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There are a lot of reasons why people want to get rich. These desires lead to starting a business and expecting the best. Thanks to the opportunity that the internet has provided, pretty much everyone can start a project and make money from it. The only downside is advertising, as a lot of ventures tend to end at this step.

Even if the idea is great and practical, it won’t work out unless you can get a lot of customers on board. Thus, it is only natural that these businesses are looking for methods to spread their brand awareness.

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These days, it seems nothing can hold a candle to influencer marketing. The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Influencer Marketing in 2019 by Oberlo is a good testimony on how popular it is. 

But reading only one article might not cut it for you. After all, there are a lot of things to cover on this subject and if you are serious about making the most with what you have, the information below will also be of great use to you.


1). Building a Network

Everything starts with a plan. In this case, though, it should be researching who your best options are for potential candidates.

The number of available influencers depends entirely on your niche. Of course, you could always try someone who does not focus on a specific industry but has a huge following as a whole. But then again, paying for this service will be a problem.

It is much better to find someone who is an authority in the industry and has a great engagement rate. Make a list of potential candidates and move on to the next step.


2). Getting Yourself Noticed

Now you might be thinking that it is much better to go ahead and directly send them a message. This strategy might work if you are targeting someone who does not have a lot of followers. On the other hand, if you are about to contact someone with a decent number of followers, chances are that you are going to get ignored.

Influencer marketing is changing, like everything else. These people do not have all day to look at the messages and emails they receive, especially if they are long. Time is money and all that. It would be better to butter up to them a bit before you make a contact.


3). Approaching The Influencer

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Similar to selling things on the internet, you need to sell yourself to the influencer. Start by engaging with their content. Leave relevant comments on their social media posts and blog articles. 

Who knows, you might be the one who gets a message from the influencer rather than the other way around. And this would give you a slight advantage in negotiating.


4). Sending the Proposal

When you feel the time is right, send he or she a proposal. If you can find an email address, use that instead of anything else. There is a good reason such information is available for everyone to see. The whole approach would look more professional.

As for the content of the proposal itself, it should not be too long. Just make sure to put the most important aspects of the message.


5). Building a Relationship

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A relationship should not disappear after the initial work is done. You need to maintain it for the future since finding another influencer might be too difficult. And it is always nice to work with someone you get along with, right?


6). Cooperating on Content

Influencers are masters of content creation, but you should still be included in the process. After all, it will be your products or services that are about to get advertised, and you only want what is best for you.

If possible, try to get the most out of originality and variety. A series of posts on Instagram will not be as effective as much as posting on multiple platforms and writing a guest post for a blog at the same time.


7). Do Not Limit Yourself (More Than One Influencer)

Once you see the impact an influencer has, you will want to start working with more than one. 

The process is more or less the same, as you will need to start from scratch and slowly build a relationship to a point where both parties are satisfied and eager to work together.


8). Follow Authorities In Your Industry (For News And Trends)

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There are bound to be new influencers on the rise. Thus, it is important to follow as many authorities in your industry and keep up with everything that is happening.

In all, if you have not had a chance to give influencer marketing a go but would love to, this article covers a lot of what you might need. And once you get the hang of things, you should be pretty good to go.