How To Start Jam Production In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide

How To Start Jam Production In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide | Image Source: Pexels

Jam production goes as far back as 1 AD when it was simply used as a simple fruit storage method.

In recent times, jams has gained more value as seen in world statistics, where France is the world’s leading jam producing, exporting, and consuming country.

France produces about $415 million worth of jam which is approximately more than 10% of the global jam export. Not only is France, the world’s largest jam producing country, but it is also a significant consumer. According to research, about 70% of French people purchase jams approximately 7 times a year.

Other major jam producers include Italy, Germany, Spain, and many more.

Nigeria is a jam consuming country as people eat the food-based product by using it as a spread on other food items like bread, but rarely produces the product despite having a large ready market, access to raw materials, and the ability to produce and deliver at cheaper rates than foreign imported jam products.

If you’re looking for a commodity to invest in that has a high prospect locally and can profitable dow-price the foreign-made alternatives, starting jam production in Nigeria is a great route to take.

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What Is Jam?

Jam is a sweet soft food made by squeezing and cooking fruits together with sugar for preservation. Jam is best enjoyed when eaten with bread, dessert shortcakes, and others, but it also has other uses.


What Is Jam Production?

Jam production is the total activity involved in extracting jelly from fruits and preserving it for personal consumption or commercial purposes.


Business Opportunities In Jam Production

1). Production Of Drinks:

Due to its sweetness and natural flavour, jam is used as an added ingredient in the production of various drinks like smoothies, yoghurt, and different others

2). Cakes And Pastries Production:

Jam is used in the production of various cakes and pastries.

3). Dessert Flavor:

Jam is a natural flavour for various kinds of food, providing extra quality to their tastes, therefore, increasing its value.

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Facts And Benefits Of Jam

  • Jam is an amazing source of energy due to its high sugar content
  • Jam helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Jam quickly replenishes lost energy when ingested
  • Jam keeps you full for longer hours
  • Jam reduces the risk of stroke and helps in maintaining overall health
  • France is the worlds largest producer, exporter and consumer of jam
  • Virtually all types of fruit and some vegetables could be made into jam
  • Jam reduces the risk of a stroke
  • Jam helps against heart attacks


Types Of Jam

There are many types of jam, some of which include:

  • Blackberry jam
  • Blueberry Orange Marmalade
  • Cranraspberry jam
  • Apple pie jam
  • Mango raspberry jam
  • Cranberry pear jam
  • Strawberry vanilla jam

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How To Start Jam Production In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

1). Inspection And Selection:

The fruits have to be properly inspected and selected to avoid the usage of overripe fruits, bad fruits and even fruits with the wrong taste, as these could affect the quality of the jam.

2). Crushing And Squeezing: 

This next phase is to crush and squeeze the fruits as this is necessary for easy extraction and processing of liquid fruit content

3). Processing The Fruit To Jam:

The fruits are then heated just below boiling point at 100° C, and then is immediately cooled off to just below freezing point at 0°C. This process is then repeated a few extra times to prevent jam spoilage.

At this point, all flavours are to be added to the mixture as the jam reaches the desired thickness and taste.

4). Packaging:

Here, the jam is then poured out into containers and tightly sealed with a lid

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Challenges Of Jam Production In Nigeria

Here are some challenges that can affect starting a jam production business in Nigeria, Africa, or many other places around the world:

  • It is expensive to set up
  • Management of equipment could cost a lot of money
  • Lack of government funding
  • Lack of skilled labour
  • Lack of technical know-how
  • Lack of industrial equipment for mass production of the jams
  • Low demand for jams due to lack of sensitization 



Production and demand for Jams have slowly been growing in Nigeria and is presumed to grow higher before the year 2024, as a lot of interested households and commercial establishments have taken up small-scale production of jam, which is then packaged in clean and attractive glass jars for personal consumption as well as sales.

For any entrepreneur willing to take on foreign imported Jam by providing cheaper high quality alternatives, starting Jam production in Nigeria can be a great investment to make.

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