How Bad Reviews Can Damage The Online Reputation Of Any Business

How Bad Reviews Can Damage The Online Reputation Of Any Business

Billions of people around the world experience a form of service delivery from one business or the other everyday. While some customer experiences are great, others are fair, and several others, terribly disastrous. These experiences put words in the mouth of customers, and can be either positive or negative.

Most businesses deliver a terrible customer service without caring about the consequences. They often wonder; “after all, what harm can this one customer do?”. What they fail to realise is the fact that the real danger is not in the bad reviews they’d have to tell their friends about your business, but rather, the bad reviews disgruntled customers could leave on popular review sites like VConnect.

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The danger in having bad reviews about your business online, is the whole world can get to see what that one customer said about your business, and ultimately make their purchasing decisions based on just that comment.

While a great online review can build your online reputation, bad reviews do nothing but destroy both the online and offline brand reputation you have managed to build over a long period of time.

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What Really Can A Customer Legally Say About Your Business?

Angry customers reserve the right to say terrible things about any small business that treats them unfairly. Sometimes, the treatment a business gives a customer may not entirely be bad, but customers reacting emotionally would view it in that light and decide to slander the business online.

While slanders and libels are untrue statements made about a particular brand, true statements worse than a typical slander can tarnish your company’s reputation because, a lot of people would search out online reviews on VConnect and other related websites on the internet, before they decide if your business is truly trustworthy.

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How Best Can You Resolve Bad Reviews Written About Your Business OnThe Internet?

Bad reviews should be avoided at all costs. But when they occur inevitably, it’s important you follow a set of rules to ensure you make the customer who left the review and prospects searching out information about your business on the internet, trust you more.

Here are 4 ways you can resolve a bad review left on VConnect or any other consumer review website about your business:

1). Become an active member of the online review community:

To show that your brand truly cares, you need to sign up on reputable review sites like VConnect, so you can respond to consumer complaints and reviews in real time. Doing this builds trust and makes a large number of people researching your business online take you a lot more seriously.

2).Revamp your products and services:

Assess the products and services you currently sell and highlight those that consumers have the largest problems with. Improving your products and services helps you meet the current market demand in real time, and also helps you to only deliver a top experience.

3). Offer a refund or product swap:

Unhappy customers mostly leave bad reviews not just to vent, but sometimes in a bid to hope the business being written about would make efforts to fix their disappointments. Through offering to improve the service or change the bad products your existing customers got, you can give prospects the confidence they need to try out your business.

4). Report Fake Reviews:

Lastly, if you sense a libel or slander, you can report it to VConnect or take up legal action against the individual who posted the comment in a bid to save your reputation.


What are your thoughts on how bad reviews can damage any business? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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