How To Start Plantain Chips Business In Nigeria

How To Start Plantain Chips Business In Nigeria | Image Source: Eatwell101

Plantain chips, also known as sweet banana chips, are popular snacks that are sold in almost every traffic and street corner in Nigeria, especially Lagos. They’re a very tasty snack and are mostly made from unripe plantains, packaged, and sold through distributors who go around traffic centres to spot hungry buyers looking for a quick snack or two to consume.

The plantain chips market is vast and highly profitable for entrants, as they can start with as little as 20,000 Naira and build a profitable business quickly that generates a recurring monthly revenue.

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With a large motorist market and people buying form kiosks in marketplaces, schools, and more, venturing into the plantain chips business in Nigeria is a great small business move to make for people with little startup capital.

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What Is The Plantain Chips Business In Nigeria About?

The plantain chips business involves the production of plantain chips from largely unripe plantains for sale to motorists, individuals, and very busy people in marketplaces.


Business Opportunities In The Plantain Chips Business Around The World

The primary business opportunity in the plantain chips business is its retail value for food as a quick snack that can be consumed in any location; making it a hot selling commodity.

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Facts And Benefits Of The Plantain Chips Business In Nigeria

  • Plantain chips are a great source of quick food.
  • A source of employment.
  • The plantain chips business requires very little startup capital.
  • Plantain chips production involves the use of very little equipment.
  • You can start plantain chips business in your home kitchen.
  • Plantain chips have an extremely large market in Nigeria.
  • You don’t need to be the manufacturer to sell your own branded plantain chips.

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How To Make Plantain Chips In Nigeria

Making plantain chips is very cost effective, causing the margins to be higher than many other small-scale businesses as long as you can sell a certain number of units daily. Starting with just 20,000 Naira, you can eventually make about 1,000 packs of plantain chips to be sold at 100 Naira each. The faster they sell out, the better it is for your business.

So What Do You Need To Make Plantain Chips?

  • Ripe or unripe Plaintain
  • Salt
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Pepper (this is optional)
  • Banana (this is optional)
  • Ginger (this is optional)
  • Garlic (this is optional)

The optional ingredients above are only present to give the plantain chips a unique taste or flavour, so you can sell them in separate types of nylons.

How To Make Plantain Chips: Step By Step Guide

  • Step One: Wash, peel, and slice the plantains into a bowl of water — When you do this, you should use a slicer to make the plantains equal.
  • Step Two: Add salt and any other ingredient to the peeled plantains and stir them for even circulation, then sieve out the water.
  • Step Three: The next step is to heat up the vegetable oil and fry the plantains, but with caution to ensure they don’t get too brownish.
  • Step Four: Package and brand your plantain chips in various sizes to be sold per flavour and/or size.

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How To Market Your Plantain Chips Business In Nigeria

While there are a wide plethora of ways to market your plantain chips business in Nigeria, the most effective are listed below:

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  • Distribute your branded plantain chips on credit basis to small and large supermarkets or grocery stores.
  • Sell the branded plantain chips at schools.
  • Sell the branded plantain chips through traders in traffic.
  • Sell the branded plantain chips through kiosks.

It is important that you brand your plantain chips so that if people love the way it tastes, they’d always look out to buy the plantain chips that carry your brand pack.

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Challenges Of The Plantain Chips Business In Nigeria

Some of the challenges of the plantain chips business in Nigeria and many parts of Africa include:
  1. Lack of experience.
  2. Unstable government policies affecting the sale of FMCGs.
  3. Financial challenges.
  4. Marketing challenges.
  5. Poorly managed supply chain.

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The plantain chips business in Nigeria can be a Lucrative and profitable venture, due to its vast market demands and on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. If you’re looking for a business to venture into, the plantain chips business in Nigeria is another option to explore.


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What are your thoughts on how to start a plantain chips business in Nigeria or Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.