Diesel Suppliers In Lagos, Lekki | AGO Suppliers In Lagos, Nigeria

Diesel Suppliers In Lagos, Lekki | AGO Suppliers In Lagos, Nigeria

The Leading Diesel Fuel Distributor In Lagos, Nigeria In Diesel

Startup Tips Daily Media, through her sister company, Globexia Limited, is the leading diesel fuel distributor in Lagos, Nigeria and across the South Western part of Nigeria. We are one of the top diesel suppliers in Lagos, Nigeria and also a leading distributor for other petroleum products for the commercial, industrial, and agricultural industries.

At Globexia Limited, we have all your diesel supply needs covered. Diesel supply in Lagos, Nigeria, delivered to your location is what we do! As one of the most affordable and largest diesel suppliers in Lagos, Lekki, and across Nigeria, we have the personnel, equipment, and knowledge necessary to supply diesel to your offices, homes, tanks, and doorsteps.

When you work with Globexia Limited, you will discover our difference — customer service. You can rest easy knowing that our diesel supply team will treat your business as an extension of our family. With experience as one of the top diesel suppliers in Lagos, Lekki, and across Nigeria, Globexia Limited has the fuel solutions to quickly supply affordable diesel anywhere in Lagos, Nigeria to you.


We Put The Customer First

With a customer-first mindset, Globexia Limited has become one of the top-rated diesel suppliers in Lagos, Nigeria and the South Western part of Nigeria. We accomplish this by providing a high-quality service by supplying diesel in Lagos to our clients at affordable costs and on time, and in the process build long-term relationships with our customers.

Our experienced sales professionals and customer service teams have the tools, experience, and attention to detail that you deserve to enable us to carry out a diesel supply to your organisation, home, or doorstep. Our goal is to ensure every customer has their diesel supply needs met, and has a first-class experience. With our 24/7 dispatch, Globexia Limited is not just the largest and most efficient diesel supplier in Lagos, but is always ready to take care of your diesel or AGO needs!

We supply the highest quality diesel at affordable costs to any location within Lagos, Nigeria, and some South Western parts of Nigeria.


Types Of Customers We Supply Diesel To In Lagos, Nigeria

1). Hospitals: 

We supply diesel to private and government hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria. Depending on what volumes are required, we can guarantee monthly supplies to your hospital at specified intervals.

2). Restaurants: 

We supply diesel to restaurants across Lagos, Nigeria. Depending on your needs, we can supply weekly to your restaurant to cover your diesel supply needs.

3). Hotels: 

Hotels require constant electricity, and so, we are one of the largest diesel suppliers for hotels in Nigeria. We can supply diesel consistently to your hotel on a regular basis.

4). Manufacturing Firms: 

Manufacturing firms are heavy consumers of electricity, and so, require constant large diesel supplies to their organisations. We can supply diesel to your factory on a regular weekly and monthly basis.

5). Mining Sites: 

Mines need diesel to power their mining equipment in remote areas. We can supply diesel to mines located in areas that are out of reach to other suppliers.

6). Private Organisations: 

Private organisations need diesel to be supplied to them on a frequent basis. We can supply diesel to your organisation on a regular basis.

7). Government Organisations: 

Government organisations, parastatals, and facilities require a constant supply of diesel to run their operations. Globexia Limited can guarantee a constant supply of diesel to these organisations.


Affordable Diesel Suppliers In Lagos, Lekki, South West, Surrounding States, & Across Nigeria

Our success in supplying diesel in Lagos has paved the way for us to extend our service area to our surrounding states in the South West and Nigeria as a whole. Globexia Limited can supply diesel in at least 10 states in Nigeria. We are affordable diesel suppliers in Lagos, Lekki, and Nigeria, and will always give the best competitive diesel price in Nigeria today to our clients.


Our Progressive Approach

Globexia Limited is constantly improving in order to stay on the cutting edge of fuel technology and to continue to provide the kind of premium service our customers expect. We strive to provide prompt and courteous diesel supply in Lagos, Nigeria. At Globexia Limited, we are committed to making the customer have the best experience possible when dealing with our team, as our goal is to become one of the most reliable and affordable diesel suppliers in Lagos, Nigeria, if not the best!


Our 5 Proven Diesel Supply Process In Lagos, Nigeria

Step 1: Customer Contacts Globexia

Here, Globexia Limited takes the client’s request to determine the best way to handle the request.

Step 2: Customer Receives Quote From Globexia

Based on the current price of diesel at the time the inquiry is made, the customer will get a highly competitive quote and delivery timeline from Globexia.

Step 3: Customer Issues LPO And Places A Bank Payment Guarantee

After the client has agreed on the price and timeline with Globexia Limited, the client issues a Local Purchase Order (LPO) and places a bank payment guarantee on behalf of Globexia Limited.

Step 4: Globexia Delivers The Diesel To The Client

Upon receipt of the LPO and confirmation of the bank payment guarantee, Globexia Limited loads and delivers the diesel to the customer’s supply location.

Step 5: Customer’s Bank Pays Globexia

After a successful delivery, the client’s bank pays Globexia Limited for the diesel delivery made to the client.

Step 6: Delivery Continues

Depending on what was agreed between the customer and Globexia Limited, Globexia Limited can continue a constant daily, weekly, or monthly delivery to the client as agreed.


How To Broker Diesel Supplies Through Globexia Limited

As one of the most reliable and affordable diesel suppliers in Lagos, Nigeria, we’re constantly looking to get diesel brokers to join our facilitator team for a commission on every successful delivery. You can contact us via +234 808 0888 162 or via email at stanley.edom@globexia.com to join our diesel supply brokerage team for a commission from Globexia Limited per delivery done to any client introduced by you.

The more clients introduced, the more commissions earned by each successful diesel broker with Globexia Limited.


Do You Need The Top Diesel Suppliers In Lagos To Make A Delivery ASAP?

Globexia Limited can quickly deliver affordable diesel in both small and large quantities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to your office, home, or doorstep. We are also equipped and positioned to help you in the event of an emergency.

As an experienced full-service diesel supplier in Lagos, Nigeria, Globexia Limited is committed to first-class customer service, superior products, and safety. We specialize in on-site, 24-hours diesel supply service in Lagos and several parts of South Western Nigeria.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a risk-free quote or to find out more about our diesel supply service in Lagos Nigeria. We’ll always give you the most affordable diesel price in Nigeria today.


Ready To Let Globexia Limited Handle Your Diesel Supply Needs In Lagos, Nigeria?

You can contact our office for a quick and risk-free quote from the most affordable diesel suppliers in Lagos, Nigeria today at +234 808 0888 162 or send an email to stanley.edom@globexia.com.


Our Diesel Supply Offer Within Lagos, Nigeria

Price: Negotiable (highly competitive)

Delivery Type: Trucking delivery to homes, offices, factories, petrol stations, tanks, mines, and more.

Delivery Location: Within Lagos, Nigeria.

Payment Method: Bank Guarantee (7 to 14 days deferred payment allowed)

Order Volume: Minimum of 10,000 litres

Delivery Time: 24 hours to 7 days after confirmation of Bank Guarantee


Our Contact Details:

Supplier: Globexia Limited

WhatsApp/Tel: +234 808 0888 162

Email: stanley.edom@globexia.com


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