21+ Hobbies That Will Make You Money From Home In Nigeria & Africa

21+ Hobbies That Will Make You Money From Home In Nigeria & Africa | Image Source: Pixabay

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just stay at home all day (or for most of the day), but also make money while you’re at it?

A lot of people are constantly looking for ways to make money from home from what they already love to do: Their hobbies! But few have a clue on which hobbies to target or how to go about it.

If you’re part of the large majority who mostly don’t know how to make money without it feeling like too much work, here are 21+ hobbies that will make you money from home in Nigeria, Africa, and anywhere else around the world:

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1). Online Gaming:

Online gaming has gained huge popularity over the years with gamers on youtube, twitch, and the likes building a lot of followers who watch them play, while brands pay to promote their games on their profiles.

Some gamers earn as much as $10 million a year, and many others generate income in the region of hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

If you have a knack for gaming and spend most of your time doing it during the day, you can take a cue from the playbook of the successful gamers on these platforms and start the same trend.


2). Trading Stocks:

The stock market can build and destroy wealth, depending on how smart or naive the trader is. The best part is you don’t have to leave your home to trade stocks but just need to have a broker that places your trade on your behalf.

Depending on the companies you have a strong preference for, you could start trading in your country or could use popular trading apps to trade stocks in the US directly from wherever you are.

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3). Painting:

Whether you’re painting art on boards, walls, objects, or even digitally, thousands of people around the world have built up life savings from just being artists, and they work from home.

Depending on how great and unique your works are, you could earn anywhere from a few hundreds of dollars per project to thousands of dollars, and in some rare instances, millions of dollars.


4). Catering:

People in offices and homes who don’t have the energy to cook or go out to buy food sometimes subscribe to the food delivery service of caterers.

You could start a catering business from home and hire a dispatch rider to deliver it daily to your clients at the specific time they request it.


5). Sports Betting:

Sports betting creates overnight millionaires and also takes millionaires to below middle-class levels overnight. If you have a great ability for analysing sports results and are mostly always right, you could start a sports betting activity from your home and even help others interested in sports betting but aren’t too sure of the bets to make, manage their money for a fee or percentage of the profits.


6). Music Production:

Music producers used to need to so many types of equipment to start up, but today, all they need is a mic, sound card, speakers, and a laptop computer to make competitive beats and music productions.

If you’re a music producer, you could turn your home into a mini-studio for recording artistes, and also make and sell music beats to upcoming artistes offline and on the internet.

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7). Babysitting:

Most parents don’t have enough time to spend with their kids because they have to go to work, go on dates, vacations, and much more.

If you’re known in your neighbourhood as a person with great character and are someone who genuinely loves children, you could start a babysitting service and either babysit them from your home or go to the parent’s homes and babysit the kids while they’re away.


8). Interior Decoration:

If you have a knack for interior decoration, you could first start by redecorating your home to world-class design standards, showcasing how insanely talented you are on social media, then using your home as a track record to show the quality of skill you possess.

With this, you could start to charge people a fee to redecorate their homes and also earn an income from the purchase of the items.


9). Become A Makeup Artist:

Makeup artists could easily operate from home or at the client’s location. All you need to do is to first hone your makeup skills to great levels, post photos of makeup works you do online, and promote your art to as many people as possible.

You could do beauty makeup or cinematography makeup, but depending on which, you could run your office from home.


10). Renting Out A Part Of Your Apartment:

You could list your apartment or home on real estate platforms like Airbnb and co for people to pay a nightly fee to stay in a room. Depending on what part of the city your home is located, you could earn a considerably great amount of money in daily rent.

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11). Voice Acting:

People who create animation videos, documentaries and co seek out voice actors with great voices that match their needs. if you’re a talented voice actor, you could start selling your craft on platforms like Fiverr and the likes, or partner directly with videographers, animators, record studios, and TV producers to do voice-overs for their projects.


12). 3D Printing:

3D printing is getting increasingly popular worldwide, and while you don’t have to go the advanced route of 3D printing items used in the medical industry, you can start by first 3D printing personalize papercraft cake toppers that are usually used to decorate cakes.

There’s a huge opportunity around this as bakeries buy these items a lot from 3D printers and you could be one of them.


13). Professional Cleaning Service:

People who love cleaning and ensuring anywhere they are is always well organised and tidy at all times, could consider starting a home or corporate cleaning service, with their home as the office.

You can start this by first getting your friends to be your first clients, preparing a company profile/proposal, printing fliers, and visiting homes, neighbourhoods, and organisations to market your professional cleaning service.


14). Blogging:

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online because of the wide plethora of bloggers worldwide that have made millions of dollars, with many others making thousands of dollars monthly.

You could pick a niche you’ve expertise in and start a blog. When you have great content, you can start promoting it to as many people as possible, collecting emails, and remarketing to them.

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15). Photography:

You could start a portrait, model, product or other types of photography gigs right from your home for clients and also sell the large part of your private works on stock photography websites for a fee per download.

A website you can sell on is Deposit Photos, amongst others.


16). Become A Social Media Influencer:

Many successful social media influencers in various niches like comedy, business, and more have built up a large following base, and as a result, get a lot of brands whom occasionally post advertisements on their pages.

Most of these social media influencers work from home and earn thousands of dollars monthly.


17). Start A Youtube Channel:

Youtubing has become a popular way to earn thousands of dollars monthly because of the large number of successful YouTubers that are turning up daily.

With some earning millions of dollars yearly and the vast majority earning thousands of dollars yearly, you too could find a niche, work your butt off to be one of the best in that niche, promote your channel, and eventually earn from sponsorships, youtube ads, and also marketing your own merchandise.


18). Writing & Editing:

By registering on online freelance platforms like Fiverr, you can get a lot of writing and editing gigs that would earn you up to $200 pr more per job. Some people execute up to 100 tasks monthly, and that multiplied by $200 is $20,000 a month.

19). Programming:

Software engineers can build mobile or web applications from home with the hope that it truly solves a problem, will change people’s lives, will get thousands of people signed up, and will eventually make them millionaires.

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Asides launching apps, programmers could also work on people’s projects from home and get paid a fee per project which could range from $100 to well over $50,000 per project.


20). Online Fitness Instructor:

Online fitness instructing is one of the most popular niches on social media, and as a result, many fitness instructors are gaining millions of followers and earning thousands of dollars promoting sponsored products on their pages, selling online courses, and being fitness consultants for hundreds of people over the internet.


21). Crafting:

You could craft products like baskets, artworks, and other homemade items and sell them on the internet on online marketplaces like Etsy, Jumia, Konga, and the likes.


22). Errand Service:

Most people need an extra hand to help them run all sorts of errands. If you’re mostly at home, you can offer this service to companies and residents who live close to your house and let them know your business can run the errands that they want to be done during the day.


What are your thoughts on these 21+ hobbies that will make you money in Nigeria or Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.