A Very Easy Way To Make 20,000 Naira Monthly From Your Mobile Phone In Nigeria

How To Make 20,000 Naira Monthly Online In Nigeria From The Ranger App
How To Make Money From The Ranger App | Image Source: Pexels

There are many ways to make money from the comfort of your home, but few are hardly ever mentioned or noticed because they’re either new platforms or channels that haven’t gotten much buzz in the society.

While conventional methods to earn money online is to start a blog, join an affiliate program, engage in surveys, offer professional writing services, and much more, becoming active on The Ranger can be another way to make money off the internet from your mobile phone.

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But First, What’s The Ranger App?

The Ranger app is a personal security mobile application that alerts the security forces, medical agencies, and/or your friends & family members whenever you’re in trouble. It has a large “Help Me!” button on the front page of the app, which when clicked, will immediately alert everyone about your security situation and send your location to them at the same time, while also publishing your location on the application’s forum page.

The Ranger App


How Then Can You Make Money From The Ranger App?

There are a couple of ways to make money from The Ranger app from the comfort of your home or wherever you are with your mobile phone. Some of them are:

1).  Redeem Ranger Points:

When you act as a Ranger on the Ranger App’s forum and also help alert security forces when a “Help Me!” alert is set off by someone in distress anywhere in the country, you’d get some Ranger points which accumulate over time to become cashable money for you.

2). Sell Your Products & Services:

The Ranger application has a forum section where asides you just asking security questions to get answers, you could equally promote your products and services to the other Rangers who are active in your location. This way, you could take advantage of the forum’s strength to build a customer base that would purchase your products on a recurring basis. In this case, security related products could make a great sale.

3). Advert Referral Bonus:

Rangers (users) on the application who refer companies to advertise on the Ranger app get a commission from every client they refer to the platform. Depending on the amount and duration the client pays for, the commission value would vary.

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To Sum It Up

The Ranger App can be a place to earn a little extra pocket money online, but its core purpose is strictly for you to be able to alert the security forces and your loved ones with only one tap of the “Help Me!” button. And since your alert would be posted on The Ranger forum the second you set off a panic alarm, it’s critical for many of your friends and family members to be registered on the application so they wouldn’t just be alerted the moment you have a security or medical emergency, but would be the ones to act the fastest.

To download the Ranger App and read tips on how to stay secure everywhere you are, click here.


What are your thoughts on how to make 20,000 Naira monthly online from The Ranger app? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Stan Edom
Stan Edom
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    *What is Racksterly?*

    Racksterly is an advertising website that promotes big companies/brands products.

    *How does Racksterly generate revenue?*

    Racksterly is paid by big companies like GLO, MTN, Konga e.t.c to promote their products.

    *How do I make money on Racksterly?*

    You make money by sharing adverts on your Facebook timeline.
    You can only share one ad per day and how much you get paid for each share depends on your subscription plan.

    *Do I need to pay any money?*

    Yes, working on Racksterly is strictly based on subscription. You’re required to make a subscription after registering.



    *4 Subscription Plans* ? ?

    *(i). Dew* $18 (#6,897) – Daily earning : $1.2×30days=N12,960 ?

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    *(iv) Typhoon* $75 (#27,889) – Daily earning : $5.6 ×30days=N60480?

    *Note : Each subscription lasts 30 days. At the end of your subscription, you can withdraw your earnings and subscribe again, or walk away with everything you’ve earned.* ?‍♂

    *How easy is it to make money on Racksterly?*

    Making money on Racksterly is very easy.
    Sharing of Advert doesn’t take up to 1 minute and you get credited immediately after sharing.

    Register with the link above (Use google chrome)?, choose any subscription plan that suits your budget, make payment and start sharing Adverts. ?

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