5 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

5 Powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

Staying motivated in any activity, event, or while running a business can sometimes be challenging. It is even more tasking when you’ve tried too many things only to end up falling short of your expectations.

When things like this happen severally, depression starts to set in, and you begin to feel less and less motivated, till your psych is totally affected and you have little to no drive to do whatever it is you were doing before.

If you’ve felt less motivated at tasks you’ve done in the past because you experienced no form of progress or success in the entirety of the process, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world experience a form of depression induced by falling short of expectations in their careers, businesses, or even personal life.

If you feel less motivated to continue a career or run a business because you’re seeing no positive results, here are 5 powerful ways to motivate yourself when you feel like giving up:

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1).  Change Your Environment:

The one thing that can change your perception of everything you’re going through is to change the scenery. This involves moving to a new location, changing people you hang around, stopping some things you currently do, and/or just taking a break from everything for a while, only to restart later.

The easiest way to change your environment is to sign up to work at a co-working hub instead of your own office. This way, you’d be surrounded by people who are going through the early stages of building a business of their own. By doing this, you wouldn’t just be surrounded by people whom you can get advice from in real-time, but would also be entirely conscious that you’re not alone in the struggles you’re experiencing.

A change of environment can be refreshing to the mind and could restart the motivation you thought you had previously lost.


2). Estimate & Recognise How Far You’ve Really Gone:

When motivation fades in whatever activity you are/were involved in, you’d need to pause everything you’re doing and reflect on how far you have really come. When you do this, you can measure your starting point to your current point and determine if you’ve really just been stagnant for years or have made some progress that feel lower than your expectations.

When you reflect and recognise how far you have really come, you can use that knowledge as fuel or inspiration to keep going.

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3). Share Your Goals And Visions With Someone Else:

Sharing goals, visions, and aspirations is abhorred by a lot of people because they believe no one should know what they’re up to as they could either steal their business ideas or try to thwart their efforts.

What most people don’t know is when you share your ideas to as many people as possible, you would get all kinds of criticisms and encouragements, but most importantly, you’d learn from all of them.

There’d certainly be people who do not want to see you succeed or do better than them, but there’d be people who would be willing to give you advice, strategy, and more on how to move forward and achieve remarkable progress in your endeavours.

The latter are those you should pay attention to because sharing your goals and visions with them will not just make you better informed on what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t, but would create the drive you need to move you forward from where you are to where you should be.


4). Acknowledge The Challenges That Lie Ahead:

Coming to terms with reality is key to deciding how you intend to forge ahead in anything you’re striving to achieve. You need to look forward and understand why you’ve had no breakthrough so far, and what you can do to change all that.

Determine whom you need to bring on board, what you need to change, whom you need to drop from your team, where you need to move your business to, if there’s a need to pivot, and much more.

When you have taken a clearer look at the hurdles ahead, determined what exactly you need to put in to overcome your challenges, and are capable enough to take them head-on, regaining your motivation to move forward would be easier than expected.


5). Decide To Persist Until You Succeed: 

Upon haven regained a great degree of motivation from the points above, you need to make a personal decision to commit yourself to persist until you succeed.

If you do not persist, you will never succeed. Resilience is one of the most important traits in successful people, as it is not just key to getting up every time you get knocked down, but is essential to ensure you commit to taking small steps every day which would eventually build up to form the successful image of tomorrow.

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What are your thoughts on these 5 powerful ways to motivate yourself when you feel like giving up? Let me know by leaving a comment below.