7 Things You Must Give Up Now, If You Ever Want To Be Successful

7 Things You Must Give Up Now, If You Ever Want To Be Successful
7 Things You Must Give Up Now, If You Ever Want To Be Successful

Success and sacrifice go together. To be successful, you need to give up many toxic relationships, excuses, and worthless desires in order to have enough time to put in the right amount of hard work, struggle, patience, and faith that’d determine your short-term or long-term achievements.

Sacrifice is usually the biggest problem most people have because, the routines that have kept them in their current situations are deep wired in habits they find difficult to break.

Until you can let go of many desires and excuses that have prevented your growth in life, finances, and your business, you will never find true success.

That said, here are 7 things you must give up now, if you ever want to be successful:

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1). Excuses

Excuses have deep roots in both procrastination and a low self-esteem. Most people never move beyond their current status because they feel they’re not yet good enough, the time is not yet right, or someone or something is trapping them in their current situations.

The long list of excuses are never ending, and will leave you unfulfilled at the end of your life, with little to no success stories of your own to tell, if you do nothing about it now.

If you ever want to be successful in anything, you must leave all your excuses behind and take the first step.

Always remember this: “The best way to start is to start”.


2). A Poor Mindset

Poverty they say, is in the mind. And this has stayed true since the statement was first made.

A person with $20 in the bank that is following a plan and is making smart decisions is far richer than a person with $100 in the bank who never takes any action that could change their lives, but sits all day to blame the government for all their predicaments.

Not having money doesn’t make you poor. It only makes you broke; but for a while. But not having a positive mindset and a plan in motion to change your financial situation over a certain period of time, will guarantee your failure in life.

If you will turnout an admirable success for everyone to look up to on the long run, you must change your mindset and believe in possibilities.

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3). Dreaming Of Over-Night Success:

Overnight success usually takes many years. Even Lionel Messi in an Adidas ad, mentioned it took him 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.

No one suddenly wakes up to become a success, except you win a lottery. It only happens when your long-term commitments that have been put in motion, have all finally aligned to guarantee your breakthrough.

With a plan, smart/hard work, a great team, and a reasonable timeline, you could someday wake up to be a true overnight success.


4). Trying To Control Everything Or Everyone:

Many things are beyond your control. There’s nothing you can do about that, and it’s okay. A good understanding of this will help you know what, when, and how to focus on what you can control, because that is all that really matters.

Asides been unable to control several factors like government policies that could thwart your efforts and many months of planning, it is also important you never attempt to rigidly control your team members, except if they’re going off course and don’t know what they’re doing.

By understanding control is limited, you should focus on channeling your efforts towards what isn’t, so you can increase your chances of succeeding.

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5). Toxic People:

Toxic people are everywhere. They’ll always try to weigh you down with their problems and in the process, drag you down with them. While it is a good thing to lend a caring ear to their predicaments, you’re better off referring them to a counsellor so you can have more time to focus on your life.

Asides people who always complain, there are many who would always tell you that you can’t do one thing or the other. They’ll always be there to give you a million and one reasons to forget about your dreams.

These second group of toxic individuals aren’t telling you this because they don’t believe in you, they’re trying so hard to discourage you because they fear what you may become. They know they lack the ability to achieve some of your dreams, and so, would do everything possible to frustrate your efforts. After all, if they don’t believe they can attain the level of success you dream of, why should you?

The best approach for these type of individuals is to run as far away as possible from them as you can. Never let them know your moves, but always ensure they hear of your conquests from third parties. This way, their bitterness will have no direct effects on you, and you can break more grounds faster and become a true success everyone wouldn’t just admire, but also envy.


6). Wanting To Be Liked By Everyone:

Quit trying to make everyone like you. Not even the whole market can like your business. Focus instead on adding value, and the number of prospects and people who admire you and your business will grow everyday.

It is the natural course of things to not be liked by everyone.

But remember this: “If making certain people like you will cost you your happiness, then you cannot afford them. Move on!”

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7). An Unhealthy Lifestyle:

After all is said and done, becoming financially successful but ending up with a poor state of health is not true success. Health is wealth, and the abundance of it will make your financial success a lot more enjoyable.

While you work towards your dreams, ensure you practice daily health-wise habits like eating less processed meals, eating at least three times daily, working out at the gym regularly, and having a comprehensive body checkup with a doctor at least once a year.


What are your thoughts on these 7 things you must give up now, if you ever want to be successful? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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