The 10 Biggest Fears Successful People Never Tell Anyone About

The 10 Major Fears Of Successful People
The 10 Major Fears Of Successful People | Image Source:

A lot of people complain about how bad their country’s economy is, how demeaning their jobs are, how costly accommodation is, how low their salaries are, how high health care costs have risen, how expensive education currently is, how uncertain the future looks, and much more.

But what most of the middle-class and lower middle-class individuals who think this way do not realise is that the rich have fears that trouble them also.

While these fears are in two entirely different dimensions, a chance of one of the wealthy’s fears happening could be more devastating than the fear of an average person occurring.

If you’re wondering what troubles the upper middle-class and society’s wealthy elites, here are some of the 10 biggest fears of successful people they never tell anyone about:

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1). They Fear Poverty:

On most mornings, the average millionaire takes a drive to his or her work place. During these drive byes, they see the way people live their lives; rushing for the buses, walking long distances, looking beaten up by the economic situation, few begging on the streets, and even senior citizens still struggling to make a living.

The thought that inefficiency or a lackadaisical attitude to their businesses or investments could someday throw them to that state, keeps them on their toes.

While they may go on vacations, purchase expensive cars, send their children to the best schools, and do many other things the average man or woman can only dream of, when others aren’t watching, they make moves to ensure they never get back to the life of not been able to afford anything they want.

The news of another millionaire falling back to the rat-race gets them even more up-right and motivated to maintain their status.

More than anything in the world, successful people hate poverty, and would do anything to ensure they never go to, or back to that life.


2). They Fear Failure:

New challenges can be exciting to some successful entrepreneurs. But to others, the thought of having millions lost in a new investment could be devastating.

While it’s important for millionaires to diversify their portfolio, many do so, extremely slowly, primarily because of the fear of failure.

What if this new business doesn’t work? What if I lose all my investments in this business? What if this loss affects my other investments? What if my failure at this business makes me ruined for life?

The existence of the failure element causes most successful people to stay with their current investments without trying new things. This fear of failure not only keeps their personal net worth around the region it hangs, but also increases their chances of not maintaining their millionaire status in the future.

But as many would say, “a bird in hand, is worth two in the bushes”. And so, most successful people stick only to what primarily guarantees their six figure income keeps rolling in for the time being.

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3). They Fear Being Made To Look Like A Fool:

Successful people don’t like to be made a fool of in public. This consciousness makes them usually keep straight-stoned faces when they’re in public gatherings. As a result, majority of the people who meet them mostly assume they’re proud and not friendly.

When they’re in their circle of co-millionaires and billionaires, they loosen up and be themselves. But the chances that they may get criticised or make slight mistakes if they choose to be themselves in public, makes them to appear non-friendly and distant.


4). They Fear Their Spouse May Not Truly Love Them:

While everyone dreams of becoming a millionaire or a billionaire, they also plan to someday spend that wealth with someone who’d always be their side till their last breath.

The problem with millionaires and billionaires in this light, is they mostly don’t know if their spouse truly loves them or not, and this can get really depressing.

For successful people who meet their spouse before getting wealthy, they usually don’t have a reason to question their spouse’s real loyalty, but for those who meet and get married to their spouse after they’ve become successful, the question lingers in their minds.

While it can be terrible for a man or woman to get locked in with a partner who only cares about them by how much he or she can spend on them, not been certain of their loyalty can destroy their emotional state, and eventually their marriage.

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5). They Fear How Their Children May Turn Out:

Many rich kids grow up getting everything they want, receive huge monthly allowances, lazy about all day, spend a lot of their time partying, eventually lavish their inheritance, and mostly end up broke.

These events make many wealthy parents worry their kids may fall into this sect. It becomes even too late when the child is fully grown and completely uncontrollable. Any new values or habits that the parent could have instilled on the child when they were a lot younger becomes impossible to do at this stage.

The usual solution would be to make the child know the true value of money when they’re little, make house chores a part of their daily routine so they can learn to do important things at the right time, and lay down house rules that carry serious consequences if violated.

If wealthy parents could raise their kids this way, perhaps, they’d worry a lot less about their future.


6). They Fear If They Will Or Will Not Be Healthy Enough To Enjoy Their Wealth:

What’s the joy in making all that wealth, and not being healthy enough, or even alive to enjoy it? This thought torments many of the super-rich.

The worry that they may not be healthy enough to enjoy their wealth makes them do anything possible to attain a fit state. Some even go as far as having several family doctors and consultants to ensure their health is not at risk.

Although it’s important for everyone to pay attention to their general wellbeing, the wealthy focus on it more because they want to live long enough to know they enjoyed what they worked for.

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7). They Fear All Their Family & Friends Wanting To Indefinitely Depend On Them:

When people come into wealth, they begin to experience an influx of people trying to get a part of their money. They get lots of calls from family and friends asking for financial aid in one form or the other.

While it’s a good thing to help people in their time of need by offering financial assistance and loans, an excess of gratitude could empty your bank account before you realise it.

Successful people worry about this, and sometimes try to stay far away from money-nagging family members most of the time, except on some special occasions.

When you have hundreds of people constantly running your way because there’s a chance they could get a part of what you’ve made, you’d probably take cover.


8). They Fear If Their Friends Truly Care:

It’s important we all have friends, but what troubles the rich is if their new friends truly care about them, and not their status. This worry mostly makes them only choose to make rich and powerful friends after they’ve succeeded, than making friends from the middle class and below middle class.

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9). They Fear Change:

An economic recession, a change in government, a change in consumer taste, and more could mean the end of a potential source of valuable income for a wealthy man or woman. While change is a constant factor that ensures the world gets better, change could end a line of finance for a wealthy individual.

The financial dangers that change brings with it makes most successful people dread it.


10). They Fear Success Itself!

While more success makes a wealthy man or woman prouder of himself or herself, with every extra dollar they make, they worry more about many other things.

What if people choose to sue me for stupid things? What if there’s been a big loop hole in my taxation? What if my kids get kidnapped? What if I’m no longer safe, and would need to confine my life to a permanent security detail? What if…?

Extraordinary success is a wonderful feat. But with it comes many perks. While every entrepreneur aspires to get there, with every successful feat they achieve, they get even more worried, and equally more motivated.

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