7 Ways To Get Your Parents to Support Your Decision To Be An Entrepreneur

7 Ways To Get Your Parents to Support Your Decision To Be An Entrepreneur

Most parents in the 21s century are not successful entrepreneurs, but rather people who have built their lives around the white-collar industry. For those who run businesses, very of them are very successful, some are moderately successful, and the remaining are using the proceeds of their investments to literally survive in the society.

With most parents haven had a rough life and known so many people in their lives who ran businesses but never achieved true success, they panic whenever their kids walk up to them and say they want to become entrepreneurs.

Whenever this question pops, many of them go into panic mode. I had an even worse experience several years ago, and am glad today that I took the decision irrespective of what my parents wanted for me.

If you’re young, straight out of the university, and are planning to start a business of your own, here’s how to convince your parents to support your decision to be an entrepreneur:

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1). Determine What Business You Want To Start Up:

The first thing is to find the right business idea you intend to start up based on what works and can guarantee a quicker cash flow, rather than what just sounds amazing and has a higher level of uncertainty. The reason is at the start of your entrepreneurship career, you need a constant source of income before you go on to chase extreme risks, and so, solving this by first venturing into a business that’s better guaranteed to enable you generate revenues quicker will tend to improve the chances of your parents supporting your dreams.


2). Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet:

If you already have a job, don’t quit it just yet. While I never worked for anyone, the same scenario may not necessarily work for you, and so, it’s important you hold on to the job as a source of pocket-money pending when you’ve fully set up the business, have a few paying customers, and are certain that you’re burning less cash for better results.

When your parents know you’ll hold on to the job which they so dearly want you to have, they’d be more comfortable supporting your entrepreneurial dreams.

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3). Have A Heart-To-Heart Conversation With Your Parents:

Next you should sit down with your parents and let them know all you’ve planned out for your life. Let them know the course you intend to chart and make them understand that nothing can change your decision to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is for the strong-hearted, as you cannot run off when the storm hits the boat. You must make a firm decision to ride the wave and have a stance that no one can scare you off on.


4). Keep Them Updated:

Since your parents are probably already worried that you want to risk your future by venturing into entrepreneurship, let them know your progress rate every step of the way. This way, they’ll be more relaxed knowing exactly what’s happening and will tend to also bring in suggestions that could help you move forward.

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5). Prove Yourself:

The final bout that’ll give your parents the ultimate confidence to completely support your entrepreneurial dreams is to prove yourself and eventually grow a successful small business. When this happens, they’d be more than comfortable and will support you all the way till your business becomes a large thriving entity that almost anyone can reckon with.


What are your thoughts on these 5 ways to get your parents to support your entrepreneurship dreams? Let me know by leaving a comment below.