How To Start A Lucrative Mango Farming Business In Nigeria: The Complete Guide

How To Start Mango Farming In Nigeria Or Africa: The Complete Guide
How To Start Mango Farming In Nigeria Or Africa: The Complete Guide | Image Source: Pixabay

Mangos were originally naturally found in many parts of Asia, but are now consumed all over the world.

The cultivation of mangoes is believed to have first started in South Asia for thousands of years, and later extended to Southeast Asia between the fifth and the fourth centuries BCE. Around the 10th century CE, cultivation had begun in East Africa.

India is the world’s largest mango producing nation. The production rate in India exceeds 18 million tonnes, and accounts for about 50% of the global mango supply.

In Africa, Nigeria is the largest producer of mangoes with over 900,000 tonnes of mangoes produced yearly, placing the country among the world’s top ten mango producing nations. Although high in production, Nigeria’s mango market is still low in exportation and industrial utility. And this is largely because the tropical fruit is not getting all the industrial insights and export attention it needs.

With a large production rate, yearly recurring harvests, an opportunity for processing, and a prospective international market, venturing into the mango farming business can be a great long-term agro investment to make.

If you’re looking for how to start mango farming in Nigeria or anywhere else around the world, you can read on.

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What Is Mango?

Mango is a tropical stone fruit (drupe) produced from numerous species of tropical trees belonging to the flowering plant genus Mangifera. It is a juicy fruit which exists in numerous species that have various shapes, but the two prominent ones being an oval shape and the shape of a large bean seed.


What Is Mango Farming?

Mango farming refers to the process of planting and growing a mango tree from the seed to maturity, where it begins to bear fruits. The mango tree takes a few years to mature after planting, but it will keep bearing fruits at various intervals for several years.

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Business Opportunities In Mango Farming

1). Food Production:

Mango can be used as part of the recipe in the preparation of various meals.

2). Juice Production:

Mango juice is one of the most widely produced and consumed types of fruit juices worldwide.

3). Skin Treatment Products:

Mango is a vital ingredient when it comes to the production of some types of skin-care products. It’s used to cleanse the skin from deep inside the body and can be used to treat pores and give a glow to the skin.

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Facts And Benefits Of Mango

  • Mangoes help facilitate digestion
  • Intake of mangoes aid weight loss
  • Mangoes are a healthy digestion
  • Mangoes are rich in natural sugars
  • Alphonso Mango is known as the best type of mango.
  • There are more than a thousand different varieties of mangoes worldwide.
  • The English word, “mango”, originated from the Malayalam word māṅṅa or mangga during the period of spice trade with South India in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • Mango trees are long-lived. Some specimens still fruit after 300 years.
  • Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, which is good for the eyes
  • Mangoes are high in carbohydrates
  • The seed part of a mango is called stone

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How To Start A Mango Farming Business In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

1). Acquire Mango Species: 

Since there are many varieties of mangoes, you start mango farming by first determining the specific species you want to cultivate.

Some popularly known species in Nigeria include the German mango, commonly known as opioro mango. This type of mango possesses an ever-green outer covering and sweet inner flesh.

There are also several other kinds of mangoes which grow under different conditions.

2). Choose location:

Choosing the right location to establish a mango farm is important as Mango trees only grow in certain types of soils, especially sandy loam soil.

The mango farm should be set up in an environment with favourable weather conditions and openness to the market for better functions.

3). Land Preparation: 

The farmland should be adequately cleared of all unwanted materials which could hinder plant growth and to till the earth to enable easy root penetration by the plant.

4). Planting: 

The mango seeds should be sown at the beginning of the rainy season and watered about three to four times a week, especially in times of drought or rain scarcity.

Watering can be done till the mango trees are grown to average maturity, where the roots have grown deep and are capable of drawing water.

5). Pruning: 

To enable proper plant growth and maximizing productivity, there should be proper pruning, which should be done by cutting off dead or unproductive branches and trimming the growing ones. 

6). Fertilization: 

The fertilizer should be spread directly beneath the leaf drip line and watered into the soil. Fertilize once a month for young trees, and if you must, fertilize three to four times a year for larger trees. The fertilization amounts vary depending on the tree size.

7). Harvesting: 

Pruning should be done soon after harvest

8). Pests And Diseases Control: 

Pests and diseases are not much of a challenge to mango farming. Nevertheless, this should be regulated using plant pesticide

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Challenges Of Mango Farming In Nigeria

Here are some challenges that can affect starting mango farming in Nigeria, Africa, or many other places around the world:

  • It takes several years to mature
  • Requires a lot of hard work in harvesting
  • Lack of government support
  • Lack of funding for large scale production
  • Lack of a highly favourable industrialized market
  • Lack of highly equipped storage facilities 
  • Lack of efficient production mechanisms
  • Absence of a vast ready market
  • Poor funding of research activities
  • Bush burning
  • Lack of easy access to the international market
  • Lack of adequate widespread knowledge on how to produce high-quality products
  • Lack of funds to import international standard processing machinery
  • Thieves and criminals

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To Sum It Up

The mango farming business in Nigeria can be a lucrative and profitable venture to start-up, due to its vast market demand and on your own ability to build a wide supply chain network. If you’re looking for a farming business to venture into, the mango farming business in Nigeria is a great option to explore.

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What are your thoughts on how to start a mango farming business in Nigeria or Africa? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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