How To Start Barley Farming In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide

How To Start Barley Farming In Nigeria Or Africa: Complete Guide | Image Source: Pixabay

The Barley crop is the fourth most demanded cereal crop in the world because of its wide use in the areas of bread production, malt, and most importantly beer and whiskey in Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, and many other places around the world. 

With the widespread use of Barley worldwide, venturing into Barley Farming in Nigeria is a lucrative agricultural business to venture into:

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What is Barley?

Barley (Hordeum vulgare), a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally.

It’s the world’s oldest cultivated cereal, and it is a widely grown crop around the globe, making it an important staple in many cuisines.


What is Barley Farming?

Barley farming is the process of barley cultivation from clearing of the farmland to the planting of seedlings and finally the harvesting of the barley plant for both local consumptions, commercial purposes, and exportation.

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Business Opportunities In Barley Farming

1). Production Of Alcoholic And Other Beverages:

Barley is a fermentable cereal crop which is used in the production of beer and other alcoholic beverages. They are also used in the production of malt which is used in the production of nonalcoholic beverages

2). Production Of Aminal feed:

Barley is used in the production of animal feed because it’s a great source of animal nutrients and helps improve animal growth and general well being.

3). Source Of Food:

Barley is a global food staple and it is used in so many food recipes, especially bread production, around the world.

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Facts & Benefits Of Barley Farming

  • It is cereal plant of the grass family Poaceae
  • Barley is the fourth largest grain crop globally
  • Barley has a high sugar content and is thus more commonly used for malt production.
  • Archaeological evidence dates barley cultivation to 5,000 BCE in Egypt and 2,350 BCE in Mesopotamia
  • Barley makes great breakfast cereal 
  • Barley helps in body weight management
  • Barley helps stabilize blood pressure
  • Barley helps improve immunity
  • Barley helps prevent cancer
  • Barley is high fiber which helps improve digestion
  • It is rich in vitamins and minerals 
  • Barley contains Vitamin C and antioxidants that help improve skin health
  • Constant consumption of barley improves bone health


How To Start Barley Farming In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

1). Site Selection:

Choosing the right place to start your barley farm is of key importance. It’s important to first study the terrain, test the soil, and get feedback from the local agricultural body and other farmers on the viability of the area for high yield barley farming.

2). Seed Selection And Planting:

Planting certified seed that is treated against common diseases will give your barley a good start, as it protects the seedlings against diseases.

Twenty to 25 plants per square foot is optimum. Seeding rates should not exceed 30 plants per square foot (300 plants per square meter). 

3). Fertilization:

For best results, fertilizer choice should be based on soil-test results, and the intended end-use of the barley will determine the type and amount of fertilizer applied. For barley to be accepted as malt grade, grain protein content should be less than 12 per cent.

Supplying adequate amounts of other nutrients without an excess supply of nitrogen has been shown to result in higher yields and plump kernels that do not contain an excess of protein, and which could make malt grade

4). Weed control:

Weeds have the potential to reduce barley yield. They compete for light, water, and nutrients. They also decrease crop quality by increasing dockage. 

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Weeds in a barley farm are fought basically by the use of the right herbicides.

5). Grain harvesting and handling:

The malting process requires the complete and uniform germination of all grains to produce good malt quality. Grain integrity is an important characteristic for malt barley, as broken and skinned grain will result in inferior malt quality.

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Challenges Of Barley Farming In Nigeria

  • Poor funding of research activities
  • Pest and diseases
  • Bush burning
  • It is a seasonal business as the cashew nuts are only gathered during a season once a year. So production cannot happen all year round.
  • Lack of highly efficient storage facilities for the unprocessed nuts
  • Lack of capital for large scale production
  • Lack of easy access to the international market by most cashew nuts farmers in Nigeria
  • Instability of the international market price of Cashew Nuts
  • Lack of adequate government assistance
  • Lack of adequate widespread knowledge on how to produce high-quality Cashew Nuts In Nigeria
  • Lack of funds to import international standard Cashew Nuts processing machinery into Nigeria
  • Thieves and criminals



Barley as the fourth most demanded food staple in the world and its variety of uses makes venturing into Barley Farming in Nigeria a key agricultural business to venture into.


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