How To Make Money Exporting Goods From Nigeria - Online Course & eBook

How To Make Money Exporting Goods From Nigeria – Online Course & eBook | Image Source: Pexels

So the export business is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into, with the profit margins on some select agricultural products and solid minerals being anywhere from 20% to sometimes over 100%. But figuring out how to start exporting from Nigeria, what commodities to focus on, how to find international buyers for your export business, how to find and purchase goods in the most remote part of the country at the barest minimum price, how to ensure the quality standards are high & met, how to manage logistics & transportation of the goods to the city, how to ensure security of the goods in transit, how to handle inspection at the port of loading, how to cover customs issues, how to ship the commodity, and most importantly, how to ensure you get paid every single time is a serious hassle for a lot of exporters and aspiring exporters.

While most aspiring exporters have little knowledge of how to navigate these challenges, many current exporters are losing money every day. On average, over 80% of exporters either don’t get paid for failing to fully understand the modalities of the international trade business or get scammed outright from international buyers.

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To help new and existing exporters avoid these problems and execute successful trades every single time, Startup Tips Daily Media has decided to launch the most in-depth online export course in Nigeria that will not just teach you everything you need to know about the export business, but would also show you how to execute your first export worth thousands of dollars trading commodities from Nigeria.

This course also goes as far as showing exporters how to ensure that they don’t just get paid, but have secured their payments 110% before they spend a dime to purchase the commodities from the local rural communities in Nigeria.


Why Are We Qualified To Deliver This Course?

Startup Tips Daily Media has a sister company called Globexia which is run by Stan Edom the founder of Startup Tips Daily Media. Globexia actively exports solid minerals and agricultural products from Nigeria to international buyers and beyond this, offers export consulting services for new and existing exporters in the country.

Even better, the course was curated and is delivered by Stan Edom himself!


What Exactly Will You Learn In The Online Export Course?

Our in-depth and comprehensive online export course is specifically designed to teach you exactly how to build a successful export business from scratch IN 90 DAYS WITHOUT LOSING ANY MONEY FROM YOUR INVESTMENTS, GUARANTEED! And in the process, show you how to make your first $10,000 from an export transaction exporting goods from Nigeria within the first 3 months of finishing the course.

When you take this highly in-depth online export course offered by Startup Tips Daily Media, you’ll learn the following:

Lesson 1: Short Summary And Introduction To Commodity Trading (Exportation of Goods)

(i). What Are Physical Commodities?

(ii). Who Is A Commodity Trader?

(iii). The Commodity Trading Supply Chain

(iv). Key Factors That Affect Successful Commodity Trading

(v). Understanding Arbitrage

(vi). Commodity Trade Finance

(vii). How To Guarantee Payment From A Buyer

(viii). Crucial Things New Exporters Must Know Before Starting An Export Business

Lesson 2: Hot Selling Commodities

(i). Hot-Selling Oil and Gas Products To Export From Nigeria

(ii). Hot-Selling Agricultural Products To Export From Nigeria

(iii). Hot-Selling Processed Products To Export From Nigeria

(iv). Banned Products For Export

Lesson 3: How To Find International Buyers

(i). How To Find International Buyers For Your Products

(ii). How To Do Due Diligence On An International Buyer

(iii). Why You’re Not Finding Any International Buyers Nor Making Any Sales

(iv). A Powerful 5-Step System To Getting A Lot Of Inquiries From International Buyers

(v). Things You Must Never Say To An International Client

(vii). How To Launch An Export Business And Immediately Land Your First Client!

Lesson 4: How To Source For Commodities Locally And At The Lowest Prices.

(i) 4 Highly Effective Methods To Source Commodities From Local Communities

(ii) How To Ensure The Quality Of Goods You’re Buying Locally, Exporting, Or Importing Meets International Standards

Lesson 5: How To Locally Transport And Process Commodities

(i). How To Transport Commodities From Their Local Source Points

(ii). How To Process & Package Raw Commodities To International Standards

Lesson 6: Costing & Pricing

(i). The Best Way To Price Your Products For The International Market

Lesson 7: How To Register Your Export Business

(i). How To Register A Company For Your Export Business

(ii). How To Get An Export Licence Within 72 Hours From The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

Lesson 8: How To Finance Your Export Transactions

(i). Conditions For Securing Trade Finance

(ii). Types Of Trade Finance & Institutions That Provide Them

Lesson 9: Choosing The Best Trade Process For Export

(i). What Are Incoterms?

(ii). How To Structure The Best Trade Procedure For Both Parties

(iii). What Incoterms Rules Are And How They Can Help Your Import/Export Business Succeed: The Complete Guide

Lesson 10: How To Export Commodities From Nigeria

(i). List Of General Documents Required For Exports

(ii). How To Get A Form NXP From Your Bank To Enable You Export

(iii). How To Legally Receive Payments / Repatriate Funds Back To Your Local Bank Account In Nigeria After Export

(iv). How To Negotiate Low-Cost Shipping Fees With A Shipping Line

(v). List Of Top Shipping Companies In Nigeria For Export

(vi). How To Find An Affordable Shipping Agent To Clear And Forwarding Your Products.

Lesson 11: How To Secure Payment For Goods Exported

(i). The Different Modes Of Payment For An Export Transaction.

(ii). The Most Secure Mode Of Payment For Exporters.

(iii). How To Retrieve Your Money From Dubious International Buyers.

