20+ Lucrative Waste Management Business Ideas & Opportunities In Nigeria

20+ Lucrative Waste Management Business Ideas In Nigeria | Image Source: Pexels

The waste management business is one with a plethora of opportunities in its industry. Thousands of businesses operate within several niches in its space, and they all go on to serve a varying number of clients seeking different solutions to their waste management problems. A waste management business is different to a normal office job, for example, the computers that they use would be completely different. As the computer workstations that are used in this type of business have been designed to survive harsh working conditions, if you would like to know more about these systems then you could go to a website like cksglobal.net to give you more information.

With opportunities ranging from garbage collection to plastic recycling, mobile toilet rentals, and many more, here are 20+ waste management business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria:


1). Start A Plastic Recycling Plant:

The plastic recycling business is one of the most common recycling niches in Nigeria and many other places around the world. The wide use and demand for recycled plastics in manufacturing chairs, nylon bags, and much more makes it a lucrative waste management business idea to invest in.

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2). Start A Waste Collection Centre:

Waste collection centers are popular in many parts of the world. Here, consumers go over to submit their waste products for a small fee as payment, which are then further resold to companies who need them or to city dumps.


3). Start A Scrap Metal Depot:

Scrap metals go for higher prices in the market than plastic bottles. Their demand is large, and scavengers always have a better preference for them when seeking waste products to sell.

By starting a scrap metal depot, you can reach out to a network of scavengers or people living in a neighborhood with the promise of small payments upon the delivery of qualified scrap metals they collect.


4). Start A Bio-Fuel Production Business:

Bio-fuel is an oil commodity that is made from waste products. Just like kerosene, petrol, or diesel, it can be used to power large machinery. Its ease of production and widespread use makes it a valuable alternative source of fuel in many parts of the world.

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5). Start The Sale Of Waste Management Equipment:

While the waste management industry is a broad one, equipment and machinery are used in its smooth operation no matter what niche a company plays in. You can take advantage of this opportunity by first determining the niche you can quickly build a strong network with, and so, go on to market equipment and machinery to them.

You can take advantage of this opportunity by first determining the sub-sector you can quickly build a strong network with, and so, go on to market equipment and machinery to them.


6). Start The Cleaning Of Tanks, Ships, and Large Containers:

Many companies in the oil and gas industry engage in the cleaning of vessels. Asides the oil and gas industry, some people specialize in the cleaning of tanks and large containers.

By identifying the target market you want to pursue, you could start up a storage cleaning business. Cleaning ships and vessels could be one of your best bets yet.


7). Start A Rubber Collection & Recycling Plant:

Rubber can be recycled into a variety of several other items like floor surfaces, railroad tiles, high-quality plastic, and a whole lot more. By starting a rubber collection and recycling plant, you can recycle rubber into a variety of several other products which could in-turn be sold for profits.


8). Start A Mobile Toilet Rental Business:

This is one business that took people by surprise in Nigeria in the late 90s and early 2000s, as companies into the rental of mobile toilets for occasions and events were in extremely high demand at the time.

While the market has since grown exponentially and more competitive, it still remains a lucrative venture for anyone with a wide network of event planners and organizers to venture into.


9). Start A Residential Garbage Collection Business:

Residential environments are always looking for more ways to keep their environments clean at the lowest possible cost. You could do this by starting a low-cost garbage collection business and market your services to people living in estates and several other serene environments.


10). Start A Waste Management Blog:

With so much going on in the waste management industry, starting a waste management blog to cover the latest news, trends, business ideas, and more in the sector is another waste management business idea to venture into.

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11). Start An Electronic Waste Collection & Recycling Plant:

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, are items that are highly sort after by manufacturers of electronics. They constantly seek people and organizations who can supply them with old televisions, radios, and more, to be recycled and refactored into their production process.


12). Start A Medical and Toxic Waste Disposal Business:

Rising medical wastes like syringes, cotton wools, bandages, and a whole lot more with few credible sources to dispose of them is an ever increasing concern for hospitals and clinics. You could research what license you need to operate in this industry, and ensure you’re well grounded and prepared to help hospitals solve their medical waste issues without creating public health concerns.


13). Start A Disposable Waste Bag Manufacturing Business:

Disposable waste bags are used in so many homes around the world to dispose of wastes generated in the home. With its widespread use and ever-growing market base, you could start your waste management business career by first manufacturing disposable waste bags.


14). Start A Professional Cleaning Service:

While this may sound a bit off the waste management business ideas list, starting a professional cleaning service is also another waste management business idea to venture into. It involves keeping a residential or corporate environment clean, and a whole lot of companies and individuals are constantly on the lookout for people who can deliver.

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15). Start A Used Oil Recycling Collection Business:

Oil used in factories, snacks, and homes, can also be used in the manufacture of bio-fuel. You can go to these locations and ask to buy their used or remnant oils, in a bid to resell them to manufacturers of bio-fuel.


16). Start A Paper Recycling Business:

While paper has a vast number of uses, old and disposed paper can be recycled into tissue paper. With the constant daily use of tissue paper by almost everyone around the world, recycling old paper into tissue paper is a great bet.

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17). Start An Oil Spill Clean Up Service:

Oil producing nations usually experience a form of oil spillage or the other. In Nigeria, it is said that it would take about 30 years for the oil spillage ruins in the Niger Delta region to be cleaned, thereby creating a massive business opportunity for any organization who chooses to venture into the business.

With the average oil spillage contract ranging from 5 to 25 years, starting an oil spill cleanup service in countries like Nigeria can be a great bet to make.


18). Start A Used Clothes Recycling Business:

Used clothes can be recycled into various items like rugs, mattresses, and a lot more. They can also be resold to people who have smaller shopping budgets than the average person.

You can collect or purchase used clothes to be recycled or simply resold. The better the quality of the clothing, the more valuable it will be perceived.


19). Start An Industrial Waste Disposal Business:

Factories generate an enormous amount of industrial waste. Most of them don’t have anything to do with them, and so, are always on the lookout for businesses they can pay to regularly pick up their wastes.

With a truck, you could start an industrial waste collection business, charge a fee for every pickup, and possibly sell the waste to organizations with a potential to recycle them.

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20). Start A Battery Recycling Business:

Old batteries can be collected, recycled, and still resold in the market. You could start a business of collecting old or dead batteries and selling them to companies who would bring them back to life for resale.


21). Start A Construction Waste Recycling Business:

After every major construction, there’s always a lot of waste products like nails, concrete, wood, aluminum, broken ceramic tiles, and much more lying around. Your organization could engage in the cleanup of these construction sites, separate the waste products, and resell them to people who need them.

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To Sum It Up

There’s a vast number of waste management business ideas to be explored. But venturing only into one you have a complete understanding of and can easily build a supply chain network around, can determine how successful or not your business will be.


What are your thoughts on these 20+ waste management business ideas and opportunities in Nigeria? Let me know by leaving a comment below.