CPALead


18). DepositPhotos:

Depositphotos is a stock photo website where photographers can sell their professional photos. If you’re a talented photographer, you can take advantage of this and earn a substantial income monthly through the sale of your stock photos.

Also, affiliate marketers can take advantage of the affiliate program offered by DepositPhotos and earn a 30% commission on any sale they bring in.

Click here to join DepositPhotos


19). DreamsTime:

Similar to DepositPhotos, photographers can sell their stock images on DreamsTime. Asides this, bloggers and individuals can also take advantage of their referral program and earn 10% of the value of every sale made through their referral link for the first 3 years.

Click here to join DreamsTime


20). Template Monster:

TemplateMonster operates similarly to themeforest as a martketplace for the purchase and sale of web templates and related products. You can also engage in their affiliate program by taking advantage of their offer and earning as high as 30% of the value of any theme sold through your affiliate link.

For example, if a theme that’s purchased through your link costs $50, 1,000 sales through that link would amount to $15,000 in revenue for you.

Click here to join Template Monster


21). Propeller Ads:

PropellerAds is yet again another Google Adsense alternative. You can apply and monetize your website through their ad services, and also earn 5% from publisher’s revenue who register on their website via your referral link.

Click here to join PropellerAds


22). Selz:

Selz is a platform where you can create and integrate an e-commerce store on any existing blog or as an entirely standalone entity. You can also earn a monthly recurring 100% commission from every sale you successfully refer through their affiliate program.

Click here to join Selz


To Sum It Up

By taking advantage of a couple of these affiliate marketing platforms, you can make money online quicker and smarter than you probably ever knew. They are exceptional Adsense alternatives, and will help you build a large passive income stream.

But before you can start receiving your earnings, you first need to have a Paypal account that can receive money (currently, Nigerians can’t receive money via Paypal) or you must have a Payoneer card, so money can immediately start entering your Payoneer account from the first day you apply.

The sooner you apply for it even if you haven’t started your affiliate marketing efforts, the better.

Click here to get your Payoneer card now.


What are your thoughts on these 22 affiliate marketing, freelancing, and stock photography sites that will help you make money online almost everyday? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Image Source: www.prionetcanada.ca