(iv). Top International Pre-Shipment Inspection Companies Used For Exports In Nigeria And Around The World

(v). How To Use Export Credit Insurance To Protect Your Export Transactions And Ensure You Get Paid No Matter What

Lesson 12: Key Export Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

(i). Key Export Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

(ii). Guaranteed Ways To Avoid The Financial Mistakes Most Exporters Make

Lesson 13: How To Brand Your Export Business To Acceptable International Standards To Build Trust

Lesson 14: 4 Ways To Get Financial & Intellectual Support To Help You Build A Successful Export Business

Lesson 15: How To Make Your First One Million Naira Exporting Commodities From Nigeria: A Focus On Raw Cashew Nuts

Lesson 16: How To Become A Successful Commodity Broker

Lesson 17: How Commodity Brokers Can Secure Their Commissions In Any Import/Export Transaction

Lesson 18: How To Succeed From Your Very First Export Trial ***Must Read***


What Other Freebies Do You Get?

In addition to the export course, you’ll get:

1). The course has a section that shows a sample export case study, breaks it down for you, and comes with a 100% FREE Export Business eBook recreated from the course to enable you to read on the go when you can’t go online!

How To Create Wealth Investing In The Export Business In Nigeria

2). An online conversation with Stan Edom to help advise on what to do next

3). And an in-depth excel sheet used by Globexia to calculate every single hidden expense that could come up in the export process. This excel sheet has a + or – 5% accuracy.


To start immediately, you can…

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m a brand new exporter?

This online course is the perfect learning tool for every beginner in the export business. It makes understanding the export business very simple, easy, and comprehensive. And by taking this course, you will start off your international trade business the right, fastest, safest, and most profitable way. The best part is that by taking this course, you are sure to grow a profitable export business quicker than the average exporter, as you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about the lucrative export business in Nigeria.

What if I’ve been Exporting for years?

Many existing exporters lose millions and sometimes, billions of Naira in their shipments at some point in the supply chain. This doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing, but only means they don’t have comprehensive insights on how to ensure you never lose money from your trades.

Also, many exporters many earn as much as they’re capable of either because they don’t know how to price their commodities right, don’t know how to manage the supply chain cost-effectively, or they don’t know how to find the right type of buyers.

If you want to grow your export income and give yourself the best chance to never lose money again, this export business course is for you.

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts immediately you sign up! It is an online course that is completely self-paced, meaning you decide when you start and when you finish. And you can start and finish whenever you want. But we recommend using 2 weeks to finish the course for a comprehensive understanding, although you can finish it in one day.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own for as long as the course platform is online. Plus, this course won’t always be offered at a fair price, as new strategies and information will continually be added. You won’t have to pay a penny for any updates, though. Once you purchase, you will receive all updates for free.

How is the course content delivered?

The export business course is a text-based course that is structured to be very comprehensive, simple, and extremely easy to understand. When you register you will receive an enrollment email with your unique login information.

What commodity is this course good for to export?

The lessons in this course can be applied to any non-oil exportable commodity. Whether you want to export cashew nuts, ginger, shea butter, sesame seeds, lead ore, zinc ore, lithium, muscovite mica, or anything else, you are able to apply everything to your export business.

Does this course work for those outside Nigeria?

While this course is tailored for Nigerian exporters, 90% of the content works for any exporter in any country around the world, as the other 10% are simply Nigerian specific registration requirements and nothing more.

This course is applicable to anyone in any country. You can use the strategies and tips in this course and apply it to export any commodity from anywhere around the world.

Currently, we have over 483 students actively taking the course with most from Nigeria and some others from the United Kingdom, Kuwait, and counting.

Can I start my export business immediately after I finish the course?

You can apply all you learn in the course immediately you finish it.

Do you have an affiliate/brokerage program for aspiring exporters?

Yes, we do! For anyone who takes the course and finishes it, we have a special commodity trading brokerage program where they could earn up to 5% commission on every export transaction they close with us.

Also, if you refer people to attend this course, you’ll get $25 (₦9,000) in commissions.

How can I ensure I never lose my investment in any export?

The last lesson in the course IS A MUST READ and will show you exactly how to ensure you’re never on the losing side of any export transaction.

My question is not listed.

If you don’t see your question here, please send an email at, and I will send you the information you need!


How Can I Start The Course?

To start immediately, you can…

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Moving Forward

Startup Tips Daily Media will continue to publish export-based articles on the website to promote awareness on the export business and to enlighten new and existing exporters on how to start, run, and grow a successful export business in Nigeria.


To start the online export course, click here to register and start.


What are your thoughts on this online export course offered by Startup Tips Daily Media? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

This Online Course & Book Will Show You How To Build A Successful Export Business From Scratch!

The export business remains one of the most profitable businesses in the world, including Nigeria, with profit margins going anywhere from 30% to in some cases over 100%. With the growing clamour by the Nigerian government for entrepreneurs should go into the export business, the need to effectively educate people on everything they need to know and to show them how to make their first one million Naira from the export business in Nigeria has become very paramount.

In the light of the lucrative opportunities in the export business in Nigeria, Stan Edom, the founder of StartupTipsDaily Media, and the founder of Globexia Limited, a commodity trading firm with thousands of dollars in export revenue in solid minerals and agricultural products, has taken out time to prepare a robust online export business course with a free eBook on how to create a fortune investing in the export business in Nigeria. This Online course will teach anyone everything they need to know on how to build a successful export business from scratch, present a live case study, and show you how to export lucrative highly-valued commodities profitably from Nigeria. It also has a section that shows the reader how to start out as a broker.

This online course and e-book is perfect for beginners in the export business in Nigeria, as it will take you from a novice to an export professional, and help you either make money by starting your own export business in Nigeria, or by becoming an export consultant or broker.

You can follow the link below to learn more, sign up for the course, and get a free export eBook.

How To Create Wealth Investing In The Export Business In Nigeria


Offer: How To Create A Fortune Investing In The Export Business

Online Course & Book Author: Stan Edom

Course Delivery Format: Online & eBook

How To Sign Up: Click Here