14+ Well-Paying Side Hustles You Never Knew Existed

14+ Well-Paying Side Hustles You Never Knew Existed | Image Source: Pixabay

A large part of the world population is in paid employment, while many others are running one form of business or the other. While everyone’s goal is to make enough money to not just take care of their bills but to also be able to afford themselves a great life, achieving this is tough as a lot of people need to have multiple sources of income to be able to get by on a daily basis.

There is great competition in a large number of the well-known side hustles or jobs on the market that anyone could easily get into, but there are some that are largely unknown by so many people.

If you’re looking for side-hustles that could help you earn extra money to what you currently make or are trying to start an entirely new hustle, here are 14+ side hustles you probably never knew existed:


1). Sample New Beverages & Other Products:

Before companies release a new type of product, whether beverage (alcohol, soda, etc), ice cream, candy, and the likes, they always hire a very few people who fall into the category of their target markets and pay them a fee to sample their goodies on various criteria based on appearance, taste, texture, smell, and so much more.

These companies usually outsource finding the individuals for the test to other companies, and those are who you’d be targetting.

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2). Stand In Line:

Standing in line to get something done can be a problem for a lot of people. Whether it’s to wait in line for a new product launch, to register for a service, or something else entirely, when hundreds or thousands of people are to be in line, opportunity crops up as many would not want to go through the stress.

You could start a service of hiring and getting a lot of people to stand in line early on, then sell the spots to people who want to get attended to but do not want to go through the line stress.


3). Sell Snake Venom:

Snake venom has a wide variety of uses, especially in the area of antivenom production and other medicinal purposes. Because of the high-risks involved in extracting the venom from snakes, the international market value of various snake venoms is extremely high.

You could source international buyers of snake venoms and either introduce them to snake farms for a commission or purchase the venoms from the farms for resale.

One of the largest snake farms in Africa is based in Nasarawa state and is said to be owned by a well-known top military official in the country.

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4). Win An Activity-Based Competition:

There are always a lot of competitions going on, and the most popular are cooking, eating, and dancing competitions. You could sign for the popular ones or join the local ones for a chance to win a prize after it ends.

Usually, if you fall into the top 3 spots, you’d win something significant, but if you’re number one, you could very well walk away with a substantial sum of money.


5). Play Video Games:

Online streaming platforms like twitch, youtube, and more are getting extremely popular for video gamers, as they stream the games played by various players as their millions of subscribers watch them live. While some of these gamers now earn thousands of dollars a year, there are a few who earn millions of dollars yearly.

Beyond just video game streaming, video game competitions are getting popular with the winners getting star prizes that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases, millions of dollars depending on what type of competition it is and in what part of the world they are in.

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6). Sell Blood Plasma:

Blood banks are regularly buying blood and blood plasma for use in the treatment of patients in need of blood and also in the treatment of many diseases and chronic conditions like haemophilia.

Depending on where you’re donating your blood to, you could earn a few hundreds of dollars per donation.


7). Participate In New Clinical Trials:

Clinical trials are conducted regularly by research centres, hospitals, and universities looking for healthy people who have specific medical conditions. they conduct these trials to test new treatments and drugs to see how it reacts to them and to know how to improve them.

Participants in clinical trials are usually paid really well, and if the drug works for them, they also get to treat a pressing ailment they’ve had to live with for a long time.

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8). Posing For Art Classes:

In art institutions and schools, real-life models are usually hired to pose for their students while they draw them. These models are usually very comfortable in front of people and could be required to pose nude, partially, or fully clothed.

If you’re confident in yourself and have little concern about a crowd of people staring at and drawing you, you could apply to be a live model and pose for art classes.


9). Funeral Services:

There are funerals every day and one way to have a consistent source of income is to be involved in funeral services.

Whether you’re into manufacturing coffins, embalming, cremations, directing memorials, running mortuaries, carrying coffins at burials, or even been hired to cry at burials, funeral services have a constant revenue stream, and engaging in the industry could keep you with a steady source of income.

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10). Rent Out Media Equipment:

A lot of media/event equipment are expensive to purchase, especially high-end equipment like cameras, speakers, DJ sets, drones, electricity generators, and much more.

If you have any or all these equipment, you could lease them out when they’re not in use and earn an income per hour or day they’re on lease.


11). Legally Grow Marijuana:

In many parts of the world, it is legal to grow and sell marijuana. If you’re living in any part of the world where this is allowed, you could apply for the requisite licence and comply with the law in terms of the trade.

Already, there are marijuana companies now worth over a billion dollars.

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12). Work As a Living Statue:

During events, Olympics, and much more, there are a lot of people who work as living statues. They coat their bodies in paint, usually wear glasses and more, then stand still while people watch.

If you have a good knack for staying almost perfectly still for an extended period of time, you could sign up to work as a living statue and market your service to a lot of people.


13). Join A Dance Crew:

A lot of performance artists, especially dancers, earn a living dancing at events, for artistes, or even at product launches and promotions.

If you’re an amazing dancer, you could join a dance crew or start one of your own, promote your services on social media and more channels, and perform for a fee where your services are requested.

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14). Show Car Owners Shortcuts If They’re Stuck In Traffic:

In many highly trafficked countries in the world, especially a place like Nigeria, people could easily get stuck in traffic and wait it out in their cars. Many times, even Google Maps would be unable to direct them to shortcuts that could help them cut off the traffic, but here’s where your service could come in.

If you’re largely unemployed, live a place with very high traffic rates, and know every nook and cranny of your neighbourhood, you could stand in traffic and offer services to drivers who look frustrated by the traffic and are looking for a way out.

By offering, joining in on the ride, and directing them through a shortcut to pass, you could earn an income per vehicle you redirect during the day.


15). Web Search Evaluator:

All some people do is to spend a lot of time online helping companies to evaluate the quality and relevance of various internet search results, web page content, or advertisements on behalf of organisations offering to pay for this. You too can.

A google search will show you companies paying for this service and you can then go on to apply if you meet their criteria.

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What are your thoughts on these 14+ side hustles you never knew existed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.