7 Intelligent Ways To Turn Prospects Into Customers

Lead Generation: 7 Intelligent Ways To Turn Prospects Into Customers
Lead Generation: 7 Intelligent Ways To Turn Prospects Into Customers

Sales lead generation is an important task in marketing. Many people often wonder, what is lead generation and how you could use it for your business, as your business could be missing out on important sales. With hundreds of potential customers walking into stores to know the price of items, contacting consultants to know what they charge for their services, visiting e-commerce websites to window shop, and more, successfully turning these prospects into customers gives most sales executives sleepless nights. Without successful conversions, every business would find difficulty generating cash-flow positive returns.

Turning your prospects to full time customers goes beyond just traditional marketing. It boils down to understanding your customers minds. Creating special triggers that motivate them to act, and subsequently building trust every step of the way.

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Here are 7 Intelligent Lead Generation Methods To Successfully Convert Your Prospects Into Customers:


1). Create A Panic Monster:

Every human is wired to act on last minute impulses. When we know a deadline is fast approaching, or we feel a sudden sense of urgency to act before something important or painfully attractive times out, we mostly take the dive and close in on it. An example could be a company offering an important one-time service for 20,000 Naira ($66.7) instead of an original 150,000 Naira ($200) with a fast approaching dead line. This move would motivate many to act on the deal.

Panic monsters motivate a lot of people, and if executed right, several prospects would successfully be converted into full time customers.

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2). Provide Testimonials:

No one wants to be the first to test a service. This inherent fear is based on the fact that most people and businesses generally disappoint. In this case, past successful projects and testimonials from several of your customers would boost your prospect’s confidence in your business’s ability to deliver. If you have a testimonial from a top brand you have done some great work for, mentioning that would be a great way to gain your prospect’s trust, and largely increase your chances of successfully closing the deal.


3). Re-Organize The Cost:

Offering a service at 300,000 Naira ($1,000) a year, would scare your prospects away faster than offering them the same service at 25,000 Naira ($83.4) a month. People mostly prefer to start with small sums when paying for a product or service, than paying a huge chunk.

For example, offering a car at the full cost of 4,000,000 Naira ($13,333.4) is a lot scarier than spreading the car’s payment over a period of 24 months at 166,667 Naira ($556) per month. The larger the sum, the scarier. Gain your prospects trust first with a small win, and watch them unconsciously pay for the full product or service overtime.

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4). Offer An Incentive:

People love incentives. Buy one get one free get’s more prospects to convert than just selling your products or services solely based on trust. When people know they’re getting more for less, they take advantage of the offer which is heavily based on their self interest. Appealing to customer’s emotions too work, but appealing to their self interests gets them to empty their wallets faster. Offer an irresistible incentive and watch more prospects convert.


5). Make Sure You’re Searchable:

Before most individuals complete a purchase or pay for a service, they explore all the options that you have to offer. If you’re an e-commerce business for example, building an intelligent search that always shows results based on the keywords your prospects type in your site’s search box is a great way to get them to eventually make a purchase. Lead generation is achieveable when prospects have a superb way to find all the information they need about your products or services on your website, or even via search engines. Make getting access to information about your business as easy as possible to get more prospects to convert and become full time customers.


6). Create A Common Enemy:

People become friends when they both have to battle a common problem. Divisive sides unite when they’re put together in a group to work on a project to compete with other groups. Also, putting up a banner on your website, in your office, or throwing in a casual conversation about your repugnance on an ongoing cause you’re familiar your prospects are also against, would make them feel you’re on their sides. After a successful feat, they’d become more familiar with you and your business on a more personal note, and this increases their chances of conversion by over 30%.

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7). Offer A Guarantee:

Buying an untested item without a certainty of an exchange or cash back incase of some deficiency, would scare many individuals from engaging with your business. People usually want some form of guarantee. This ensures their payments are not just in great hands, but what they’re buying is also good stuff. Offer a guarantee, especially to people you know aren’t entirely crooks and wouldn’t always return after a short while for an exchange or cash back. Besides, why should prospects trust you if can’t make sacrifices for them?

These 7 lead generation techniques would convert your existing prospect base by over 40%. A good execution would spike the figure. Deliver great value through these methods, and several others; like some mentioned in this other article, to grow your sales.

Also, you can use a Sales Automation Platform like Prospect.io which automatically finds and verifies the prospect’s email address.   

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What are your thoughts on these 7 lead generation methods? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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