10 business ideas you can grow after everyday after work

10 business ideas you can grow after every day after work

Working full time can be both tiring and rewarding. You handle various tasks at the office, hang out with colleagues, and most of all, grow someone else’s dream with every passing day. While the pay may be good (or not), nothing can be more rewarding than running a profitable business of your own.

What you do every day after work is crucial, both to your self-fulfilment and financial future.

If you plan on ever owning a large business with people working for you and ensuring your success, then your after-work time must be utilised in the smartest way possible.

Starting a business you can handle in the evenings even if you’re working full time, is a bold decision in the right direction by any individual. With hundreds of small business ideas you can explore, picking the right one that matches your passion and is also potentially profitable will determine how soon it can turn into a full-time venture.

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If you’re thinking of starting your own business, here are 10 profitable small business ideas you can grow every day after 4 or 5 P.M:


1). Graphics Design:

Every organisation, campaign, person, and several others, need the services of a graphics designer one way or the other. If you’re trying to startup a new business, you need a graphics designer for your logo, complimentary cards, and letter headed papers. If you’re planning a wedding, you need a designer for your wedding card. In almost every activity that’s carried out, a graphics designer is mostly always consulted.

If you have a flare for design and are naturally creative, you can learn how to use Adobe photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and any other design software. If you can’t learn on your own, attending a design school (usually for three months) will help you learn how to use these tools.

With great design skills, you can always work on freelance jobs every time you’re home after the work day. You can spend the next 3 hours working on your freelance gigs before retiring to bed in preparation for the next workday.

It’s important that you only venture into graphics design if you’re a creative individual. If you’re aware of an inherent lack of creativity in you, find something else to do.


2). Web & Mobile App Development:

Over 80% of Nigerian businesses still don’t have a website. This saturated lack poses a large opportunity for web and mobile developers.

By pitching businesses that have poor web user experiences or no websites at a moderate cost, you can gradually build a portfolio that will serve as a great reference to poach larger companies.

With advanced skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and at least one server side programming language (e.g PHP), you can start a web and mobile app design business that operates from 5 P.M.

This is one of the most specialised business ideas you can execute after work. Before you think of becoming a web or mobile app developer, you must first be darn good in web markup and programming languages.

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3). Professional Writing:

Professional writing in select niches has proven overtime to be a great source of income to thousands of freelance writers. With various writing categories ranging from Authorship to being an editor, copywriting, transcription, and translation, the opportunities in professional writing only seems to get more lucrative.

By guest writing for various online magazines, publishing a book, or writing academic materials for students after your work day, you can earn considerably more income than the average worker.

As your professional writing business grows, your client base would expand, and your income would eventually render your salary useless.

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4). Internet Marketing:

Internet markers use online resources through advertising and various other marketing strategies to drive sales and engagement with specific brands and web shops.

The internet marketer largely makes use of Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, and more to generate leads for their clients.

If you possess a strong knowledge of internet marketing, you can first take on small businesses to help them grow their revenues via online digital tools. With every success recorded, you add a new client you can use in your sales pitch, till you land a large client.

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5). Tax Preparation:

The beginning of every year always screams “Tax Season” for all businesses. This is the period when businesses start to account for their revenues in the last year to determine what they’re remitting back to the government. Because these tax payments are inevitable, tax preparation has become a large industry with the likes of KPMG and Deloitte topping the industry in Nigeria.

As an experienced chartered accountant, you can help small businesses prepare their books for the tax season at a far lower cost than regular businesses would.

This is one of the most profitable small business ideas you can grow every day after work.


6). Blogging:

Blogging has gradually become a lucrative revenue stream for thousands of individuals. With successful million dollar bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Mashable, TMZ, and many more raking in thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of dollars monthly, the model has more than proved itself as viable.

Pick a niche that’s unique, would add value to people’s lives, and that you’re highly experienced at. For instance, you could start a food blog to teach people how to prepare tasty meals, a handyman blog to teach people how to fix things, or a romance blog to teach people how to stay faithful in their relationships.

If what you blog about is something you have a passion for, you’d be able to follow through everyday after work, and gradually build an audience.

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7). Tutoring Service:

A lot of parents hire home tutors to teach their kids in most evenings. This population of parents are largely those whose kids are still in primary school. The rest are those whose kids are in secondary school.

Taking advantage of the tutoring market to grow your income is great for anyone who intends to someday own a tutoring centre or a school.

You can visit websites like PrepClass to sign up as one of their tutors. This will help you reach a wider base of parents that could quickly hire you for your tutoring services.

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8). Babysitting:

Nannies are always in high demand; especially since most parents are not always around to take care of their kids, because of their tight work schedule.

You could take an after work babysitting job to take care of a family’s kids when they’re back from school, till when the parents arrive late at night.

This form of babysitting is a good way to approach a daycare business. From what you’d learn, you’d understand better how to care for kids, meet a lot of parents, and establish key relationships. When you’re ready to setup a daycare, you could reach out to your connections to let them know about your service.


9). Personal Trainer:

Most post-birth women, obese women, and simply over-sized women are desperately looking for quick ways to shed their weight. The bulk of these ladies work till 5 P.M, and only have time to visit a gym after they get home beyond 6 P.M. Upon getting home from work, they’re simply too tired and lack the required motivation to head out, that they push their workout hopes to the next day; and the cycle never ends.

The only way these ladies can workout, is if a personal trainer comes over to their homes to take them for a spin. Without the trainer’s presence, they’d only keep wishing they could reduce in size.

Some workers are not just physically fit, but also muscular. If you fall into this category, you can take on clients every evening after work, within a one hour interval. In 3 hours, you could be done, so you can prepare for the next day’s work.

Starting out as a personal trainer can build up to eventually setting up a standard gym.

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10). Bakery/Catering:

Here’s one lucrative venture. If you live in Nigeria, have you ever visited a Cakes and Cream store before? If you have, then you must have noticed the excessive crowd that’s always trying to buy or book a cake for an occasion, birthday, or other purposes. The crowd in these stores show the level of demand for baked meals that people have.

You could setup a catering service or bakery in a commercial area, and put people there to oversee it. Then you have marketers visit nearby vicinities, offices, and more to let them know of your service by sharing flyers, brochures, and even samples.

After work everyday, you should visit your store to monitor the progress, and also work on other menu items ordered for.

As people get to know about your business, the demand and customer base would gradually rise. Over a long period of time, your business would become a household name in that community.


To Sum It Up

These profitable small business ideas are great ventures salary earners could start till they eventually out-earn their jobs. Picking any of these business ideas can get you started in your entrepreneurial journey.


What are your thoughts on these 10 small business ideas you can grow every day after work? Let me know by leaving a comment below.